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Disclaimer: The first 20 or so chapters are complete bullshit! I was new at writing and stuff so yeah... It's just not too good, There wasn't much development with the relationships and stuff, a quick summary. He has Medea and Circe as his lovers, they are his lovers due to being a prize for beating a dungeon built by Hera, Anyway, You don't really need to read these chaps, but too understand Mcs powers and personality then I suggest doing so... Though you'd understand eventually even if you skipped... Here the synopsis ---- What if you had a good life, hell an incredibly good life, except... you were always bored, you were also kept on a short leash by your parents, Well for Nisus the answer was easy, Just die... This is the story of an up and coming hero in the marvel universe with overpowered wishes I'm mixing Mythology in here, so don't expect it to be strictly how Mcu is, along with having some fate elements in here...not the plot but some of the characters(Like Artoria and a few other women ;-) The story starts around 500 Ad Also, Harem so if you don't like Harems steer clear of this fanfic Also, Mc is kind of a Sex addict... like he has sex with a lot of people... won't show it though Patr0n.com/GodSage


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