125 Chapter 113: Across the Oceans of Time. 1754 CE

[English Countryside, near London]

It was a charming country house. The walls were made out of red-bricks, with many windows to light up the rooms inside. It was a two-story building, with many plant decorations to fill up the lands around it. Behind it was a spacious garden, with a gazebo in the middle, along with statues depicting many historical events.

There was a statue, where a lone man stood in front of a massive army, and another one, where a woman wielding a spear guided children towards a house, reaching for safety.

Below the gazebo, a group of shoddily dressed men and women were gathering in front of a well-dressed man. They were looking directly at him, most of them were standing, while a small minority of them were sitting down, playing some instruments that had been provided. There's a piano, a violin, and many more, all used.

They were singing a soothing and haunting melody. The voice of the men and women echoed throughout the vast field, as if nature was singing along. They weren't singing any particular lyrics, just hums and whistles that came out of their mouths, but it was so in sync that it didn't sound funny at all, instead, it sounded beautiful.

To ordinary people, the song reminded them of a memory that they never remember, a fleeting dream that they could never see, a wish that the stars never grant. To them, it reminded them of a cry, a wail of sadness and protests, but to the well dressed man, it had a different meaning.

To him, it meant time. Time that he had felt every single second of his life, the memories of the past, the memories of the present, and the memories he will make, it reminded him of it. He had lived for so long, he often forget to reminisce, that the people that he had met, that he had cared about in the past aren't just a wind that he will not see again, instead, they living beings, until their deaths, they had remembered him, then, why shouldn't he remembered them?

He arranged this piece just for that, to remember, to see across the oceans of time, to the people he had met along the way. Leo, all his apostles, the kind men and women he had met, the kings and emperors, and most of all… Helen…

This man was, of course, Pluto.

As the choir continued to sing, seemingly entranced by the melody that they produced, birds started to gather around the gazebo, listening to the piece that Pluto had made.

They continued for a long while, the voice still echoed throughout the clear sky, and the place was serene.

Another well dressed man suddenly walked towards the gazebo from the estate. He was bringing some drinks using a trolley. He pushed the trolley towards the place, and waited as the choir was finishing their routine.

Pluto slowly toned down the song, and the music was getting calmer and calmer, before eventually, the song finished, making all the birds scatter away.

The group of men and women were clapping after that, celebrating what they just did.

"Right! Splendid everyone!" Pluto smiled as he closed his notes, and the applause got even louder. "Thank you for helping me with this small project of mine."

"Oh, we should be the one to thank you Mr. Smith." a middle-aged lady suddenly approached Pluto and shook his hands. "Because of you, all my daughters knew how to sing, and you didn't charge us anything! You taught my sons instruments as well… we can make money using the things you taught us…"

The middle aged lady sobbed in front of Pluto, making Pluto pat her shoulders.

"No worries Mrs. Shelby, and what did I say? Just call me Phineas." Pluto smiled. "Now, Reginald had brought you some refreshments, might as well enjoy, quite a sunny day today…"

"Indeed Mr. Smith… indeed…" the woman continued to sob as she walked back to the group, walking towards the refreshments that the butler had brought.

"Good afternoon Reginald." greeted Pluto as he poured himself some drink. "Any news you have for me?"

"Good afternoon Master Smith." nodded Reginald. "I have news from London. Several actually."

Pluto hummed. "Let's go inside then, leave the men alone so they can enjoy the day in the garden, tell me on the way."

Reginald nodded. "Very well, Master Smith."

As Reginald opened the door of the estated, it revealed a beautiful interior. It was a mix between Georgian and Greek architecture. Pluto had designed it himself, along with the help of Thena. It was a perfect home for them, well, at least a temporary home.

They walked past a painting of Pluto and Thena wearing the usual Georgian fashion, and Pluto sat down on a velvet sofa, putting his glass on the table.

"Well?" said Pluto, looking at Reginald.

Reginald then took a scroll from his pocket, and read it out loud. "Firstly, just today, a marriage law had been ensued, that from today onwards, legal marriage would only be allowed under the supervision of the church of England."

"Right… Why are you telling me this?" asked Pluto. "Do me and Tina have to go to London again, to register?"

"No…" murmured Reginald. "I thought that you should know that master… considering… you know…"

Pluto sighed. "All right, don't need to say it anymore… next."

Reginald cleared his throat. "We have caught several men trying to get into the estate Master, and they have been 'dealt with' thoroughly."

"Whose men?"

"No one's," he said. "They were religious men and women, trying to find out about your so-called witchcraft."

Pluto scoffed. "Next."

"Last but not least, the monthly financial report." Reginald then gave a piece of paper to Pluto, which he just took.

Pluto read the paper, and frowned. "Condolence money? Who died?"

"It was Phillip, master, the roof of the mine collapsed."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I did not know about it." said Reginald. "The mine supervisor only told me this morning."

Pluto sighed. "Tell them to tell me about things like this next time, and double the condolence money."

"Right away sir." Reginald bowed a bit, before walking away from Pluto.

Then, he heard footsteps from the stairs, making him turn to it.

He saw Thena, wearing a beautiful white dress, coming down the stairs.

Pluto smiled as he saw it. "You look beautiful love, but, what's the occasion?" questioned Pluto as he stood up, walking to Thena.

"Have you forgotten?" Thena raised her eyebrow. "We're going to the orphanage in London for donation talks."

"Oh shit, I forgot." Pluto sighed. "Let me quickly change. Tell Reginald to ready the carriage."

"Just be quick. This dress is killing me…"

'Twas a normal day for Phineas and Tina Smith in their estate in the countryside near London. They spent a lot of time building this home, seemingly passing their times peacefully, briefly forgetting about any problems that they faced.

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