1 Alright, I'm Spiderman now.

I woke up.

I looked around.

Me:This isn't my room? Where am I— *Hisses in pain and clutches head*

I then got memories flashing in my head.

Me:Wow. So I'm Peter Parker now. Why does that sound familiar?

Then i realized

Me:Holy shit I'm Peter Parker!

May: Peter! Are you okay? *shouts from down stairs*

Me:Oh is that Aunt May. *Shouts back* Yeah I'm fine aunt May! Just thought I forgot something from school!

May: Did you bring it back?

Me:Yeah it's in my bag!

May:Okay Peter! But better dress up now! Breakfast is almost ready!

Me:Okay Aunt May!

I then sat there.

Me💭:Okay so it's the year 2009. So it's the year before Tony Stark becomes the superhero we all love, Iron Man. I'm 15 years old. And i was bitten by a radioactive spider a month ago. So that means Uncle Ben, bless his heart, has passed away. And I'm still in high school getting bullied by 'Flash'. I wonder why Peter didn't graduate early. I mean he's a genius so why didn't he? Oh right, friends.

Peter wanted friends. Those friends of his include a rich boy who flaunt's money everywhere and MJ who doesn't care about me and that's it. And also why didn't I get a cheat? The radioactive spider gave me spider powers and that's it, how am I supposed to know how strong am i without a system recording my strength. Wait a damn minu—

[System Starting in




System started.

(Welcome Peter Parker to the Skill System. Here you can improve your skills and take it to new heights.)

Me:Welp, there's my cheat code. Status please.

[ Status

Peter Parker

Skills: Photographic memory (Max) Super Strength (lvl1) Spider sense (lvl1) Highschool level Math(Max) Highschool level Science (Max) Highschool Biology (Max) Highschool Physics (Max) Highschool Chemistry (Max) Geogr.....


Did I mention that Peter is a genius. All of the highschool stuff is Maxed out. That proves something i guess. Then i realized something..

This is not enough. In my past life, you need to have strength and intelligence to succeed. In my past life,i have the intelligence but i didn't have the strength. So i was taken out. In this world there are people like Thanos out there. So the world has to prepare for people like him. And the change starts with me.

I then went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw myself looking like Tom Holland Spiderman. I then went to the shower and showered. After getting out and getting dressed in casual clothes. I went downstairs.

Me:Good morning Aunt May.

May:Good morning Peter. Breakfast is ready. What took you so long.

Me:Oh. I just needed to tidy my room a little bit.

May: I can tell that your lying Peter. So please tell your aunt what you're doing in your room.

Me: I was... thinking about my school life. I don't like it.

May:Why Peter? I thought you like it there.

Me:I thought i liked it But when I think about it. All i have as a friend is Harry who flaunt's his money everywhere and MJ who i thought is my best friend forgot that i even exists. And i also have a bully there.

May:Oh Peter why didn't tell me all of this? I'm your family.

Me: I thought you wouldn't believe me.

May:Well i do now.

Me:Aunt May i have an idea.

May:What is that idea Peter. I see you smirking so it's probably not a good one.

Me: I wanna apply for early graduation. And before you say something. Just hear me out. I thought about this for a very long time.

May: Let's hear it Peter.

Me:Well conveniently I have no school in next week because of some matters at school. So i want to prepare for the early graduation test. I want to achieve the highest grade possible get easily accepted to MIT.

May:What! Peter are you sure you can do that? You know that MIT has a 7% accept rate right?

Me:So i need to get the highest grade possible to get in the college. Don't worry Aunt May. I will get into MIT. If I don't I will just go to Harvard. Don't worry about me aunt May I'm going to ace this.

May:If you say so Peter. But make sure you do your hardest in this week. Don't goof around if your going to go to the institution where Tony Stark went.

Me:Of course Aunt May. I would never.

May:Okay Peter. But i do hope you succeed in getting in. It would make me and Ben proud.

Me:Of course Aunt May. I'm going to the library now. To you know prepare.

May:*chuckles* Alright Peter but be back in dinnertime which is 7 p.m. I don't want you to get too much into it. You need rest as well.

Me:Okay Aunt May.

I then went out to a bus stop nearby and waited for a bus. After waiting for a few minutes, the bus still didn't come.

Me:Ahh you know what fuck this, I'm choosing the direct approach.

I then sneakily went into an alley. After checking both ways to see no one. I focused.

Me:Hey system. How do I use the Powers?

(Just focus and think about what you want to do, then you'll feel something.?


I then focused and thought about what i wanted to do Which is to use my powers to jump up to the roof of the building. Ten seconds later, i feel something in my legs and i jumped. What happened next was very cool. I feel up into the air for a while and landed on the building, and i didn't hurt my feet.

Me: A perfect landing. But why did it take so long?

(New skill!

Focus: LVL 1

If you focus for 10 seconds, you can boost your spider powers by 100% for 6 seconds)

Me:Nice. Definitely exploiting this.

I then used this skilled a lot for jumped from building to building. Thankfully no one saw me jumping all over the place or I'll defines get in the news. I don't know how to face Aunt May if that happens. I can grasp the feeling a little bit more now and guide it to my feet a little bit faster. Now it only takes 8 seconds for it to happen. I saw the library in front of me and i jumped down to an alleyway. I then rested in the alleyway for a while. Then i went out to the streets.

I see the library in front of me.

Me💭:One small step from Peter Parker, one giant leap for mankind.

The world is about to be shocked.


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