74 Chapter 74. The Divine Powers and Divine Body of Thor! The Amazing Spider-Man!


Seeing Thor was on fire on screen, with his skin scorched and his body burned, seemingly tragic. Frigga yelled out, covering her teary eyes.

Odin's expression didn't look good.

Although through the previous live broadcast, they all knew that Thor would survive the test this time, successfully gained the Stormbreaker, and beat Thanos with the axe...

But how could any parent endure seeing their own son burning up in flames?


Whispering the name of the weapon, Odin's eyes suddenly looked sharp.

It was a worthy weapon that almost killed Thanos, and the process of obtaining it was truly full of trials and tribulations.

At this moment, Odin's heart made a decision.

As long as Thor could complete his test, lift the hammer that he had sent to Midgard, and become the God of Thunder again, Odin would give him a newly forged ... Stormbreaker!

As for whether Thor wanted to use the hammer or the axe, it was up to him.

"As the future King, Thor, you need to grow up as soon as possible. "

There was a glimmer of expectation in Odin's eye.


In a small town in New Mexico.

"God... that's really a neutron star. "

Looking at the star on screen, spewing endless heat, Professor Erik Selvig's eyes looked on in awe. His mouth was open, and his body was trembling.

Jane, who was standing beside him, turned pale with surprise, and her legs trembled. She looked a little unstable.

The man named Thor, or the 'god', actually resisted the impact of the neutron star's energy!

This horrible scene in front of her almost disintegrated the worldview of these two scientists. Their worldview was ruthlessly trampled on and constantly stomped on!

"Is that me? I can actually do this?"

Looking at the 'self' on the screen, his face was charred, and his body looked like it was almost melting but still clinging to the machine. Thor's gaze looked dull; he couldn't help but gulp; cold sweat was flowing down his forehead.

At that moment, Thor already had a little understanding in his heart.

As he was right now, facing such a horrible scene, he wouldn't be able to do that.

Besides strength and physique, it was also a test of courage and willpower!

Although he didn't want to admit it, Thor realised something ...

The future self on the screen, whether in strength, will or determination, was way stronger!

In the otherworldly live streaming room.

"Thor, you actually ..."

Loki gritted his teeth and uttered these words, but only halfway through. Then he lost his voice as if his throat was blocked.

But at this time, no one cared about him. Everyone was staring at the screen in front of them, and their hearts were pounding.

This was really incredible.

Everyone had already known that Thor succeeded in the end.

Even so, when they saw the scene in front of them, their blood was still boiling, and their eyes seemed stuck, and they couldn't move away at all.

After entering the studio, Natasha, who remained silent most of the time, suddenly opened her mouth and spoke with admiration...

"Thor is really something. Whether he's a god or not, he deserves some respect. "

Hearing that, even Tony and Stephen, the most arrogant duo, kept their mouths shut.

Deep shock impacted everyone's hearts.

[The video continued.]

[In the melting furnace, the metal used to cast the Stormbreaker gradually melted in the unimaginably high temperature. It finally glowed like gold, turned into liquid, and flowed.]

[Seeing the metal completely melted, the Dwarf King smiled and immediately dumped the furnace, pouring the liquid into the mould.]

[Stormbreaker started to form!]

[At this point, Thor had fallen unconscious under the raging heat. His hands finally loosened, and he was swept out by the force of the heat.]

"Oh!? "

When Thor flew out, Jane and Darcy exclaimed.

But Thor himself was expressionless at this time. He was thinking...

'I succeeded!'

[Seeing Thor fly out, Rocket quickly piloted the spacecraft, trying to catch him, but in the end, it wasn't successful.]

[Rocket suddenly heard a "Bang!" Thor's body slammed into a metal part of the planet's ring and fell to the ground.]

[His body was covered with burns. It looked like he was dying, almost out of breath.]

[Seeing Thor's miserable appearance, sapling Groot, who had been sitting down, playing games, raised his head.]

[Rocket rushed out of the cockpit and ran all the way to Thor's side.]

["Thor! Say something! Thor, you okay?"]

[At this time, the Dwarf King threw the hot mould of the Stormbreaker to the ground. He raised his iron fist and frantically pounded the mould.]

[Seeing no matter how he shouted, Thor didn't respond, Rocket panicked and called out...]

["I think he's dying!"]

"What? Thor's dying?"

Hearing Rocket's words, the crowd in the live streaming room tensed up.

Young Wanda clenched her fists fiercely, almost screaming.

Even though everyone knew Thor would survive this disaster, Loki still felt his heart was in his throat.

[The dwarf king shouted while looking up from the mould he was pounding.]

["He needs the axe!"]

[Having said that, the Dwarf King lowered his head and let out an anxious cry...]

["Where's the handle?"]

[Seeing that the axe handle couldn't be found, the Dwarf King looked at Groot and shouted...]

["Tree, help me find the handle!"]

[Facing the dying Thor, who was about to die, he was actually anxious and desperate.]

[At this time, the mould had been broken by the Dwarf King, leaving two parts of the Stormbreaker on the ground.]

[But both pieces of the battle-axe were burnt red and emitted a terrifying heat.]

[Looking at Thor's miserable appearance, young Groot's face suddenly showed determination.]

[He stepped forward, the branches of his hand grew, and wrapped the two pieces of the battle axe]


[Under the heat, the branches Groot grew, sprouted smoke.]

[But he still endured the pain. The two parts became one battle-axe, and he struggled to lift it up.]

["Uggh aaahh!!"]

[Groot shouted at the top of his voice, raised his right hand, hardened his left hand that was wrapped around his battle axe and slashed it down.]

[With Groot's arm as the axe handle, Stormbreaker was born!]

[At the moment when the Stormbreaker was formally formed, Thor, who was unconscious, seemed to feel something. His fingers twitched and gently shook as if he was calling for his weapon.]

["Crack crack ..."]

[The Stormbreaker that fell to the ground suddenly lit up with blue lighting and actually floated up from the ground. It flew into Thor's palm on its own, as if it was alive.]


[Along with a thunderbolt, the intense lightning from the Stormbreaker instantly spread throughout Thor's body.]

[Under the nourishment of the lightning, Thor, who was almost burnt to a crisp, opened his eyes with a jerk.]

[And the horrific burns on his body were rapidly healing at a rate visible to the naked eye.]

"How ... how is that possible?"

Looking at Thor on screen, getting up from the ground, holding the Stormbreaker in his hand...

Loki's eyes were full of shock and disbelief.

Since he was a child, he knew that Thor had unimaginable healing abilities beyond ordinary people.

As long as a wound wasn't fatal, he would always recover quickly.

But the present scene was beyond Loki's understanding.

'Just now, he was dying, at the brink of death!'

'In just the blink of an eye, he could recover as if he was never wounded?!'

'What the hell is going on?'

In Kamar Taj.

"Hah? Who the hell is that Thor?"

"He was just dying a moment ago. How could he stand up that quickly?"

"Yeah, a moment ago, he was burnt to a crisp. How could such an injury ... be cured so quickly? "

"That guy said he was the God of Thunder. Is that the power of a god?"

Looking at Thor's near-miraculous resurrection on the screen, the apprentices in the square were all stunned, letting out a burst of incredible gasps.

Listening to the sound of gasps around her, Master Ancient One shook her fan and softly said...

"The God of Thunder of Asgard is truly worthy of his name."

'God of Thunder?'

Hearing that title, Master Mordo, standing on one side, asked with a puzzled face...

"Master, what are these gods? These people of Asgard, aren't they just aliens?"

Master Ancient One gently shook her head...

"If I need to explain it in the simplest possible terms, the so-called divinity they have is similar to a certain kind of gene. With a much higher level."

"The god named Thor was born with a thunder level divinity. Therefore, his physique is not only countless times more than that of ordinary people, but even the generals of Asgard are far from him."

Hearing that, Master Wong, standing at her other side, was slightly moved and asked...

"I've read the ancient texts. The gods that have fully developed the divine powers in their body can not only release lightning without any external force but also use the power of thunder to heal their wounds!"

"Not only does it have the strongest destructive power, but it also has the strongest recovery ability. This is the true God of Thunder!"

Hearing that, the apprentices in the square were all stunned.

[At this time, the Thor on screen, with all his injuries healed, raised the Stormbreaker, and he shouted, then his body was suddenly wrapped by a pillar of colourful lights.]

[When the light dissipated, Thor, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon; all of them disappeared.]

[Immediately after, the picture shifted and returned to Earth.]

[Just as the monsters were slaughtering humans on the battlefield, a pillar of light fell from the sky!]

[Terrifying thunder instantly ravaged the land, in all four directions, killing the monsters, leaving corpses in its wake!]

[Lightning flashed, and Thor shouted as he wielded the Stormbreaker...]

["Bring me Thanos!"]

The video suddenly paused and faded to black.

Even so, the shock in the hearts of the crowd in front of the screens was there.

After being silent for a long while, Tony Stark looked at Loki, who was just standing beside him and asked with a heavy voice...

"Honestly, what kind of existence are you gods of Asgard, anyway?"

Loki mechanically twisted his head, and his face showed a smile that was worse than crying.

He really didn't know.

In fact, at this moment, Loki's heart was full of deep frustration and loss. He suffered a heavy blow.

Originally, he thought that Thor had strength, a good physique, and was favoured by Odin. That's why he gave him such a weapon as Mjolnir.

That's why ... he was just a little more powerful than Loki.

But now, it seemed that this wasn't the case at all.

After being wounded so badly, just by touching the Stormbreaker, he was completely healed!

Loki had lived for over 1,000 years. For such a strange thing, let alone see it, he had never even heard of it!

'What secrets are hidden inside this... silly big guy's body?'

'Has ... he been hiding it from me all these years?'

When Loki was in a state of confusion and almost doubting his life, Master Mordo finally spoke up in the chat group.

[Master Mordo: Strange, are you all stunned by the scene just now?]

[Stephen Strange: Master Mordo, did Master Ancient One ask you to bring a message from her again?]

[Master Mordo: Talking to a smart person like you is sometimes annoying.]

[Master Mordo: That's right, the Master has anticipated your doubts, so let me help you solve them!]

[Master Mordo: Thor, in the video, had completely awakened his divine powers. His body had become the true incarnation of thunder!]

[Master Mordo: Now, he is able to release and manipulate lightning without any external help. And as long as there's thunder, no matter how serious his injury is, he can recover quickly.]

[Master Mordo: This power that is embedded in the bloodline, or genes, is his divinity, and his body that fully awakens the divinity is a divine body!]

[Loki Odinson: Divinity! Divine body! Does it mean that Thor was born different from other people ... No! Are other gods different?]

[Master Mordo: Yes, if Thor hadn't awakened the divine body in advance and brought out the full power of the divine body, he couldn't have endured the terrible heat of the neutron star.]

[Master Mordo: You can't think of the power of a divine body as some kind of super physique brought by his genes. But ... not to mention humans, even average Asgardians are far from Thor.]

[Loki Odinson: So, this is the true-born King ... then I ...]

Listening to Master Mordo's explanation, the faces of everyone in the live streaming room were constantly changing, but among them, Loki and Tony were the most intense ones.

Bowing his head, Loki's expression was extremely complicated. His eyes revealed deep frustration, and he silently clenched his fists.

Since he was a child, he always thought that Thor was just a big fool with some natural brute strength, and he, himself, was just a bit weaker than him. But it turned out that he was more suited to be King!

The video just now, as well as Master Mordo's words, was like a bolt from the blue, striking Loki's head, shaking his whole being.

'It turns out that this big buffoon was the so-called Chosen One, with godly qualifications that I couldn't even dream of!'

By contrast, Loki's bloodline ...

"Thunder divinity? Super gene?"

"In other words, is Thor some kind of super being?"

"No wonder this guy could withstand such a terrifying heat from the neutron star with his body, and he didn't go up in smoke. "

'So, his body is essentially different from that of an ordinary human being!'

'This is the so-called 'divine body'?'

Tony rubbed his chin. His eyes slightly flickered, and he thoughtfully nodded.

The reason he fell into confusion just now was that he was completely unable to comprehend what had happened to Thor.

But under the explanation of Master Mordo, Tony was not only suddenly enlightened... A brand-new idea came to mind.

'The power of genes. Since it is so powerful, can it ... turn people into gods?'

Thinking of that, Tony's heart couldn't help but throb, and even more so, he couldn't contain ... the thought of his previously acquired gene pool of the first-generation super-warriors!

This gene pool of an alien civilisation from another universe may open the way for him to become a god!

Right at that moment, the screen that had gone dark came back on and started showing brand new images.

[The streaming content is ... "Amazing Spider-Man"!]



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