1 Full movie

(The camera shows in the middle ages, where a Southern Ukraine writing, when he hears a knock on the door. His name is Marcus)

Marcus (opens the door): Hello (looks down and sees a baby with a pink gown in a basket) A baby?

(The baby giggles)

(Marcus picks up the baby)

Marcus: (closes the door) Who would leave a baby at my door? (looks at the window) I hope Jennie won't be mad.

(The camera switches to a woman who has long light brown hair, she's a southern Ukraine too. Her name is Jennie)

Jennie (smiles): Marcus, what is this surprise you wanted to tell me

(Marcus turns to Jennie showing the baby, which slowly changes into a toddler revealing her long hair, wearing a white gown that isn't too big and her tail is revealed)

Jennie: (gasp) Where did you get that adorable kid? And was it just a baby a second ago.

Marcus( sighs): Yeah, she has powers, watch (pats the toddler's head) show her the trick.

(The toddler nods at Marcus, then runs up and down the walls landing on the ceiling and flies, then points her finger at Kennie, making her fly to the ceiling)

Jennie: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! (Touches the ceiling, looks at Marcus and the toddler, and smiles) So cool!

(The toddler brings Jennie by Marcus)

Jennie: So, what do we now?

Marcus: We keep her powers a secret, otherwise the citizens will think she's a witch and burned her.

Jennie (covers the toddler's ears): Don't say stuff like that in front of her.

Marcus : She has to know the truth, otherwise when they do come she won't be ready.

Jennie: I guess, but at least we should give her a name.

Marcus: I already thought or one (smiles at the toddler) Sheryl Bloom.

Jennie (surprised): From the book.

(Marcus nodded)

(The camera switches to Sheryl: a ten-year-old girl who has long black hair, brown skin, wearing a rainbow dress, has a cobra tail hopping tree to tree, when she feels a knock on the tree, so she hangs upside down, seeing a girl who has long red hair, wearing the same dress as her and looks nervous. Her name is Charlotte)

Charlotte (quivering): Hi.

Sheryl (still upside down): No need to nervous (holds out her hand) take my hand.

Charlotte (takes Sheryl's hand): O...kay (gets lifted into the tree)

Sheryl (smiles): You okay?

Charlotte (looks down) (shivers): I...I'm afraid of heights, plus my mom and dad told me to stay away from you.

Sheryl (walks up to Charlotte): But, you still came (curious) why?

Charlotte (nervously) w...well, you looked lonely.

Sheryl (pats Charlotte on the head): Good, answer

Charlotte (blushed, then looks at Sheryl, nervous yet confused): Don't you hate people.

(Sheryl smiles, then the smiles turns into a laugh, which lasts for two minutes)

Sheryl (wipes eyes, then shakes hands): No. No. No, it's the other way around. People around here hate me.

(Charlotte hugs Sheryl)

Charlotte (with a serious face): I'll be your friend, so you won't be upset. I promise.

Sheryl (smiles): Thank you

(The camera switches to showing a tree with a shadow of Charlotte with a piano playing, Sheryl as a shadow slides down a tree.

Charlotte is holding hands with Sheryl and they are smiling in a brown background.

Sheryl is by her parents like in a family photo in an orange background.

Charlotte in the rain looks at a tree in a blue background.

Sheryl flies into the air.

Charlotte is holding a cat with a smile in a pink background

Sheryl and Charlotte are being chased by a mob.

(guitar starts playing)

The camera shows the vampires, switches to Sheryl with Cammy taking her hand.

Sheryl's eyes glowed and is by blood.

Sheryl spins with grace and stands by Charlotte.

The title shows up 'My Mary Sue is part of a vampire gang the movie's in purple)

(The camera shows Sheryl and Charlotte by the tree playing a game of tag, when some other kids come)

A kid: Charlotte!

(Charlotte turns around to see a boy who has short brown hair, wearing a white shirt, colorful pants named Xavier, with three blonde girls named Aqua, Mia, and Atia)

Xavier: What are you doing?

Charlotte: Playing with Sheryl (turns to Sheryl who has her head down) right, Sheryl? (concerned) What's wrong?

Aqua: Don't you know that girl is evil, my mother told me so.

Charlotte: You're wrong (hugs Sheryl) she's my best friend.

Mia (shocked): You can't be serious.

Atia: She must've brainwashed her.

Charlotte (still holding onto Sheryl): I'm speaking of my own mind, I like Sheyl, and she is not evil.

(Sheryl let's go of Charlotte, and walks up to Aqua, Mia, Atia, and Xavier, who are backing away, looking scared)

Charlotte: Sheryl? What are you?

Sheryl (touches Aqua's shoulder); It's rude (shows her green eyes) to take about somebody.

Aqua (backs away): Stay away from me!

Sheryl (standing still): But, I just wanted to know, why you're so scared of me, when I haven't even used my powers.

Atia (looking at Sheryl's eyes): Our parents told us that you like to kill kids and would harm anybody, which is why your near this tree, seeing who will come.

Sheryl (turns her eyes back to normal): Thank you (walks away from them and heads towards Charlotte)

Xavier: creep! You used a spell on Atia, she wouldn't admit what she just said.

Sheryl: (turns around and looks at Xavier) What if I did? (Charlotte grabs Sheryl's hand)

Charlotte: Sheryl, you told me before you see into people's hearts, look away.

(Sheryl looks at her hands and realize what's actually happening, then she sits on the grass)

Sheryl (with her head down): I'm sorry, Aqua, Atia, Xavier, and Mia, I looked inside all of your hearts, without your permission.

Mia: Is she serious?

Charlotte: I keep telling you, she's not evil, just misunderstood.

(Atia looks at Sheryl for thirty seconds and walks to Sheryl, while holding her hand out)

Atia (with her hand out): Get up.

(Sheryl puts her head up, and sees Atia)

Sheryl: My prediction was right (takes Atia's hand and gets up)

Atia: You can see into the future.

Sheryl (moves her hair from her face, showing her tears): Yeah (smiles) cool, right?

Charlotte: You kept that from me.

Sheryl (looks at Charlotte): Sorry

Charlotte (hugs Sheryl): I forgive you.

Atia: So, is what I true, are you really that alone?

Sheryl: Yes, but it's okay, if you want to leave your friends.

Atia (looks at Aqua, Mia, and Xavier, then looks at Sheryl and Charlotte): No. I want to help you (smiles) plus it will drive my parents crazy.

Aqua: What exactly did you see?

(Atia looks Sheryl for permission to tell Aqua)

Sheryl: I don't mind.

Atia: It was cold, dark, people were passing by, but nobody could hear Sheryl crying

Xavier: It was just an illusion.

Atia: No, it was more than that, I could feel, what she was feeling and it was horrible.

Xavier (looks at Atia and Sheryl): Then, I'll join too.

Mia: Don't leave me out.

Aqua: Then, I guess I have no choice, I'll have to join .

(The camera switches to Mia, Atia, Xavier, Sheryl, and Charlotte eating under the tree, then shoes are shown running)

Aqua (breathing heavily and holding a brown bag): Sorry...that...i'm...late

Mia: Girl, you made us wait forever.

Aqua: Sorry, my mom kept bugging me, why I always leave at this exact time, so I had to quickly answer that we were at the lake.

Atia: What?!

Xavier: You do realize that your parents probably will go check on us along with our parents.

Aqua: Uh oh!

Charlotte (looking at Sheryl who is still eating her sandwhich): Sheryl, what do we do?

Sheryl: No worries, I already solved it.

Charlotte: How?

Sheryl: I made clones of everybody except me of course, hanging at the lake.

Xavier: You cloned us! When?

Sheryl: Not that long ago.

Aqua: (sighed) Thank goodness.

(At that moment, tears come down Sheryl's eyes)

Charlotte (seeing Sheryl's eyes): Sheryl, what's wrong?

(A shadow is revealed, which makes Sheryl turn around, the sunlight reflects a woman who has long blonde hair, wearing a colorful dress, hat, and heels named Oaklynn)

Oaklynn: Except you forgot I'm not that foolish.

Aqua: Oaklynn, I forgot about her.

Oaklynn: Which was your mistake? (three adults appear behind her)

(Haisley: a woman who has long blond hair, wearing a rainbow/black dress and yellow heels, Keily: a woman who has short yet long brown hair,wearing a rainbow dress and heels, and Novah: A woman who has long red hair, wearing rainbow outfit)

Haisley: How disgraceful.

Keily: You are so grounded.

(Novah doesn't even look at Charlotte)

(The camera shows Haisley and the others taking the kids away)

Charlotte: Sheryl! Sheryl!

(Sheryl tries to go after Charlotte, but Oaklynn kicks her in the stomach, and makes her hit her back on the tree)

Charlotte: Oaklynn stop, she's not evil, she's nice.

Novah: She's brainwashed you, further than I thought.

Oaklynn (with a purple aura): Stay away from my sister.

Sheryl (on the ground): She was my friend

Oaklynn: No, you brainwashed her into believing that (walks away, leaving Sheryl by the tree)

(The camera switches to the next day, where Sheryl sees her tree burning, and starts crying)

Shery (cries on her knees): Why? Why? Why?

Oaklynn: You deserve you horrible witch.

Sheryl (gets up without turn around): You're right, (slowly turns Oaklynn) I should've left here, a long time ago

Oaklynn: So, you finally see the light.

Sheryl (walks up to Oaklynn): Indeed, you made me realize (throws the fire at Oaklynn, making it increase)

Oaklynn (holding out her hand): Wait! (Fire burns her and she screams)

(Sheryl walks away)

(Jennie and Marcus sees Sheryl, they take her home with their groceries)

(At home, Sheryl cries her eyes out on her bed)

Jennie: What can we do?

Marcus: She must stay home, it's too dangerous.

(As Sheryl is crying, she feels her parents hearts, so she runs out of the room)

Sheryl (hugs them): I'm sorry, I cause you so much trouble.

Jennie: Nonsense we love you.

(The camera switches to six years later, where Sheryl: a sixteen-year-old girl who is wearing a colorful dress throwing a ball in the air in her room, when her eyes glow and turn back to normal)

Sheryl: (gets up) I have to go already, well chaos can't be averted (walks out her room)

(Sheryl turns invisible, closes the door and headed outside)

(Outside, Dan is by the door with Jacseed)

Sheryl: You two sure are fast.

Dan: Our boss was right, you really do have future sight.

(The camera switches to Cammy with Dan and Jacseed)

Cammy: She has a very special power, so she will expect you to be by her door.

(The flashback ends)

Jacseed: So, you going to come?

Sheryl: As I see it would be wise to follow you, I can't

Dan: You have nothing here.

Sheryl: I have my parents.

Jacseed: But, their not your birth parents

Sheryl: I don't care, their the only people that care for me (her eyes glow again, then turns back to normal)

(Dan holds up a file)

Sheryl: That is not going to change my mind.

Dan: They will die eventually and you can't stay there forever

Sheryl (reaches for the file): You do realize that, this won't affect my choice.

(Sheryl sees a vision of her mother and her father smiling at her, then sees fire everywhere )

(Sheryl starts crying)

Jacseed: Sheryl?

Sheryl (closes the file): I'll visit her (walks away)

Dan: You know the way?

Sheryl: Please, I'm not useless.

(The camera switches to Sheryl in a dark room with Cammy who's sitting on a throne)

Sheryl: I appreciate your offer, but I still have a family.

Cammy: I understand, but you do realize those citizens will drive you out.

Sheryl: We already made a plan for that.

Cammy: So, nothing can convince you.

Sheryl: Maybe after I leave, which might be sooner, rather than later.

Cammy: Does these powers make you happy?

Sheryl: Why ask me that?

Cammy: It's just something I want to know, I've seen people like you.

(Sheryl glares at Cammy with anger)

Sheryl: You already attacked them.

Cammy: (drinks out her wine glass) Their blood was needed, we were nearly out of energy trying to find you.

Sheryl: What's the point, you already gathered the other children why me too?

Cammy: Because your the only one left with a sane mind.

Sheryl: I know, I just wanted to see if you would admit it.

Cammy: Clever girl (sighs) But, still blinded by parental love.

Sheryl: Then, I'll see you (starts to walk away)

Cammy: Wait, there's somebody I want you to meet.

(The camera shows Penn: a man who has short brown hair, wearing a black cloak. coming out of the shadows)

Penn: Sheryl, it's a pleasure to meet you.

Sheryl: How cute (flies to Penn and smiles)

Penn: You know my feelings.

Sheryl: I appreciate your crush, but I can't promise you anything (walks away)

Penn (looks at Cammy): Are you sure?

Cammy: Go after her.

Penn: Fine (flies away)

(The camera shows Sheryl is jumping tree to tree, when she see Charlotte helping Jennie with her garden. Charlotte looks up and sees Sheryl for a moment. Sheryl lands on the roof)

Charlotte: Sheryl?

Sheryl: Charlotte, you're really here.

Charlotte: You too.

Sheryl: Where's your mom?

Charlotte: Sick and my father is taking of her. I was getting groceries so I stopped by.

Sheryl: I missed you too.

Charlotte: (blushed) You shouldn't read minds of somebody you haven't seen in 6 years.

Sheryl: You don't seem to be bothered.

Charlotte: It's because I just like that I was able to hear your voice.

Sheryl: Sorry, I didn't try to visit you, but I didn't to cause you more trouble.

(Charlotte hugs Sheryl, Penn on a tree branch sees how Charlotte is blushing)

Penn: Seems I have some competition. (then disappears)

(The camera switches to Sheryl and Charlotte laughing at a table)

Charlotte: You mean you actually met a vampire clan and one of them has a crush on you?

Sheryl: Yup, but i'm not leaving (drinks from her cup)

Charlotte : Why not?

Sheryl: Because mom wants to stay and besides I can't stay with them forever.

Charlotte: Right, you're immortal.

(Sheryl nodded )

Charlotte: Sheryl, you should go, I'll come with you along with your parents and we can finally be happy

Sheryl: I...

(Explosion goes off. Sheryl and Charlotte get up. Charlotte was about to leave out the door, and stops when sees Sheryl's eyes change)

Sheryl: Stay here and I'll be right back, don't leave no matter what.

Charlotte: But, my family.

Sheryl (by the door): Their safe, my parents are with them.

Charlotte: Okay (puts her hand on her heart) Be safe.

Sheryl: I will (closes the door)

(The camera shows Sheryl running and lands on a building seeing the town on fire, and people in cloaks draining people along with dead bodies on the ground)

(Sheryl lands on the ground)

Sheryl (touches the groung with both hands and made ice needles appear): Enough! (the ice needles go through the people in the cloak)

(Cammy appears from the fire)

Cammy: You finally made it.

Sheryl: I didn't want this.

Cammy: But, now they won't bother you and plus your parents are safe.

Novah: I knew you were no good, you wanted all of us dead, that's why you killed Oaklynn before.

Sheryl (anger in her eyes): I should've killed you too (shakes her head) no, I didn't mean that.

Cammy (touching Sheryl's shoulder): No, you do give in and kill her

Sheryl: Charlotte...would never forgive me and I already told her what really happened to her sister, when we were younger.

Cammy: So, Penn was right, you have somebody you love.

Sheryl: Now, what?

Cammy : I'll give you two options,leave with us and we will give you a proper home. (points to Jennie and Marcus) Or stay with them

(Sheryl's eyes change, then faces Cammy)

Sheryl: I'll go with you.

Jennie (being held back by Marcus): Sheryl! No!

Sheryl: I have to mom, it's my only option.

(Sheryl hugs Jennie and Marcus)

Marcus: You take good care of yourself.

Sheryl: I will, dad.

(The camera switches to Sheryl with her parents and Novah back at her house, where Charlotte is waiting with Penn and Ocean)

Charlotte: (runs and hugs Sheryl) Sheryl, you're okay

Novah: You really do love her, even after you told her the truth.

Charlotte: I was shocked, but my feelings won't change

(Sheryl drops to the ground and started crying)

Charlotte: (gets on the ground) Sheryl, what's wrong? (hugs Sheryl, then she looks up and sees Cammy)

Cammy (showing her fangs): My. My. My. You're the lover.

Charlotte(looks at Sheryl, who's head on her shoulder) : Sheryl, what's going on?

Sheryl: I have to go without you and your parents (pulls away and gets up)

Chalotte: (gets up) What? (she tries to move, but her feet are stuff to the ground)

Sheryl: I can't let you come with me.

Charlotte: (tears come down her eyes) Please don't go.

Sheryl: I can't put you or anybody else through anymore danger (walks away) goodbye.

(Charlotte cries)

(The camera switches to Sheryl entering a castle with Cammy and the others beside her, Cammy shows Sheryl in a room that has a bunch of people that are chained to the ground)

(Sheryl slowly walks up to the people)

Cammy: Like I showed you, a sorcerer named Dix set a spell upon you and these other people. All of you are orphans, he was doing this for years until I killed him.

Cammy: Welcome to your new home.

(The movie switches to Sheryl wearing a black cloak seeing the town burning)

Sheryl: I have to save the town.

(Sheryl with her hand raised makes a huge amount of water hover over the town and turns it into rain)

(The camera switches to Sheryl looking at the town, seeing the people who survived)

A man (looks at Sheryl, injured): you...don't...think...you're...forgiven...you...will.always be a curse to this town (Sheryl walks away)

A woman: Yeah, leave (gets up) I don't know why Marcus and Jennie loved you.

(Sheryl turns to the woman with her tail out about to strike the woman)

(The camera shows A girl who has long brown hair, wearing a half burned Ukraine dress named Charlotte)

Charlotte (holding both her hands out): Sheryl! Please stop (Sheryl's tail stops)

Sheryl (with tears coming down and touches her heart): Charlotte, you're alive

Charlotte: Sheryl, my mom, isn't worth it.

Sheryl: (backs off) Fine (turns away) I didn't want any blood of hers on my tail.

Charlotte (with tears): Sheryl! Don't leave!

Sheryl (not turning back): Amanda, wake up! Nobody wants me here. The only people that loved me is my parents.

Charlotte: I love you too (touches her heart) don't you believe me.

Sheryl: It doesn't matter, your mom won't let you go.

Charlotte: I don't care (runs to Sheryl and hugs her) I want to go with you.

Sheryl: (pulls Charlotte away, gets on her knees) you belong here, I don't (walk away, Charlotte cries on the ground) I love you too Charlotte, that's why I'm leaving (flies away)

Charlotte (holds out her hand): Sheryl

(The camera switches to Sheryl looking at the sky from the hill with the cherry blossoms)

Sheryl (turns around and sees Amanda): So, you came.

Charlotte: Mom (gulp) she's furious...but, I want to be with you.

Sheryl: My power was given to me by a wizard, who only wanted power, he has killed by something inhuman like me, but different. If you stay with m, misfortune will befall.

Charlotte(hugs Sheryl): If you live without love, you'll become as inhuman as those vampires, that you stayed with ( looks at Sheryl) and I know your parents wouldn't have wanted that.

Sheryl: You're right.

Charlotte (hits Sheryl on the head): Smile

Sheryl: What?

Charlotte: I want to see you smile.

(Sheryl looks at Amanda, who looks serious, and she starts laughing)

(Charlotte smile, seeing Sheryl laughing)

(The camera switches to Sheryl and Charlotte sitting on boxes)

Charlotte: Promise you, won't being inhuman or at least don't stop smiling

Sheryl: So, you want me to stay positive.

Charlotte: not like a puppet that never feels any emotional except smiling.

Sheryl: I promise, only if we get away from here.

Charlotte: I know the perfect place, we can go (puts her head on Sheryl's shoulder) do you see it?

Sheryl (with a serious face): Yeah. Let's go.

(Sheryl and Charlotte fly away)

Charlotte: bye mom.

(Charlotte and Sheryl fly into the sunset)

Charlotte: Is the place we going beautiful.