295 Chapter 295 Trio having fun [Edited]

Morgan, Jeanne, and Scathach didn't have anything to do while their master went to the clock tower. They were bored until Scathach suggested that they go watch the war. They didn't need to participate in it. Just having fun watching them.

"Um, I don't know if it is a good idea."

Jeanne was hesitant about the suggestion. Sullivan didn't say anything about the war. He didn't forbid them to go, but he also didn't give them permission.

"It's okay, Master knew that I would suggest that to you all, so he gave me permission beforehand, but of course. He forbade us to make too much mess in the war."

Scathach "convinced" him to let them have fun. That part of her body was really useful when dealing with the young god.

He liked them very much, but he also knew that she knew her limits and boundaries. Scathach assured Sullivan that they would be responsible and not cause excessive chaos during the war.

"If that's so, then I don't have a problem going with you."

Jeanne smiled. She also wanted to know about the state of the war right now.

Morgan didn't say anything. She was also bored out of her mind. She couldn't mess with Authoria more than she already did. She needed to make sure that she didn't go anywhere before she got what she wanted.

The three then left for the war zone.


Rin was now fighting with a berserker that an unknown magus had summoned.

She could not fight him with physical strength, so Rin focused her magical energy and cast a powerful spell to weaken the berserker's defenses.

Archer was nowhere to be found. She had ordered him to find the magus who had summoned the berserker servant and eliminate them.

"I can't hold for much longer. I might already have died if it were not for Sullivan's protection magic."

Rin thought as she tried to evade the onslaught of the berserker's relentless attacks. She knew that if she could just buy enough time, Archer would return with the magus's head on a platter.

But her prana was running dangerously low, and she could feel her strength waning. The berserker's attacks were becoming more ferocious, and Rin struggled to maintain her defense. She desperately hoped that Archer would return soon, or else all would be lost.

And as her prana was about to completely deplete, Rin felt a surge of energy coursing through her veins.

A mysterious force enveloped her, empowering her with an unexpected burst of magic.

"W-What is this? It felt like Sullivan's magic but different."

Rin dodged the berserker's next attack with agility and precision. With this sudden surge of power, she could now hold her ground against the relentless onslaught.

Not far away from them. Scathach and Morgan looked at Jeanne, who was holding a little flag in her hand.

"Don't you remember what I told you?"

Scathach asked while smiling gently. Jeanne sweated a little.

"B-But she is the master's master. If we let anything happen to her. Won't our master be sad? I don't want to see him sad. And I didn't do anything much."

She didn't do much. She just gave her a power-up using the divine power of destruction.

Scathach just shook her head and let it go. She didn't tell her that it was unnecessary, as Sullivan already gave Rin the power she much needed, but it wasn't time for it to manifest yet.

"And what are you doing Morga?

"Help her."

"You too. Why don't I just kill him with my spear, then? I think both of you underestimate our master too much."

Jeanne and Morgan looked at Scathach with suspicion. She offered no further explanation. They knew that Scathach would not say anything more. So they focused back on the fight between Rin and the Berserker.

Rin could fight Berserker with the buff from Jeanne and Morgan. And when the fight almost reached its climax, Berserker started to disappear into a particle of light, leaving behind only the destruction he had caused.

Rin stood there, catching her breath, realizing that Archer must have already dealt with the master of the Berserker.

After catching enough air. She then looked around before she spoke up.

"Thank you for the help."

Rin knew that someone secretly watched the entire battle, but she couldn't pinpoint who it was. But she guessed that it was Sullivan's servant because they gave her a power-up that felt like it came from the same source.

"She is sharp. Very interesting."

Scathach smiled as she watched Rin walk away from the ruined area.

"So what should we be doing next? Should we follow her and make sure that she would be safe?"

Jeanne asked Scathach. She was still worried about Rin.

"No, we will not follow her. I think we should go back home. Master might have already come back from the clock tower."

The war was interesting at the start but when they had to wait for them to make their move. It would take too much time and they won't be able to enjoy it much.

They still had time before the war ended though. Maybe at that time their master might want to do something about the war.

At Ai's apartment building.

A certain arrogant blonde hair was now standing in front of a certain building.

He came here even though he had been warned by a certain priest in the church not to come here.

But he was too high and mighty to listen.

"So this is his castle? Pretty poor and too small."

The arrogant man spoke before he went inside. He didn't know where the man's room was. So he just checked every room inside the building.


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