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Transmigrated into the body of Peter Parker (MCU). Naruto Uzumaki Takes on his new life in becoming Marvel's web slinger. Disclaimer: I do NOT own Spider-man. I do NOT own Naruto. the cover is ai generated with a few filters added. if you would like to give me pointers and suggestions... let me now in the comments/reviews. Q&A: 1.) Will I be writing Naruto the same as in cannon? - No. I will keep some of the traits he had like his willingness to help people and do the right thing... maybe even keep his verbal tick but I will not be spamming it like in some fanfictions. This will be the story of Peter Parker as spider-man, taking on the role of the smart scientists/Inventor. And since Peter knows that this world will have trials, his role is to become Overpowered to overcome any outcome. 2.) Will this be a harem? - Not 100% Sure. I know that there is at least one pairing that I have decided on at the creation of this story, but if I do choose to go that path there will only be 3-5. No Massive harems here. 3.) Will there be "lemons" - Yes. And if don't go down the path of the harem then I'll make this happen. Not promising that it will be good... I'll do my best. I don't really know what I'm doing so will try to take this day-by-day, and hopefully I'll create a story that will stick with a few people... even though the beginning looks like its all filler. Update: I've been using a free A.I. to help lengthen the story from my prompted ideas. however it seems to be too guided to hopeful/happy endings... with is nice but spider-man stories aren't as joyous as it wants to guide the story. if I can't give this a finished product, I'll go back and refine the story. Same With some of my other creations

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The Death God's Offer. A New Lease On Life.

Flashback introduction

Dying peacefully in his sleep at the age of 210, next to the gravestones of his wife Hyuga Hinata and his son Uzumaki Boruto.

With Naruto, one of the first things Naruto saw was white fluffy clouds surrounding him.

"I could see that shikamaru would love this place." He murmured out loud before he noticed something was different about himself.

Instead of looking as he did when he died an old but still in shape man. He was somewhat like a deformed ghost, his head looked as it was when he was a child around the age of 6. He could identify his chest and arms, however his stomach legs and feet were gone. / A.N: got the idea from the "super ghost kamikaze attack" if you're having a hard time picturing it/

"Am I dreaming?" Naruto questioned out loud.

"No, your new journey has started Uzumaki." Came a deep powerful voice from behind him.

Naruto turned around and saw the spectral image of the reaper floating in front of him.

"So it's you, guess that means my time has finally come huh... it's kind of funny, you would think with all the crazy pranks and shenanigans I did as a kid, I'd have met you much sooner than now." Naruto said serenely not worried at all that he was literally staring death in the face.

The angel of death smiled, which was actually quite intimidating to those of the living given its demonic form, it then spoke to the seventh hokage again.

"Indeed it is Naruto, I must say you've really impressed me with all of your acts throughout the years. A boy who was brought up with nothing and ending up the savior of this world... now that's what I call ironic."

The reaper laughed, which would normally send chills down the spines of any mortal being, yet for Naruto the sound was like wind chimes. The avatar of death then gained a more serious look on its face and continued.

"So Uzumaki, before you part into the afterlife for good, I want to propose an offer that I have for you."

Naruto tilted his head slightly as he gained a curious fox like expression on his face.

"An offer?" The blonde asked.

"Yes, you see every so often a great hero from life gets the opportunity to start life anew, in order to possibly save another world or even another universe. You Naruto have met the requirements so you get the option to choose, do you wish to continue to the afterlife or do you wish for the chance to help save another world in need?"

Choosing to think over his options, he had to ask. "What about my friends and family? if I were to take your offer, would it even be possible to see them again if I were to choose to live again?"

"Don't worry about it, time is practically frozen in death, you could take on the task of 10 lifetimes and only 10 minutes would pass. So you can be assured that they will be here after you return from this journey."

"I see... well, if you're sure then I'll do it."

"Great. Since you've taken my offer, I can manage to pull a few strings..., along with keeping your memories, you'll be able to keep enough chakra to make and maintain a number of 5 shadow clones and along with that, I shall allow you to take one ability from this world on to the next. So... what shall it be?"

"Hmm...well... Kurama had given me this amazing healing capability, so maybe... if you could, could you give me a healing ability of your highest capability"

With a slight shift of its head in the raise of a single eyebrow, Naruto could identify the small expression of disbelief on the face of the death god.

"Are you sure that this is all you want? I had assumed that your choice would have been along the lines of possessing an upgraded version to one of the 3 powerful dojutsu or an immortal body."

"Hmm, I see. Though I admit that at having those abilities in particular would aid me..., however it would also make it to where life wouldn't be a real challenge. With an immortal body I would be forced to watch as my loved one slowly wither away. And the only benefit I could see towards having a sharingan is having the ability to predict and steal techniques..., having the rest wouldn't give me a challenge."

The shinigami blinked once, twice, thrice... then let out a small chuckle. "Even in death you somehow managed to be the number one unpredictable knuckle headed being. Well, with that said I'll be sending you off now to your new existence... take care."

Flashback end.

Richard Parker, being the genetic researcher that he was, had noticed that his son "Peter" had an amazing ability of healing himself, so when he and his wife were being hunted down, he made the difficult decision to inject his son with the "super soldier serum" prototype that he and his wife had created before dropping him off to the home of his older brother "Benjamin Parker".

We now come to the time where Peter is at the age of six and has chosen to create his life plans for the future, and to schedule for whatever upcoming dangers that may happen.

Inside Peter's room. 8PM

Getting a comfortable on his bed, peter thinks of a to-do list. "Alright let's see... the first thing I should work on... should be chakra control exercises. Yeah, the faster I can regulate and control my chakra will give me an advantage for later on, and since Kurama couldn't tag along with me this go around my chakra control will be much easier to manage.

The second... has to be for me to improve on my knowledge of this world, tasking my clones on researching about its laws, cultures and languages. I'll practically have to become somewhat of a secret politician.

Third... while my clones are focusing on the book work, I'll focus on improving the body work. My old exercises should be good enough to build my body, however with today's technological advances... I think it's safe to say that my old taijutsu styles will be outdated. I'll have to improve with the times. And since I'm a "young growing boy", whatever aunt may chooses to cook should be a good enough diet... no attempts to avoid vegetables this time around.

Lastly... I don't have the luxuries of being able to disguise and hide myself inside a settlement as large as a "city", stealth is a must have for a shinobi, for now it doesn't matter what I wear because I'm a kid... but to make sure I don't stand out I'll have to ditch bright colors like orange."

With that worked out, peter nods off to bed.

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