4 The battle of New York

"Tony, there are more people in the buildings ahead, where your friend is leading the huge worm," I warned Tony.

"How do you know that?" Tony said and seemed to be scanning the buildings pointed out by me.

"I have good sensory powers," I shrugged. "Tell that friend of yours to bring the worm here. I will handle it," I said opening and clenching my fist.

Tony seemed to be hesitating in agreeing to what I said, but that didn't last long as he had already seen the power of my single punch.

"Thor you heard him? Come here to back this kid up, if something goes wrong only you have enough strength to handle it," Tony admitted.

"Kid here," Tony said handing me a teensy little blue glowy earbud. "You can communicate with all the Avengers here with this bud. Oh, Avengers is the name of our group of superheroes," He said and took off towards the direction of the worm.

Natasha helped me out to adjust the bud properly in my ear.

"You have our gratitude for helping us Daniel," Steve commented.

"Not a big deal," I replied to him.

"Steve Rogers," he said introducing himself.

"Natasha Romanoff," She said introducing herself.

I was surprised that she actually gave me her real name.

"This is Hawkeye," a voice introduced itself from the communication device.

"Thor Odinson, the prince of Asgard," Thor said as he landed near me. I nodded my head in greeting.

"Are you some kind of new recruitment in the team, by Fury?" Hawkeye asked me.

"No he's not," Natasha replied. "But I guess Fury will definitely recruit him," She continued.

"Yeah, he can definitely be persistent sometimes," Steve sighed while looking at me.

"You guys are chatting like you are out on a picnic. I hope you will accept this new guest behind me at your little tea party," Tony shouted while coming in our direction, a huge metallic worm following behind me.

"Stay behind me," I said to them and made a quake bubble around my fist. Except Thor everyone backed down, while he remained there to help me in case any dangerous situation arises.

As the huge worm got close enough, Tony moved away from its sight, thus changing its focus to me.

I punched the incoming huge worm on head. The momentum of the huge worm stopped as the air around its head cracked loudly.

I had currently used more power of the fruit while punching it, so as the punch fell on its head, the huge worm was destroyed from inside out. The shockwave originating from the punch destroyed the vehicles and buildings behind that worm.

Thor who was sanding beside me was not hurt even a bit due to my control over the power of the devil fruit.

"Sweet mother of nature I have never seen an ability that destructive, just like an earthquake," Tony said through the communication device as he destroyed some of the nearby aliens.

Though he was trying to hide it best, but his tone still conveyed the shock he felt. Other people present there were also shocked at the absurdity of my ability.

Everyone present, gathered together and Captain started assigning tasks to everyone.

Suddenly I sensed someone entering my range of observation haki.

'The Hulk has arrived,' I said in my mind.

Soon a voice of bike was heard by everyone and after seeing that Banner was riding the bike, everyone welcomed him.

"Am I late?" he asked.

"No we still have a lot to do," Natasha smiled at him.

Banner nodded his head and was about to turn green, when he glanced at me.

"And, he is?"

"Daniel Radcliffe," I said introducing myself.

"Bruce Banner," he said coming forward for anl handshake. I shook his hand as a common courtesy.

"Everyone listen up," Captain shouted trying to gain our attention and started assigning jobs, the same what he had done in the original movie.

"Natasha and I will stay and fight on the ground. And Daniel would you mind helping us out?" He asked.

"Sure, I don't mind," I replied.

"Banner and you will destroy all those huge worm like bastards and keep helping Thor and Tony as much as possible," Captain ordered.

'Definitely he makes a good team leader. Ordering a person more powerful than you is not an easy thing to do after all.' I thought.

Banner and I nodded at Captain's command while the others flew to carry out their own jobs.

"Why do they call you green, Bruce? You seem perfectly okay to me," I asked him pretending not to know.

"Actually, I can transform into a powerful green monster. But please be careful while around me, as I am not totally in control of that monster," Banner requested.

"Thanks for worrying about me, but I am pretty strong myself," I assured him.

"So what are you waiting for, let's roll," I said to him and he started turning into the Hulk.

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