1 The beginning

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"Hmm... what should I wear tomorrow, it's such an important event for me, after today, I will be able to experience more challenging situations, swat missions didn't give me the excitement I yearned for" I stated to myself, but all of a sudden, I felt a surge of pain in my head, foreign but familiar memories were rushing into my head.

"Didn't I just get shot a second ago?" His name is Theo and he has regained his previous life's memories after being in the Marvel Universe for 26 years.

"My name is Theodore... wait no am Leonardo... all this fucking memories, are they really all mine?" he cursed as he rushed out of the bedroom and into a bathroom.

"Damn, I have been in the marvel world for 26 years and... am just regaining my memories?, fucking hell!" he exclaimed as he looked at his face, instead of his normal short balck hair and green eyes, in its place was long, shaggy and messy silver hair with blue eyes, a tall, muscular and fair skinned body.

"I bet I could get all the ladies with this face" he smirked, but his smile faded when he realized his current situation "SHIELD... fuck" yeah that's how he knew he was in the Marvel world.

Walking out of the bathroom and into his room.

"Ok, relax, from what my jumbled up memory is telling me, it's that I finished SHIELD recruitment yesterday and have to attend some speech tomorrow" Leonardo disappointingly said to himself as he took a seat on his bed.

"Sigh... If only a system or overpowerd ability just randomly appears..." Theodore chuckled "As if" he said as he reached out for a glass of wine next to him.

[Welcome host, to the Werewolf system]

Sounded a robotic voice as a green screen appeared in his vision

"Convenient" he smirked as he looked at the screen with joy

[Will host like to go through the system's functions?]

"Yes please, also why is it called the Werewolf system?" Leo asked with curiosity.

[It is called so because the system helps guide and unlock host's Werewolf bloodline through missions that the host will be taking in the future, also you don't have to accept the missions, just know the missions helps unlock more traits that your bloodline has in dormant.]

The system answered making leo nod in understanding "So how did I come to have this Werewolf bloodline?, and is there another way to unlock more of the bloodline traits without missions" Theo asked as he took a sip of his wine.

[The system only has knowledge that the host has been blessed with the blood of a God, reason why the system is called what it is, is not known to the system, but if the hosts wants the host can workout and physically train themself, it helps with bloodline mastery, but only to a certain point, after reaching that point, the host will no longer progress in power, unless missions are done.

The system answered "A God huh?, This is more interesting than I thought" Leo smirked, as he checked the system's functions.

[The system only has two functions and those are: Status and Missions]

The system replied making Theo look at the green screen "Ok open the Stat function first" Theo commanded


Name: Leonardo Acker

Title: Shield recruit, SWAT retiree, reincarnator (demigod???)

BM =(0/100%)

Skills: (Expert) hand to hand combat, (Expert) gunslinger, (Expert) driving, (Experienced) spying, (Competent) hacking

Abilities: none

Looking at his status, the first thing that he saw was his titles but the Demigod title took his attention and peaked his interest, but apart from that he noticed his skills and the lack of depth making him ask the system " why is the Status page so... so empty, and what does the BM icon mean

[The system is not like other systems that host has read about, in fanfics and novels from his previous life, the system is only used to track the hosts Werewolf bloodline and the abilities that comes with it, the skills you learn on your own, if the hosts desires to know his strength level compared to other powerful beings, or simply desires to know how much power you can muster and resist, then that is in the ability of the system.

The BM icon represents Bloodline mastery and when the bar next to it reaches 100%, that means you have fully unlocked/mastered your bloodline, now this is when system given missions come to play, when you complete a mission you are rewarded with something, it might be bloodline mastery or a bloodline ability, it all depends on how the system evaluates the mission scenario, you get more bloodline mastery, if the mission is higher than your battle strength or has a large impact to the world. The more is unlocked the stronger you get, don't forget you have a God's blood, you are basically a Demigod, the system only generates missions when certain scenarios that the system deems worthwhile is triggered, master your bloodline and become a godly beast.]

The system explained making Theo take a minute to process all the information "I think i get the gist, train, train and train then complete missions and get stronger, easy enough" Theo said easing himself "well, do i have any missions to do?-" Leo was cut off when the robotic voice of the system sounded out.

[Quest completed]

Mission: introduction

Objective: Find out more about the system

Reward: +1%BM]


Name: Leonardo Acker

Title: Shield agent, (Demigod)

BM =(1/100%)

Skills: (Expert)hand to hand combat, (Expert)gunslinger, (Expert)driving, (Experinced)spying, (Competent )hacking

Abilities: (Novice)enhanced senses

Comparison: you can trade a few blows with Captain America, the winner?, well him of course, he has the experience of an active war but you only have the combined experience of army work and SWAT duty, he's going to drop you, not to mention... he has plot armor.

"Wow, this... power... in just one mastery" Theo gasped as he felt power from all over his body "I know in the future it won't be easy to further master my bloodline, and I might have to do missions with chances of dying, but this power... it's going to be worth it " Theo smirked, as he mistakenly shattered the glass of wine. "Shit, I think I might have to learn to control first" chuckled leo.

Now begins the new life of Leonardo Acker as a Werewolf Demigod? while being a shield agent.

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