1 Chapter 1: Big Apple

"How am I going to get this up there?" Edward looked at the big box in front of him with a troubled gaze. He had just moved in this new apartment in New York, from California, and he had some stuff he couldn't bring over and had to buy again.

The box in front of him was exactly that, different machines he needed for his job that weighed quite a lot, despite not being that big.

As Edward was wondering how he should carry the box to use the least effort for the best effects, a voice asked behind him "Do you need some help?"

Edward turned around with a raised eyebrow and saw a woman was standing a few meters behind him, looking at him with a curious look. Edward had to admit that woman was one of the most beautiful he had ever seen.

Edward scratched his head and said "I just moved in, and I need to get this heavy box up." The woman smiled and said "I can help you if you want."

He once again looked at her up and down and said after a moment "Thanks then. I warn you though, this box is really heavy."

The woman smiled and went on a side of the box. Edward took the other side and said "On three? One, two… Three!"

Edward exclaimed as he he began lifting. However, much to his dismay, the box wasn't nearly as heavy as it should be, even with help. He took another look at the lady that was almost as tall as him and asked "Do you work out?"

She smiled and said as they began walking up the stairs "I do, and I like heavy lifting." Edward smiled and said "I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Edward Bell." She nodded and said "Diana Prince."

Edward repeated, with a small smile "Prince? Am I dealing with royalty? How dare I have my Lady carry heavy things for me!"

Diana laughed and said "I wonder what kind of royalty would live here?" Edward asked "You live here? You don't look like it."

Diana looked down at her clothes, obviously understanding what he meant, and said "I didn't move here for the price, I just wanted somewhere close to my job." With a glance Edward knew that the clothes she was wearing were probably more expensive than his rent.

His curiosity had been fanned though, and he asked "Where do you work at?" She replied "I'm a museum curator, at the American Museum of Natural History."

Edward asked with a teasing smile "Aren't you scared you will activate an ancient Egyptian magical tablet and awaken the whole museum?" Diana laughed and said "Don't worry, I already took care of that. What about you? Are you working already? Are you from New York? You could show me around."

Edward shrugged as they arrived on his floor and he said "I would love to, but unfortunately I just arrived too… We're here, let me open the door…" He placed his left hand on the middle of the box and used his right hand to open the door, revealing the insides of his apartment.

His apartment wasn't very big, he had a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. For now, there wasn't much in his house, except the things he would need for his job.

He looked at Diana and said "As for my job, I recently got my PhD from MIT, and I was accepted as the assistant of a researcher in Oscorp."

Diana looked impressed as she said "PhD? How old are you?" Edward smiled and said "I'm 24. I was kind of a child genius, or so people said… Let's put it here." They both put the box down and Edward handed his hand to Diana, saying "Thank you for the help, neighbour. Don't hesitate if you ever need any help."

Diana took his hand with a smile and said "I won't hesitate, neighbour." She nodded and walked toward the exit. Seeing this, a flash of hesitation crept up onto Edward's face, and after a moment he asked "Although I can't be a good guide, I think it would be more fun to discover the city together."

Diana looked back, and after a similar moment of hesitation she said "I would be glad to. I live right above you, a single floor." As she said that, she left and closed the door, leaving Edward with a big smile.

First day in the city, and he already made the acquaintance of a beautiful woman. But he had other things to do now. For the rest of the day Edward took his stuff out of the boxes, which he still hadn't opened, and set up his personal lab.

Well, to be honest it was more of a crafting table than anything, but it wasn't there for Nobel Prize discoveries, just for him to relax when he didn't have anything to do.

The next day, Edward woke up with energy. Today was a very important day, his first day at Oscorp. This was very important for him because although his qualifications were among the very best one could have, this job as an assistant could determine his future path. Oscorp was one of the giants of this world after all, and he could see himself work for them for a good part of his life.

Briefcase in hand, 6.45 am, Edward left his house… and it took less than a second to receive his first surprise of the day. Diana, walking down the stairs.

She turned her head when she heard the sound of the door opening, and smiled when she saw Edward. The later smiled and closed his door before he walked up to her and said "What a coincidence."

She smiled and said "Going for work?" Edward nodded and said "You too?" She nodded, so Edward added "I would definitely love seeing such a beautiful co-worker everyday. Maybe I will quit and join the museum…"

She shook her head and said "Most people find museums boring. Joining because of me would be terrible."

Edward laughed and opened the door of their building for her as he said "I guess you're right. I will stick to experimenting on mice."

She asked as she went for her car "Biologist?" Edward nodded "Indeed, although I also dabble in mechanics." She nodded and said "I would offer you a ride, but we are going in different directions."

Edward nodded and said "No worries, a little walk won't harm me. Good day to you, your Highness." She laughed and waved at him before starting her car while Edward walked off.

New York was a big city, and could be confusing for a newcomer like Edward. Fortunately, Mr Osborn liked grandeur, and his tower, Oscorp Tower, was one of the biggest in the city so Edward was able to find it without much of a problem.

And as expected, when he reached the bottom of the tower, he couldn't help but be impressed by the tower. It was simply too majestic.

Once in, Edward directly headed for the 64th Floor, using his card. Although it was his first day reporting in, they had already sent Edward his pass inside. As the doors were about to close themselves though, someone shouted "Please hold the doors!" while running with a toolbox in hand.

Edward blocked the doors right before they could close themselves, allowing the man to get in. Edward asked the breathless man "Floor?"

The guy took a few seconds to catch his breath and to reply "78. Thanks."

Edward nodded and pushed the 78th button before he took out his phone. He didn't want to have an awkward situation. However, the man across him didn't understand the message and forcefully shoved his hand toward Edward as he said "Max. I mean Maxwell. I mean it's the same. People call me Max. Yeah. Maxwell Dillon."

Edward looked at Max a little strangely, but in the end he took his hand as he was an educated person and he said "Edward."

Max grinned, and Edward felt half of the awkwardness disappear. The man was weird, but the way he smiled, he looked genuinely happy to be speaking with him.

Max then asked "I never saw you around, here for an interview?" Edward shook his head and showed his badge as he said "I got a job as an assistant."

Max raised an eyebrow and sent a look at the buttons of the elevators before he whistled and said "64th Floor huh? That would be Dr Connors, quite impressive. First job?"

Edward nodded and replied "Just got my PhD from MIT. I met Dr Connors while he was holding a conference." Max grinned and said "Real genius! You lucked out on this one indeed, Dr Connors is our foremost biologist, seconded by his wife. They are great people."

Edward smiled and asked "What about you?" Max passed his hand through his greasy hair, rearranging them in a little while showing some embarrassment as he said "I have been working here for more than ten years already, but I'm no scientist. I'm the electrician."

As he saw how uncomfortable the man looked, Edward suddenly understood why the man acted the way he did. Oscorp only accepted the best of the best, being a 'mere' electrician who probably didn't go to any university considering he had been working here for a decade, he must have been feeling inferior.

So he patted his shoulder and said with a smile "Although I majored in biology, I like electronics too, it's a great pass time. If I ever need help I'll make sure to call for you." Max made a big smile, he looked touched.

But as he was about to say something, the door opened, and a woman's voice echoed in the elevator "64th Floor."

Edward smiled at Max and said "Glad I met you Max, see you soon." Max closed his mouth, and as Edward walked out he nodded and said "Glad to meet you too…"

Edward walked toward the main lab and… he had to admit, he was impressed. Every piece of technology he saw was cutting edge. There were also quite a lot of people working, and in the middle of the lab was a blond guy with a single arm, working on a computer.

The blond man turned around at some point and as he saw Edward, he immediately got up and approached Edward with a smile on his face. He showed his only hand and said "I'm glad you could come, and an hour early too!"

Edward smiled at his new boss and took his hand as he said "Got to make a good impression on my first day." Curtis lightly smiled and said "You did good. Now, you put on your lab coat and join me afterward. I will show you around and do the introductions."

Edward nodded and walked to the changing room. Fortunately there were signs.

When he came back, coat on, Curtis placed his only arm around Edward's shoulders and led him around the lab. Through those introductions, Edward saw many looks of envy on his new co-workers' faces.

Actually, although officially his job was to be Curtis' assistant, he was above the other assistants as he would be leading a sub project under Curtis.

Curtis Connors was one of, if not the best, expert in the world in term of lizards, his researches had once shaken the world, and if the rumours were true, they very might well shake it once again. Most of his assistants, as well as his wife, work for him on that.

However, recently Connors has made new discoveries and, from there on it is unknown to the outside world, he has started working on cross-species hybridization. This was a big thing, and Oscorp intended on using this to once again shake the world, so they were keeping this a secret.

But Connors couldn't just abandon his main field of study, obviously, but he didn't have anyone who could take the job.

And here Edward arrived. His thesis for his PhD just happened to enter the exact field of studies needed for this job, so after an interview with Connors himself, and the recommendations of the different places he went to for internship while he was still a student, he was hired here.

Now, he would lead his own team into researching other races and draw the links with the lizards so to finally create the hybridization serum.

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