30 Unexpected tracker

After feeling that he was getting tracked, Bruce did not speed up or slow down. He wanted to know who exactly was following him.

Meanwhile, not far away from Bruce, hiding in the dark, a shadow was moving extremely fast.

"Did he find me? That's impossible!" The shadow muttered to itself for a while, and it came to the conclusion that it was impossible for Bruce to find it.

As the two continued to move forward however, the shadow confirmed that it was discovered. And soon after, Bruce stopped in an abandoned factory.

He could choose to start the fight in the city, but he did not do so. After all, the fight would probably make a lot of noise and attract a lot of attention, which he did not want.

So, he chose a nearby abandoned factory.

And just when he entered the factory, a violent noise broke out in the air

It was a black alloyed arrow.

The arrow was like black lightning, and it was flying at him at a very suitable angle with frightening speed.

With Super Speed , Bruce managed to dodge the black arrow instantly. But even so, he felt a sense of crisis.

Next, five arrows shot towards him from different directions.

"I can't avoid them." Bruce was alarmed. Even so, he did not have the slightest hesitation, and his hands directly turned into a metallic color.

At the moment, he was wearing gloves, so others couldn't see what changes his hands went through.

"Bang, bang, bang…!"

In the nick of time, he managed to block every single arrow. However soon after that, his face changed.

There were flashbangs tied to the arrows, something he didn't notice until it was too late.


The violent white light seemed to illuminate the night, and all he could do was close his eyes and hope for the best.

He knew it was dangerous to do so, but it was his only option.

"Whoosh… " A series of sounds of something cutting through the air came again, and Bruce directly broke a wall of the factory with a fist, and lifted it over his head.

"Clang …!"

The arrows all hit the wall, leaving Bruce unscathed.


Right after though, another explosion sounded out. And this time, It was tear gas.

Bruce quickly retreated.

In the battle just now, Bruce fell into a disadvantage and never managed to break out of it.

Perfect shooting accuracy, coupled with the flexible use of different kinds of arrows, add to that his lack of killing intent… Hawkeye, excluding you, I can not think of anyone else capable of this. Are you here to test me?

After a brief fight, Bruce had already exposed the identity and purpose of the man.

As you wish, I will play with you. Bruce's mouth shifted sharply upwards, and five flying knives appeared in his hands immediately.

In terms of shooting accuracy, Bruce and Hawkeye were almost the same. When comparing vision though, Bruce was slightly inferior.

Therefore, he must seize the opportunity.

According to Hawkeye's last shot, Bruce had grasped his general location.


Bruce threw all the flying knives in his hand without hesitation.

And when Hawkeye, who had been hidden in the dark throughout the whole fight, suddenly saw five flying knives coming towards him, his expression quickly shifted.

He was shocked, how had Bruce managed to figure out his location so quickly?

He quickly dodged them, exposing himself for the first time since the fight had started.

But just as Hawkeye just left his position, there were more than a dozen flying knives coming at him.

Hawkeye just smiled at this however, there was a wall in front of him. There was no way Bruce's flying knives could penetrate it.


But not more than a second later, he found to his horror, just how wrong he was.

Bruce's flying knives were grouped together to hit the same exact spot. Such precision rivaled even his!

The wall was thick, but the flying knives were also no ordinary knives. Each flying knife managed to penetrate one-third of the wall.

And against ten flying knives… he was in serious danger!

At this point, Hawkeye wanted to call it quits and escape. But he knew that it was already too late.

Fortunately, Hawkeye managed moved a little with the help of his ability, Super Speed. That small movement managed to save his life in the end, as only his shoulder was hit.

"Damn…" Hawkeye was a bit stunned.

He just wanted to test Bruce , but he didn't expect to be injured by him in the end.

And could he blame him?

No, because in his mind, Bruce still didn't know his identity, he was just defending himself.

At this moment, Bruce took the opportunity and quickly narrowed the distance between himself and Hawkeye.

He knew that his accuracy was exactly the same as Hawkeyes.

But Hawkeye surpassed him both in experience and skills, and he still lacked the Super Vision ability that Hawkeye had.

If the two of them were at a sufficient distance, he would fall into an unfavorable situation again, and quickly.

So, he grasped Hawkeye's weakness, and went into close combat.

Hawkeye figured out his intentions, but there was nothing he could do. It was too late to shoot with his bow.

Are all the new agents so terrifying now?

Hawkeye was helpless, and could only fight it out in close combat with Bruce.

In an instant, the two moved dozens of times.

Hawkeye had a powerful Fighting technique, but he was still no match for Bruce. After all, Bruce had the Superb-level Fighting technique which he got from Black widow.

After a few minutes, Hawkeye fell into a very unfavorable situation.

"Stop, stop."Hawkeye shouted.

There was no point in continuing the fight. In close combat, he just wasn't Bruce's match.

However, all he got in response was Bruce's fist.

Hawkeye was knocked down on the ground with a punch, and Bruce quickly pulled out a dagger, attempting to end the fight.

Hawkeye 's face changed, and he quickly took out his S.H.I.E.L.D. badge and showed it to Bruce.

"Bruce, It's me!"

Bruce stopped attacking and looked at the wretched Hawkeye, amazed: "Is that you Mr. Barton?"

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