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Marvel: The Living Vampire


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Michael was born different. No, not just because of the rare blood disease he had, but because he knew things he shouldn't have. As soon as his vocal cords developed he could speak. He read whenever possible, and when asked why, he would only respond with, "Learning." Michael Morbius was born with snippets of memories which shouldn't be his but he knew they were. With the fragmented memories of his past, and the genius he has in this life, he'll find a cure for his blood disease... ...No matter the cost. (A/N - Just to clear up any confusion - Michael is still Michael. He isn't some transmigrated person who's taken over Michael's body. He's just got some very, and I mean VERY, fragmented memories. He'll recognize people, like the main superheroes in Marvel, but he won't remember everything about them. Why have I done this? Because the MC knowing everything is boring and hard to write correctly. Plus, I'm under the opinion that if the MC knows everything about a person, they can't build a proper relationship/friendship with that person. It just doesn't feel sincere.)


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