4 Small Date

I was standing outside the school waiting for Felicia when I heard the system

[ Ding... the system detected a dormant DNA in the host's body do you wish to use the skill (DNA Manipulation) to wake it and see its statistics]

"hmm... It must be the DNA from the spider, use the skill"

" Processing The DNA.... hidden abilities found :

- Stingers


- Fast Regeneration ]

[ choose the abilities you wish to infuse with your DNA]

" All of them"

[ Ding... Infusing...





Fusion completed.. new skills granted ]

I Felt A Warm sensation going through my body after some time my body started to emit a lot of heat it lasted for several minutes then everything returned to normal

[ Ding... The skill (DNA Manipulation) leveled up...New Skills Granted

- Stingers: sharp blades made out of bones comes out from your forearms

-Bio-Electricity: generate electricity from your body at will

- Fast Regeneration: Regenerate 20HP per MIN ]

"hmmm" I nodded in satisfaction at the skills


I came out of the school and I found Peter standing there with his wide back facing me I walked up to him and said

" Did I make you wait?"

" Yes, you did" he said turning to me while flashing a little annoying smile

'tsk asshole' I thought looking at him with an annoying look, he tilted his head to the side in return and said

" what didn't you ask me " he said looking at me with an innocent look

" huff... whatever ever let's go" I sighed while walking ahead of him

he caught up to me and walked beside me and put his hand in mine ' bold... I like it' I thought smirking a little

" there's a small cafe down the street let's go there" he said while we walked there

' his hand is really nice ' I thought and looked at his face, he has fair skin, a sharp jawline and green beautiful eyes...'was he always this good looking'

he turned his face to me and asked " what is there something on my face"

" no nothing " I said a little flustered

And we kept walking ahead


we arrived at the cafe and sat there, then a waiter came to us

" Good afternoon, what's your order guys" he said standing beside us while looking at me

"lady's first " I said looking at Felicia

" A chocolate ice cream crepe" she said nodding at the waiter while he wrote on his sheet

" I would like some waffles and a black coffee" I said my order then the waiter left shortly.

" so I didn't know you could think of someone other than MJ you were all over the place for her"

" was it this obvious haha" I said chuckling awkwardly while cursing the real Peter

" yes pretty obvious, you always had your eyes on her... like a stalker" she said smirking at me

" well... let's say I found someone more pleasing to my eyes than her " I said flashing a smirk at her

she blushed a little but the waiter came with the orders then we started eating


we were now walking toward Felicia's house while having a small chat

soon we arrived there " oh I didn't know your house was in my neighborhood," I said standing in front of her house it was a couple of blocks away from mine

" soo... when will I see you again " I said to her with my eyes moving around awkwardly

" haha .. maybe in the school tomorrow you silly " she said while chuckling a little

" oh... right well see ya Felicia " I said waving at her

" yep bye-bye " she said waving back then we parted and I went to my house

I arrived at my home shortly and greeted May but I noticed that in front of the TV with a worried expression

I approached the TV and saw it... two green monsters were fighting together while destruction surrounded them

" so it begins " I muttered with a narrowed eyes, the hulk story was the start of the MCU

" hmm what did you say Peter " asked May looking at me

" nothing May I'm going to my room " I quickly went upstairs dropped my school bag on the floor and took the suit from the inventory

I noticed it was the same design as TASM I nodded at this cause I liked this suit design then I put it on quickly and jumped off my window swinging my way to the green behemoths fight

I didn't know why I was going there but I just couldn't stand there looking at the people on the TV suffering while I did nothing

even though I'm not a hypocritical hero who thinks peace and giving people another chance will change their mindset people do what they want cause they want to, they justify their actions with ' it was the devil's influence or I' didn't have another choice'

unless you were manipulated into doing something unwillingly then there is nothing called a mistake

however, I won't stand uselessly while leaving people to die when I have the power to save them and if I could I would finish the green ugly dude

my long line of thoughts ended when I arrived there and I saw there was total chaos people were escaping with their lives from the fight and others were caught in the destruction

I just stood there looking at the scene with a blank face realizing that maybe I was too confident in myself...

[ Gamer's mind activated]

[ Ding... New Quest initiated: ( With Great powers Come Great Responsibility)

Save as many people as you could then defeat the abomination with the hulk's help remember the people's lives are between your hands

Rewards: Skill Ticket - 150 EXP - 1000 SP

Extra Rewards Depending on your Performance

Failure conditions: Dying- the Hulk Dying- The abomination Escapes ]

' sigh ~~ here goes nothing' I thought straight down into the... chaos

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