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[Same Day Noon]

After the funeral we came to Ben's home, May prepared a quick breakfast for us destroying our rising hunger.

She has called a leave for her shift at the hospital and Ben didn't go to work today.

when we finished breakfast May asked me if there was anything I want from my house as she's going there to pack my dresses and won't be back till eve.

I didn't have anything back there that had an emotional attachment to me.. except one, a photo of me and my mom standing at the statue of liberty.

She promised to not forget that and bring it back and Ben had some bank works to do so he gave her a lift and said he would be back in two hours with lunch.

And that two hours is my golden hours because it's only me and Pete at home, taking this opportunity I was gonna raid the whole house trying to find a laptop or pc.

Eddy visited this house before but only a couple times so I'm unfamiliar with most places in here, which is a hardball now I had to search every single room here.

This house may look simple on the outside but it has 4 bedrooms on the first level and 2 on ground, why the heck does it need 6 bedrooms I may never know.

I was going to waste time searching for a Pc but then the short route came to my eyes with a remote in its hands.

"Hey, Pete do Uncle have a computer?," I asked as I took a seat beside him on the couch.

"Yeah," Yes! Information come to Papa.. no, no wait a minute.

"does it got Internet?,"

"Yeah," now come to Papa.

"Where is it?," I asked shaking him non-stop.

"In their bedroom," I stood up and ran before stopping.

"Which one is it?,"

"The one next to kitchen and now please let me watch 'science this week' in peace," He said pointing to the show going on T.v.

I got to the room and there she was, a old, large, box like Microsoft computer, well can't complain it's still early 2k.

I took a chair and booted it, after a long ass loading the iconic windows sound popped up, not wasting anymore time I got into Google.. only to see a pixel T-rex.

I checked the Wifi and it was not connected and I couldn't find which one was Ben's as there were a bunch of them so I called the expert.

"Hey Pete which one is our Wifi, there is a bunch of them," the bedroom entrance was straight to the hall, where I could see him slouching on the couch not answering so I had to ask him again.

"Huh? Its the one that say 'Buy your own Wifi neighbour,' and the own will be on caps," simple but effective.

"And what's the password,"

"'I love Milf more than loli', Milf is full caps and there is a underscore between milf and more,"

I blinked twice wondering whether I really just heard that and when I confirmed I did, I stood up from the seat and walked to him, leaning at the bedroom's entrance I had my eyes on him, Squinting.

"Do you know what's a Milf and loli are?," I asked trying to sound as normal as possible but in anyway you see it wasn't normal.

"No, But I asked him once and he said they are holy names from the W bible and kids shouldn't hear those as their childhood will be ruined.. but I don't believe that, Why? you know what they are?," He asked watching me trying to suppress the evil laugh I was holding and finally I somehow controlled it.

"Yes and he's absolutely right," I said walking back to the Pc with a smile plastered on my face.

'Looks like my uncle is a man of culture,'

Finally with every thing ready, I entered Google but then.. I didn't know where to start from so I made a plan to go by timeline.

"Pete is there a unused Diary here," I asked disturbing my nerdious cousin once again.

"There should be some in the third drawer and please don't disturb me this is getting interesting," He replied without turning his head.

I rummaged through the third drawer and finally found a new diary, opening it I wrote the title in bold letters at the first page.

Timeline Check.

"Okay let's start with what I know,"

I typed in the first name that made me confirm about my existence in Marvel, A guy lot of people knew about.

"Captain. America,"


<Captain America Wiki>

Captain Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers is a world war 2 veteran, Rogers grew up suffering from numerous health problems, and upon America's entry into World war 2, he was rejected from serving... Read more.

<Captain America: The War Hero>

All of the battles conducted by Captain and his howling Commandos... Read More.

<History of Captain America>

Steve Rogers was born on July 4, 1921 to Sarah and Joseph Rogers in New York city, before Rogers has been born, his father was confirmed... Read More.

[Anna 5km Away]


{A/N: All the things written in brackets are Mc taking notes in the Diary}

Captain America: Check

I wrote down at the second page, honestly Internet is the best for informative purposes, I checked a couple sites and read through the essays and found some changes from what I remember about Mcu.

• Steve Rogers is born in 1920 (2 years later than Mcu)

• James Buchanan Barnes is the best friend of Steve and said to be died in a mission (No changes here)

• Steve Rogers carried around his iconic full circular shield (should Check about Wakanda later)

• Schmidt is the leader of Nazi navy and science division (Hydra name is not mentioned in any websites so there are possibilities of Hydra still active like in Winter soldier movie)

This is how much I got on Captain America and In my opinion no knowledge is waste if it's used correctly.

Closing the second page I flipped to next one.



<Rise of Zombies>

The mutation is caused by an unknown factor, Join us and fight a epic battle at a post apocalyptic world.. Click Here.

<Mutants are just Aliens walking on Earth>

We think Mutants are a evolution of Humans but in reality they are just Aliens from a planet called Mutania... Read more.

<Mutant Criminal Arrested for ****>

Kennedy Kent, a 18 year old boy from New Jersey, is arrested for Raping a fellow student at highschool... Read More.


There is not much as I thought, Maybe the government is hiding the Info about mutants to not create a civil war or to not elaborate already strained relationship between them.

I read some sites and.. I got a hint about who I think as Magneto and a video, a speech by Raven but most of its content were censored, looks like future past happened.

But the thing I was searching for didn't show up, then I had to change my search style.

"Weird things happened. In. Egypt,"


<Mystery Pyramid and the Nude Giant>

The reports of Mystery Pyramid that appeared at a single day and a Giant guarding it, all witnesses claim about a goddess descending... Read more.

<What's the Origin of the Mystery Pyramid>

The Egyptian government claims it as a mass hysteria but is it the truth?, Then they claimed it as a Apep's resurrection temple but what's true... Explore.

<Giants are Real? Are The myths about the God's of Egyptian pantheon Real too?>

We all knew about the magnetic pull of 1991, Here's an interesting fact The golden Pyramid of Egypt or commonly know as Mystery Pyramid were both in the same day, Is it a coincidence... Read More.

[Lisa want's to have sex, 1km Away]


One day I'm gonna find these girls from pop up ads and drag them into a room full of Horny nerds and shut-ins, that's the punishment I would give them for always interrupting my Anime sessions.

Not that I'm watching it right now, they have just deceived so much teenagers at their noob periods on web and I'm one of them.

Apocalypse has happened, thank god, I didn't want to fight a bitch like him, there were mentions of a nude Giant but I don't know who that is.

The movie didn't have anyone like that, probably a change in timeline or universe, made someone else as the horsemen.

Yeah, Now that I say timeline, Apocalypse has happened later compared to the X-Men timeline, I don't know what's gonna come out of this but I can't expect everything to go my way, the timeline I knew is not anymore and I still have to check on Phoenix.

"Phoenix. Sightings,"


<UFO Sightings at Arizona>

12 reflective plates were sighted above Phoenix, Arizona, many video evidences claiming about their proof were released on News and social platforms... Know More.

<The Legendary bird of Fire>

12 interesting facts about Phoenix.

<A Phoenix shaped solar flare above New York city>

It Happened right after the 93 solar storm, Many astronomers concluded it might be a unique after effects of it, while other conspiracy theories goes around that it was New weapon created by government and was misfired... Read More.


Oh No looks like Jean died, Very sad... anyway, I don't have to worry about Dark Phoenix that's a plus.

I wonder did Raven die like in Canon or the Timeline changed it too, Hmm.. there is lot of things I need to know.

I can connect some descriptions though, like in one of the Apocalypse article, They said a goddess that controls lighting was present and we all know it was Storm and a Magnetic pull, Magneto.

After that I got through some more searches and I was really getting a lot of data today.

I founded the appearances of Countries like Latveria, Wakanda and Sokovia making me confirm I'm in Marvel universe once again.

A poster about the grand opening of Baxter Building in Manhattan was gaining a lot of views.

Shield is referred as a government intelligence organisation but I know it's right now a outfront of Hydra.

Howard Stark and Maria died exactly per the date, December 16 1991, Tony has taken the mantel for 5 years now and like Captain, his birthday is a bit later than Canon.

I couldn't verify things like Captain Marvel as they were government stuff and Fury might be protecting it.

I tried everything I can in the timeframe and got all this facts.

Ben came back just as I finished searching What I could.

"Hey kids, hungry?," He asked shaking the brown bag he was holding.

"Not so much," Pete answered still seeing the show, What is it a marathon today? this guy is watching it for 2 hours now.

"Yeah, I'm not that hungry Uncle Ben," I said coming out of the Bedroom.

"What were you doing in there," Ben asked pointing his room.

"I was... reading in the internet," I said taking a seat on the couch, What the- 'How to make smoke bomb from ping pong ball', Is this what Pete has been watching till now?.

"Reading? Well whatever, I'm tired so I'm gonna shut my eyes for a couple hours, there is burgers in them, heat them up when you want to eat," He said pointing to the oven.

"Pete?," I called without turning to him.


"You stink, go take a shower,"

"... That's Uncle Ben,"

"Okay then,"

A silence enveloped the room, only the voices from T.V breaking it.

"You know instead wasting Ping pong balls, I would have gone with Egg shells," I said wondering why they never showed it on shows.

"Smoke bomb from Eggs shells?," Pete asked turning to me with his eyes widened.

That's How my first day started at Uncle Ben's house, It was all going to smooth untill 2 months later I found my mutation ability.

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