0001 Immortality and Death

The cold ground made Su Bai wake up from a drowsiness. Before the eyes opened, he smelled a stinky smell, as if there were countless unpleasant smells mixed together, and almost did not let Su Bai, who was clean, directly spit it out. Fierce eyes opened, Su Bai was a little dumbfounded. Where is this fuck what the hell?

all around It's dark and narrow, there are several people with different skin tones standing or sitting around, people with beards and shabby clothes who look like refugees. At first glance, they were almost no different from them.

Just as he was about to happen, he suddenly felt a headache.

Not because of cleanliness, it really hurts!

The tear-like feeling made him inexplicably feel a lot, and at the same time made him understand what happened.

He crossed over, crossed over during the World War II period of Marvel World, and became a prisoner of the Nazi Legion Hydra troops. However, as the saying goes, good and bad will accompany you. As soon as you cross it, you will be taken prisoner. It may be bad luck at any time, but it is also good!

Gold finger!

Of course, this is not really a golden finger, but that he has acquired immortal abilities.

When it comes to immortality, it simply means immortality, not real death. Unlike Wolverine, which has super strong self-healing ability, he can recover from injury like an ordinary person, and he will also die, but he will be revived immediately after death. This made Su Bai think of a more amazing guy in Marvel World.

Mr. Immortal.

The ability is exactly the same, it can't die, even the destruction of the multiverse can live well. However, every resurrection of Mr. Immortal will be similar to initialization, except for immortality. But he is different. Those who kill themselves have a certain chance to gain the ability of the other party!

Although Su Bai didn't know how this ability came about, and it wasn't system and so on, he just knew he had this ability.

The headache gradually faded away. Su Bai looked at the people in the cell. Each and everyone was five big and three thick, his face was like a dish, and he didn't know how long it had been in. He is still uncertain about the time and place, so he is looking for someone and hopes his luck will be good!

Eyes gradually adapted and began to look at these captives. Roughly, there were at least one or two hundred people. After looking for a long time, Su Bai's eyes suddenly became bright.

"Sure enough here!"

Who is Su Bai looking for?

Bucky · Barnes.

Captain America's little friend, later Winter Soldier Winter Soldier.

If Winter Soldier is here, should Steve Rogers have been injected with serum to become Captain America? It should be still in the stage of acting as an actor and actress. It won't be long before he should come to save his little friend, good friend. The singlehanded rescued people, and went back to the American hero.

So, as long as I wait here for Captain America to save it?

He looked at his clothes and smelled the stench in the air. Su Bai shook the head. He didn't want to stay in this place for more than a minute.

"What are you doing? Boy, just stay there."

When I saw Su Bai got up and looked at the cage, someone said with a sneer, trying to escape? They have been countless times.

Su Bai twitched his lips didn't bother. This cage is very strong. It is difficult to break. Even if it can be broken, there are countless Hydra soldiers at the base. It is difficult to escape. However, none of these difficulties seem to Su Bai.

Thinking of this, Su Bai started yelling and screaming, centering on mother, his wife, daughter, auntie, cousin as the branch, and Fak squid as the core, Su Bai began to yell.

This situation is quite normal, after all, who doesn't scold a few words to show the integrity? It's just that he scolded him too suddenly, but it surprised the 'inmates' quite, and was quite shocked. This mouth is too harsh. It doesn't seem to be the same after scolding for a long time, right? However, even the grandmother didn't let it go. Is it too heavy?

The inmates couldn't listen anymore, let alone the Hydra guards, and finally someone came over, foul-mouthed with a somber look.

"Shut me up, are you courting death?"

Su Bai chuckled: "You're right, I'm courting death. I have the ability to kill me, kill me!"

Fak squid with middle finger.

Su Bai's arrogance completely annoyed the guards, Cracking opened the cell, and the guards held guns at Su Zhan. "You fucking say it again."

"Just say, Fak squid, Fak squid your family!"

Su Bai, with a very great fearless spirit, directly cursed while swearing, pointed his muzzle at the heart, and said very arrogantly: "If you have the ability, you will shoot me and kill me. Throw your body at me Do you dare to feed wolves outside? You dare not, you are a fool! Since you are not dare, you dare not shout about it! "

He is going crazy!

Watching Su Bai's arrogant provocative guards, the inmates were stunned. Why didn't he find him so good before? No, I have to stop him. The guard's hands are choked. What if I really shoot? Thinking of this, the kind-hearted friends want to pull the frame, but it's too late!

With a "peng", the guard fired directly.

The bullet pierced the heart, and Su Bai fell slowly.

"If there is a species, you will feed Lao Tzu to the wolf. Fuck, it hurts …" Before losing consciousness, Su Bai even moved towards the guard shouting.


The guard was coldly snorted and glanced at Su Bai, who had lost his breath. "I meet you, feed you wolf and make you die without a whole corpse, shit."

Having said that, the guard took Su Bai out of the way, ignored the prisoners who had not responded yet, and dragged Su Bai's body out of the base.

"What's wrong? It's dead, just throw it over there."

"No, I want to feed him a wolf!"

"Tsk tsk, what happened to this guy?"

Guarding Tieqing without a word, he went straight out of the woods at the base.

There are often wolf infestations in this place. It is estimated that his body will be eaten up tomorrow morning.

Throwing Su Bai on the ground, the guard thought so and turned back to the base.

After the guard's silhouette disappeared, Su Bai, who had already taken a breath, sat up sharply. "Damn it, it hurts me."

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