1 Extremis

"Where am I? What is this place? How did I get here?"

Arthur was feeling uncomfortable due to weightlessness. After a moment he looked around himself..... There were a lot of containers, cranes, many explosions were taking place with fire burning around. And there were many things flying around fast in the air, and a lot of fierce fighting sounds were coming from different directions.

"Fuck, is that…Iron Man?"

Looking at the many Iron Suits in the air, Arthur thought this scenery was somewhat familiar. Wasn't this the last scene from the movie Iron Man 3. At the end of the movie, these Iron Suits self-destructed and at that time watching that, Arthur felt sorry for those suits.


Suddenly, Arthur kneeled down, his mind felt a tearing pain. Something was appearing in his mind. After a while, that tearing pain disappeared. After going through his mind, there was a smile of joy at the corner of his mouth.

"I didn't expect to cross over to Marvel's Universe and even get a system…" At that moment, a mechanized voice sounded in his mind, claiming to be the "king system".

It explained that it didn't know why Arthur Wolf had crossed over to Marvel's Universe and even got the king system. The king system only had one main function but it could only assists the host. Whether Arthur could become a king would depend on his own hard work!

An ordinary person came to Marvel, the world where Superheroes and Supercriminals were everywhere. Without power, if he wanted to be king, wouldn't that be just a fantasy? Fortunately, he was not without any power.

His own physique has changed!

Although his looks were not any different from before, according to the system, his body had been modified when he crossed over.

He now has the ability to swallow or devour and stabilize abilities! In short, he can devour any ability without worrying about stability and integration, that is, he can swallow all kinds of abilities, and his body will automatically stabilize it at the perfect level without him fearing for any danger. Plus he also received an unknown ability 'The D: Virgins Edition', even the system didn't know it's usage. All it said was that the first ability of Devouring was a necessity for him to survive and the second ability was a desire from the host. (This ability is inspired from the fanfic Sinful Life with the strongest system with a small twist)

The first ability was definitely the best help!

Marvel World has too many abilities like super soldier serum, OZ serum, Extremis, Centipede serum, etc… all have powerful abilities, but they also have drawbacks and dangers, but now his body can completely ignore these side effects.

There are others sources of power also like mutants, inhumans, etc.(Drawbacks of OZ is madness and instability of emotions, Extremis and centipede serum are highly unstable with high chances of explosion and self destruction due to it.)

There are many abilities, but the difficulty is whether he has the strength to get them!

Especially now, the New York War was over, that is to say, the Avengers Alliance have already been formed. However, it didn't matter, there are many abilities in this world. What's more, if there were no Superheroes that have already appeared, won't the road of the king be too boring?

But, this is not the time to consider this, because he is now in the vicinity of the battle between Iron Man and Killian. Whether it is Iron Man, or the villain Adrian Killian, or his extremis warriors who can self-destruct, they can kill him casually!

Arthur found a place to hide and also paid attention to the situation of the battle and figure out how to get Extremis!

The extremis virus is a good thing, with super self-healing ability, superhuman body, and generates extreme amount of heat at the level of magma from his body. It can be said that it was much more powerful than Captain America's super soldier serum. With this stuff, at least he doesn't have to worry about damage or injuries.

Of course, the drawbacks of Extremis are obvious, the chances of success are low, and there is danger of self destruction. If it was not for his body's ability to stabilize everything, Arthur will never pay attention to Extremis, which is no different from suicide.


A loud bang echoed in the distance, it seems to be the explosion of an Iron Suit. Far away, he could see Tony Stark sitting on the ground awkwardly. It seems that the newly-exploded Iron Suit should contain Killian, but Arthur knew that Killian was not yet dead. After a while, a body like magma, moved towards Tony Stark. Tony Stark panicks and was about to be killed, but a woman suddenly appeared and saved Tony, Pepper! Pepper easily knocks Killian away.

"Be careful!"

Tony Stark saw that Killian had rose up and was moving toward Pepper again and screamed. Pepper didn't panic, but picked up the Iron Suit's arm on the ground and put it on her hand. The blast released from the Repulsers instantly hit Killian's body, and then… Killi'an soul flew into Oblivion.

"It's a pity…"

Looking at the scene, Arthur couldn't help but shake his head regretfully. He had planned to get Extremis from Killian. But he was dead now.

But...there was still a chance now!

Tony Stark promised to cure Pepper and then started the cleanup process. In a flash, the Iron Suit's in the sky self-destructed, like gorgeous fireworks.

Arthur looked at Iron Suit's, being self-destructed, shook his head and walked towards Stark and pepper.

"There is still one enemy left!"

Tony yelled, Pepper lifted Iron Suit's arm repulsor and aimed at Arthur.

"Who are you?"

Seeing Arthur coming towards them, Tony was surprised. He had ordered Jarvis to kill all Extremis enhanced people with his Iron man armor so how come someone was still alive here?

"Don't be nervous, I am not an enemy. I am here to help. This beautiful lady seems to be in trouble?"

Arthur raised both of his hands and said with a smile.

However, Tony and Pepper did not relax their vigilance. At this time, a mysterious man suddenly appeares. How could they relax their vigilance?

"Extremis is not perfect, and its drawbacks you both know. I believe that Tony Stark, the famous Iron Man, will definitely find a cure. Just… no one can be sure till what time Miss pepper can endure. So, I am here to help, I can help her completely remove the Extremis!"


Pepper became a little excited.

Arthur shrugged and said: "Well, I actually came for the Extremis, but also to help you. So why not let me try? At least the process won't be dangerous even if it fails, and….. I don't want be enemies with the Avengers, at least…not right now!".

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