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Hello there, first of all I would like to say that I'm not a native english speaking guy. And before writing this review I kept trying to read this through 50 chapters. To be honest when the writter claimed this "While I did put only Marvel into the title, it is actually a Marvel/DC fanfic. Why did I do this? Because most Marvel/DC stories until now sucked" I thought wow, that's a powerfull statement saying that all the other writers sucked but he apparently had what it takes to do better, I was seduced and gave it a shot ... And how to say how desapointed I was... this story is flavorless, then again it is my own opinion and I'm not judging the readers (at least i'm not as judging as the writer himself) some part seemed rushed, other not detailed enough, going from today's to the past and Tolkien mentions well the writers keeps fuelling ideas without constructing his story enough. Also this is not even a story about going weak to strong as at his second fight the hero is fighting people who rivaled wonderwoman and survived when a week before he didn't even do sports .... his power came from who knows where as I said no construction, reflexion and consolidation of the story. A huge desapointment for me, if the writer was not so full of himself I might have been less arsh probably but when you point at others saying they suck you must be prepared to be judged as well (Sorry again for my rusty english)


I read 20 chapters and realized that it's just not mine. The main and side characters are quite one-dimensional, the world is developing weakly and it is clear that the merger of dc and Marvel is not too complex. I don't think this fan fiction is something terrible, but because of the poor quality of the merging of worlds, I don't want to read too much. Just a piece of advice for the future, when you try to unite the worlds on a larger scale: the most difficult part for joining these two multiverse is the chaotic nature of almost all spheres of the universe in dc. While in Marvel, outer space is divided by several space empires, the magic sphere is defended by several orders of powerful Magicians, and interdimensional jumps occur VERY rarely, while in DC, the whole cosmos is pure chaos from a multitude of one or two planetary empires that appear and disappear over several decades, where the only islands of tranquility are the territories of lantern corps, only Dr. Faith is seriously engaged in the magisphere and every few years a hero or villain from an alternate universe appears. I don't think it's possible to combine these two diametrically opposed worlds at all, but I still wish you good luck in this. Translated via Google translation


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I'm really enjoying this so far. At the time of reviewing this, there are only 16 chapters but we already see a glimpse of his path to cultivation. And all I have to say is that I find it fun to explore new ways of power without them being too OP. And I also like the oc villains. Overall good stuff.


Reveal spoiler


till chapter 6 it is great... i like the interaction and it didn't feel fast-paced or cringy too.... like the mc, your story has also great potential.....


Author if you drop this novel, I'll drop kick you in the head. just a friendly warning from a friendly fan! πŸ˜ƒπŸ– extra words for the worf count.


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this fanfic is a good one. writing quality - you don't really notice any big mistakes that will make you confuse as your reading it story development - the flow of story wont leave a bad taste in your mouth in otherwords its good, the mc travels to otherworlds like lord of the rings, mc is creating the cultivation path of marvel he also has magic, his romance partner is Dianna/Wonder Woman, mc has awesomely very flexible powers character design - are a bit bland compared to good novels but you won't notice it if you don't notice it and compared to other fanfics this is a good one so yeah, next updating stability - the fanfic regularly updates daily sometimes miss a day but updates next day world background - author doesn't explain every detail about the story but even if you don't really know much about marvel/dc/Lord of the rings you'll follow along the story so you won't really be confused and frustrated about not knowing about the source material


Una historia refrescante y muy entretenida que puede dar mucho sin lugar a duda, el desarrollo del personaje a lo largo de la historia me llama la atenciΓ³n y me gusta ahora el tema de las parejas y el +18 o limones me llama la atenciΓ³n que no lo escribes que si nl siempre lo pervertido hya que hacerlo pero siempre un gusto leerlo y entretenido, ademΓ‘s el toque de comida me encantan y solo espero que sigas escribiendo y me sorprendas con una buen hisorita


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So far, this is probably one of my favorite fanfics on this site and def my fav marvel/dc one. The grammar is really good, I really like the main character and his power system, and I think the pacing is excellent as well. I actually decided to torture myself a little bit and put this book on hold to stockpile chapters because I like it so much. If I had any critiques, it would mainly be with the side characters being sort of underdeveloped from what I've read (up to ch 60), and also, while I have been stockpiling, I know he spent some time in the LOTR universe which I'm not sure how I'll feel about, but who knows, I may like it anyways. On the note of side characters, I think his mentor-disciple relationship with Peter is really cool, and would love it if we got more moments between the two, especially fighting together. Lastly, I'm just gonna shoot my shot anyway and see if I get a response...do you have plans to make this a harem story, or will it continue to remain as just a Diana pairing (personally, I hope so)? This review will probably be buried under the other ones though, so I guess I'll just have to read it to find out, which I don't really mind lol. Ah, on that note, I think some more moments with Diana and even Edward's parents would be cool as well (his mom seemed interesting). Overall, great job.


Average at best that all i could say about this fanfic The mc is annoying asf Each chapter for me was filled with just cringe Interaction with Diana was horrible for me Overall if you have bunch of free time feel free to read this fanfic But i won't recommend it


It is one of the best novel I have ever seen. The mc power is AWESOME. his power is very unique, I have never been more satisfied by mc power than this novel. I cant describe correctly because of my English but you wont regret reading this novel. I have read 1000+ novel but I have never seen a more satisfying and unique power.


It’s not a bad story, it’s just a bit boring and jumpy. What I mean by that, is that out of all the powers in the marvel universe Chi is absolutely the most boring and it’s the MCs main power. (Just try and watch Iron Fist on Netflix without cringing every time Danny says Chi). There’s also the fact that your MC is more of a tag along hero than his own character. He’s not really doing his own hero thing most of the time, he’s just joining others hero’s and helping them. The reason I think it’s jumpy is because youre mainly introducing a new plot or character every single chapter. That would be fine if your chapters were over 10k words, but they’re not. It feels very rushed.


Author, u have previously said that he would use science to cultivate, making for a unique system. Maybe a bit like Su Chen in DTOPB. I was very excited by this story because of that, but it seems he's all but forgotten he has a doctorate. Now it's just plain ol cultivation, and nothing much special about it either. I thought he'd use technology to elevate and make the most of the human body, but the only stuff science wise is the cure for dementia. It's not even related. There's so much u could have done, like inducing black holes in his pressure point/chacras/whatever, to suck in chi faster. Use biotech to have space energy infused in his cells to have more room for chi. Ect. ect... Like this his strength would be more his own, and not something just anyone could do. Sorry for ranting. Hope u mix things up a little in the later realms. Keep up the good work.


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Mc is not very powerful however its very fun to read how mc is finding his own path to gain power, no superpower, just Human ability. The Marvel and Dc world is very well put together and isnt weird unlike other marvel x dc stories.


looove it pls dont drop ...........................................................................................................................


I have had the pleasure of reading this story and it is one of the greatest work you can find with excitement , action and many more .I hope to read many more works like this.πŸ’–