Marvel: The Silent Mad Dog Book

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Marvel: The Silent Mad Dog


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English is not my first language, so expect some bad grammar. I will only be releasing it, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I own nothing. ________________________________________________________________ Rain can cause floods which can wash away the entire village. A single bolt of lightning can cause a large forest fire. A slight tremor of the earth can cause a tsunami that can reshape the whole coastline. Cruelty is just another aspect of human beings and using it to cause harm will lead to further cruelty. Human understands what cruelty means, but they also don't. They don't understand it. If they don't understand it, then they will act on it. Born in a world as a mutant, the mad dog will show its teeth and bite down toward the cruel world. ________________________________________________________________ Please support me on my Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/Suprame1o1