29 The Experience Card is Over! Randomly Drawing an Ability!

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As for breaking his promise?

Nick wouldn't do that at all, and especially in front of so many people.

If he goes back on his words, his image and reputation will be gone.

Will he break his own promise just for a few bags of money?

Of course not, because that will put him in fucked up situation!

Losing some green paper is much better than losing the reputation!

Although he is the director of SHIELD, and he has the highest status on the SHIELD. But for Avengers, he will not put on the airs of the director because they are people with superpowers.

Nick knows that very well.

The position of these Avengers is very high in ordinary people's hearts, but they aren't comparable to a director in other districts like inside government.

His primary role is limited to convening these people together.

"Two hundred million dollars... Holy moly…" Lucas's heart filled with excitement.

He has never seen such a huge wealth in his both lives!

And what's even harder to imagine is...

This wealth comes from Nick's casual sentence.

Right now, anyone can see how Nick feels just with one look at his face.

But Lucas knows that such an opportunity won't come again, so of course, he will take advantage of the situation.

"In the market, the price of Vibranium is 10,000 US dollars per gram!"

"Nick isn't lying to me, and there is no need to deceive me in front of so many people. The machine is made by integrating the Vibranium with many other materials. If I want to re-extract the high-density Vibranium..."

"Extracting all the integrated Vibranium is technically impossible. It will inevitably be reduced by half compared to the input materials!"

"Being able to extract 20 kilograms of Vibranium is already very good. Not to mention the labor and various tools cost. If we calculated..."

Lucas' eyes shined: "Getting the cash directly is more cost-effective!"

Behind Nick, Maria stood with a shocked face.

Two hundred million dollars!

Director, this is a real hemorrhage!

It is the first time she sees Nick suffers such a big loss!

But thinking of it, even if it was her in Nick's position at the time, she might do the same thing.

Who can think of such a thing?

The strength tester machine was destroyed.

They could barely accept the result, not to mention adding 200 hundred million dollars.

"As the saying goes..."

"Don't let your mouth write a check that your tail can't cash!"

Natasha said in a low voice as she looked at: "From now on, I will have one more motto in my life. Never promise anything, even if the winning ticket is in hand!"

Hearing her words, Steve, Banner, and Clint nodded in agreement.

They all understand, just like Nick!

He didn't even think and directly promised Lucas because he didn't believe that Lucas had the ability to destroy the strength tester machine.

No one expected it!

Everything was under Lucas's control from the beginning.

In just a few minutes.

He gained a huge fortune of 200 million US dollars.

"Lucas, what do you think of my proposal?" Nick asked seriously.

Lucas nodded and said: "I think this plan is very good!"

"Then it's settled." Nick breathed a sigh of relief.

If Lucas insists on taking the strength tester machine, then things would be even more troublesome!

It only cost him 200 million dollars to get the wreckage of the strength tester back, which is not too bad for him.

As for why he bought the wreckage of the strength tester machine, well, first, because he had invested too many materials and resources when he built it.

So making one from scratch will cost him a lot of money and time.

Besides, even if the machine is damaged, it can still be repaired.

And just like Lucas, he intended to melt and refine the machine to extract the Vibranium and other materials.

"By the way, I don't have a bank card yet." A light flashed in Lucas's eyes as he said.

This issue, for SHIELD, should be a very simple matter.

How can creating a bank card be difficult for an organization like S.H.I.E.L.D.?

"Don't worry. I will make one for you."

"It will also be your personal bank card. In the future, you get your salary as a staff member of SHIELD through this bank card." Nick said.

This made Lucas very relieved.

After all, he has just crossed over.

He still doesn't understand many things thoroughly.

He doesn't have an identity certificate.

If he hadn't joined S.H.I.E.L.D., Lucas would have to face a lot of trouble to get a legal identity.

But after joining SHIELD, Nick will definitely solve these little troubles for him.

This can be regarded as one of the many benefits of joining SHIELD.

[Ding Dong!]

[The Experience Card time is over!]

Suddenly, the system's voice sounded in Lucas's head.

Immediately afterward.

A sense of powerlessness enveloped Lucas's body.

Knowing what happened, Lucas' expression was a little sad.

"My power..."

"All disappeared!"

Everything disappeared, including Gura Gura no Mi ability!

Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki.

All Whitebeard's abilities have completely disappeared!

This caused Lucas to fall from heaven to hell in an instant. He became an ordinary person again.

But he wasn't panicked nor worried.


His heart filled with expectation about the random permanent ability that he will draw next, and it will remain with him forever.

[Randomly selecting ability from Whitebeard's Experience Card, please wait patiently...]

Lucas's eyes filled with hope and a little bit of excitement.

He clenched his fists tightly. He was slightly nervous.

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