1 Chapter 1

Davis. He was there, but now, he's not longer here. I lost him because of the airplane crash. I never knew, last monday, was the last time I talked and saw him. It's crazy how life full of surprises. I left our old apartment and moved to the nearest one, not far from where I'm working. I rather start my life with a new fresh beginning. The dark of the past, probably is still going to haunt me but, I guess life can work in both ways.

"Thank you, miss. I hope you like this place.."

"No, I totally love it!"

"This apartment is yours! If you have any problem, you can right away tell Julia. She's in room 616. She's in charge of this floor... But, sure you can ask the others to help you if she's unavailable." I nodded.

"Thank you, again." He close the door. I started off, unpacking my stuff and, cleaning up my new room. They probably already did vacuum or, swept the floor but, urgh why does there's still dust?

"What's this?" I looked at the old torn paper. It's like a note and, it's kinda gives me goosebumps. It seems like the note has been left here for a decade. "If you, live here, don't ever leave the apartment after 12 am." I flipped it. "If you did, you...." There's a code. A morse code. But, I don't understand what even the hell is that supposed to mean? "Maybe they just want to mess around?" Though, I'd just threw it away. Afraid that, it could be cursed or something. But, I keep it either way in the desk drawer.

"Oh, miss?" I screamed. How long has he been standing behind me? "You almost give me a heart attack!" He laughed evilly , damn he sure sounds like that villain from Disney movie.

"You forgot this."

"Oh, thank you? But, I don't remember bringing this shopping bag with me?" He didn't say anything. He puts it down and place it, right next to the sofa. "Oh yes, you definitely forgot about that. It's a gift, from us." He added, and glared at me. He left the apartment and, slammed the door. Did I just something that's offensive? I don't think so. "Oh, yeah, yeah... Oh god, how could I?" I heard a click of door knob again. "Oh, your name?" I asked, smiling at him while still in panic.


"Thanks, Matthew."

The first day staying here, it feels good. Everything seems to fall in place. At work, I've got an offer but, well, I hate leaving Manhattan. I passed, still in my usual position, as Mr Johnson's assistant. "Amanda? So, how was your new apartment?"

"It's, great? I mean, it's nice. I've got to see the view of the city every time I look at the glass window of Masked Apartment. Well, I know it's quite 'ehh' for the rent but worth it. Do you want to be my roommate??"

"Sure, sure... But, there's something I need to tell you." I hate this. I can sense it, it's about where I lived and Adela, she's too into with mystery / thriller blog. Adela, turns her head, to left then right then finally, she's facing back to me. "I've read this blog. Look, I don't know if it's true or nah. You basically, living with bunch of murderers."


"Shuh, lower down your fucking voice!! I'll send you the link."

I still can't stop thinking at what she just said. I called Brian, if I can stay his place for a night. Gladly, he said yes. "What's up?" I shook my head. "I, I'm sorry, okay..." His gesture says 'no, it's okay' and "Anything for my little sister... Carol, isn't here. She made up her mind. She's going to stay with her mum."

"Oh... Have you read the link I've gave?"

"I did. Why? Do you actually believe it?"

I still haven't opened yet, the gift from Matthew. As much I'm desperate to know what's the deal with 'Masked Apartment' but, I'm scared if I found out something that's spooky? What if it's true? "Okay, let's check this one." I unzipped the bag. "Oh, a teddy bear? How cute."

At the teddy bear's ears, there's a tag still hanging on it. "Silly him-