71 Chapter 71. Divine Civilizations! Thor: What Doesn't Kill Me Only Makes Me Stronger!

At this moment, Tony's shock was really hard to describe in words.

Through the information transmitted into his brain by the system, he now knew what horrible potential this so-called Void Engine had.

Through special codes and unimaginable operations, he could reprogram the universe, rewriting everything in the universe.

This was simply unbelievable!

Tony took a deep breath and felt his heartthrob violently.

If the Void Engine's ability could only subvert the conservation of energy and rewrite matter...

One day, if he could create an Anti-Void Engine,

Then Tony would be able to cross both conservation of energy and conservation of mass and subvert matter itself!

Make something out of nothing! Or turn something into nothing!

'At that point, wouldn't I be modifying reality?'

In shock, Tony suddenly had another idea in his heart.

'With Void and Anti-Void, would it be comparable to the Reality Stone?'

After contemplating for a while, Tony suddenly smiled. He gently shook his head and dumped the idea from his mind.

After all, it would be overly ambitious of him to try to compete with the Reality Stone when he hadn't even fully mastered the Void Engine he just acquired.

After calming down, Tony began to examine the series of information that had just been pumped into his mind by the system.

'Micro-wormhole handling technology, space-time algorithms, divine coding ... supercomputer computing technology ...'


'Are these science and technology from a different world?'

Appreciating these new and exciting technologies in his head, Tony's eyes lit up.

As a scientific madman, it could be said that there was nothing in this world that excited him more than getting some unheard-of technology.

'Spatiotemporal algorithm ... Is this the other world's algorithm responsible for computing micro-wormholes? It's interesting, but it doesn't seem that hard to understand.'

'It seems that when I leave this live stream room, where all abilities are disabled, I can try micro-wormhole transportation. '

His eyes sparkled with curiosity, and Tony soon understood part of the spatiotemporal algorithm.

In fact, if people wanted to talk about programming skills, Tony himself could be counted as the number one programmer in the entire Marvel world!

However, when he started to think about the divine code, his brow immediately furrowed.

'Is this the source code used to manipulate the Void Engine program?'

'It's really complicated! But it's not completely incomprehensible. '

Just as he was trying to conquer the divine code, Tony suddenly noticed that someone tapped him on the shoulder.

Tony looked back and saw Peter looking at him nervously. Peter said...

"Mr Stark, you've been standing there motionless since you got your reward."

"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, just thinking about the question."

Looking at Peter, who looked concerned, Tony somehow overlapped the image of the older boy in front of him, and the image ... of the kid who turned into dust in his arms.

"From now on, call me Tony."

After casually patting Peter's shoulder to show that he was fine, Tony suddenly remembered one thing and hastily asked...

"What happened to that reward you just got? How come it looked like ... like a pile of oily mud seeping into your body?"

Just as Tony's words fell, strands of black tentacles suddenly sprang from Peter's hand!

Then, a slightly grumpy voice rang out.

"Who are you calling mud? I am Venom!"

Seeing the tentacles, apart from Tony, others in the live stream room were startled.

Young Wanda, like meeting a natural enemy, involuntarily stepped back.

Even Natasha's eyes showed a hint of seriousness.

"Don't be afraid, everyone. This is Venom; he's very obedient."

Feeling the eyes of the crowd containing fear and astonishment, Peter quickly retracted the black tentacles into his body, and at the same time, whispered...

"Venom! Didn't I tell you not to come out without my permission? What if you scare everyone?"

"Damn, mustachio. Remember that! I am not mud!"

Although shrinking back, Venom still spouted off. Everyone else looked at them in worry.

"Um ... Peter. Is this really okay?"

Tony frowned and began to think about developing some kind of machine to remove this mass of oily mud from Peter's body.

"It's okay. Venom is very well-behaved, just a little grumpy."

Peter shrugged, while secretly sighing in his heart, 'Then again, it's kind of a white lie ...'

Seeing that Peter and his 'reward' seemed to be getting along well, Tony was relieved, then he suddenly remembered something else.

In addition to the Void Engine, the system seemed to have given him the gene pool of the first-generation super warriors.

Immersing his consciousness in his mind, Tony began to look up the gene pool.

Soon, his pupils slightly contracted.

'The first generation of angelic civilisation genes, the first generation of demonic civilisation genes. There was the Fierce Sun civilisation, Divine River civilisation, River Styx civilisation (animal body) ...'

After he retrieved the information, Tony couldn't help but gasp.

'This is the gene pool of an alien civilisation from a different world? Incredible!'

'But ... what does animal body mean?'

Looking at the introduction of the River Styx civilisation gene pool, Tony's eyes couldn't help but twitch.

'Although this animal body is very powerful in the introduction, it's better to exclude it from the selection first. '

And when he saw the angel warrior gene, Tony suddenly lit up.

After all, angels were sacred beings!

Gaining the power of an angel, it was exciting to think about!

Just then, the big screen in the live streaming room suddenly lit up again, and began to play a new video.

[Ding! Video starting!]

[Current video: Thor gaining the Stormbreaker!]

At this time, in a small town in New Mexico, Thor, who was sitting in a chair with a depressed face, raised his head and looked at the screen with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

Odin stripped Thor of his divine power and hammer. Right now, he was no different from a muscular human being.

After seeing the video of himself 'chopping Thanos with his axe', Thor was curious about the power of that axe.

In the live streaming room, Loki also focused his attention. At the same time, his heart was full of some unspeakable emotions.

Growing up with Thor, Loki was well aware that, although his stupidly big man was very tough and good at healing, he was definitely not indestructible.

To resist the heat of a star with his body was an unquestionable act of suicide, even by the standards of an Asgardian.

At this moment, Loki really wanted to know what drove Thor actually to do something so crazy, just for an axe.

[Video playing.]

[In a small spaceship, Thor, with an eyepatch on, gazed out the window, looking at the universe. He whispered...]

["You'll know when we're close. Nidavellir's forge harnesses the blazing power of a neutron star."]

["It's the birthplace of my hammer."]

["It's truly awesome..."]

[Although the words are inspiring, Thor's mood was extremely low. He had his head down as if he had no spirit at all.]

[Seeing this, Rocket Raccoon, who was piloting the spacecraft, looked back at him and suddenly let out a low sigh.]

["Okay, time to be the captain."]

Seeing that, Loki frowned. He couldn't help but say...

"What the hell is that raccoon? How could he pilot a spacecraft?"

Strange glanced at him and lightly said...

"As gods, aren't you guys using spaceships too? Why can't a raccoon pilot a spacecraft?"

"You ..."

Loki was always sharp-tongued, but at this moment, he was rendered speechless by Strange's reasoning.

[Rocket walked next to Thor, pretending to look at the radar, and spoke without looking at him ...]

["So, dead brother uh? Yeah, that could be annoying."]

[Thor spoke with a relaxed expression, "Well, he's been dead before."]

["But this time, I think it really, might be true."]

At this point in the broadcast, Loki's expression became very heavy.

'What do you mean by that?'

'If you want to talk, just talk; why do you have to use my death as an opening line?'

'Is my death a conversation piece?'

[Rocket tried to change the subject, "And, uh... you said your sister and your dad..."]

[Thor added, "Both dead."]

'What? Hela is dead, too. '

In Asgard, Odin saw the scene. His one eye opened wide, but he released a sigh of relief.

In his mind, he always feared that after his death, no one would be able to control this ferocious and violent daughter of his.

However, according to the situation right now, Hela would leave, as he did.

And, standing by the throne, Frigga was looking at her husband. There was a hint of sadness in her eyes.

'Father and daughter fighting against each other, even regarding each other as enemies. Is this the fate of the royal family?'

[Rocket continued his attempt to change the subject...]

["But still got a mom thou?"]

[Thor: "Killed by a Dark Elf."]

[Rocket: "Best friend?"]

[Thor: "Stabbed through the heart."]

"Your brother is too miserable..."

In the live streaming room, Wanda took a look at Loki, her face already showing a look of discomfort.

Young Wanda thought that she was miserable, but now it seemed that at least she had a brother, Pietro, to rely on.

But this guy on screen, his whole family, was really dead!

There were no friends left!

"Such a pitiful god."

Stephen Strange shook his head...

"If human beings pray to God in times of crisis, then who will a god pray to in such a tragic life?"

Loki was completely stunned at the moment.

Since seeing the previous video, he had been holding a depressive feeling in his heart and couldn't release it.

'Why should I sacrifice myself to save that stupid brother?'

'I don't owe him anything!'

But when Loki saw Thor, alone, in front of him, something in his heart began to loosen.

In a sense, after his death in the future, he had already lost everything.

And the living Thor in front of him was actually the most miserable and the most tortured one.

[The video continued.]

[Rocket's mouth slightly opened, his eyes suddenly turned serious.]

["Are you sure you're up to this... particular mission?"]

[In Rocket's view, the big guy's parents, relatives and friends were all dead, he would be completely crushed, right?]

[Thor suddenly had a smile on his face.]

["Absolutely. The rage and a... vengeance, anger, loss, regret. They're all tremendous motivators."]

["They really clear the mind... so I'm... I'm good to go!"]

In New Mexico, Thor was stunned as he watched himself on screen, filled with both pain and determination. His whole body froze.

He was no stranger to anger.

But Thor never imagined that one day, he could hide all his anger and pain in his heart and then turn them into motivation!

In Asgard, Odin, who was on the throne, also looked solemn.

He was now certain that the Thor on-screen, who had only one eye left, was fully qualified to become a true King.

That kind of firm will and determination may even surpass Odin himself!

"My son, you have finally grown to this point."

Whispering, a trace of regret and helplessness flashed in Odin's eye.

Thor had indeed grown. But at what cost?

[The video continued.]

[Rocket was still testing Thor's determination.]

["Yeah... but, this is Thanos we're talking about. The toughest there is..."]

[Thor forced a laugh, "Well, he's never fought me."]

[Rocket: "He has."]

[Thor had a confident look on, "He's never fought me twice."]

["And I'm getting a new hammer. Don't forget!"]

[Rocket was still unconvinced, "Well, it better be some hammer."]

[Seeing the doubtful look in Rocket's eyes, Thor finally withdrew his smile and spoke in a deep voice...]

["You know, I'm 1500 years old. I've killed twice as many enemies as that."]

["Every one of them would rather kill me, but none succeeded."]

["I'm only alive because fate wants me alive!"]

["Thanos is just the latest in the long line of bastards."]

["And he'll be the latest to feel my vengeance."]

["Fate wills it so!"]


[Rocket snorted softly as if he casually ignored the predestined theory from Thor's mouth. He rhetorically asked...]

["And what if you are wrong?"]

[Thor's eye revealed a trace of a tear.]

["Well, if I'm wrong, then ... what more could I lose?"]

[Wiping his nose, Thor, the God of Thunder, fell into silence.]

Looking at Thor, who fell silent on-screen, there was a moment of silence in the live streaming room.

"Things that can't kill you will only make you stronger."

Peter Parker whispered. A hint of respect was hidden in the eyes of everyone who looked at the screen.

While Tony, who was standing on the side, whispered...

"I think I know why Thor was able to beat Thanos, who had six Stones with him."

"That Stormbreaker axe might be strong, but the truly powerful one ... is Thor himself!"

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