57 The Princes Divinities.

It was really impressive that All Father recently made me go away as soon as he sees me, which means that he starts to get annoyed from me, and while the idea of ​​pissing someone who can kill me in a minute is a bad idea, he just can't do it.

Not only did I not act directly against him, but I did not do big things to anger him, for example, I start to call him only 'Odin', and while this could be considered Disrespect, everyone calls him by different names like My king, King Odin and All Father.

So he couldn't do anything for me just because of this, and royal guards would consider this an 'unwise' act.

Also, I am still in a secret relationship with Brynhildr, we do not make love every day because this is an exaggeration, and because Brynhildr goes on her duties most of the time, and because we are not only animals who care about eating, surviving and reproducing, but we do it at least once a week.

While Odin cannot watch my mansion, it is clear what we have been doing, and while he can exploit this in some ways, doing so will tarnish the reputation of the royal family and Brynhildr.

While I hate to do this, this was not the real reason why I maintained my relationship with Brynhildr, I love her and she loves me so I don't think we do a bad thing ... as long as it doesn't turn out to be a bad thing.

Brynhildr has brought up the topic of marriage several times, which has made me discuss this seriously, and we have decided that we should really get married after 300 years, not because we are not sure of our feelings, but because I am not ready to marry or have a family yet, and I should Wait until things calm down between me and Odin.

My parents also settled in Olympus without any problems, and I specifically told them the list of names of people they should not approach, such as Aphrodite and Ares, and even Zeus.

I even asked The Great Goddess of War to watch them and take care of them, while she had an arrogant personality and liked to make others realize her superiority, but she is truly honest and sincere and does not broke her promises, and I am sure that she will took care and watch them well.

Well, I've also made a long list of things that can and cannot be allowed to be exposed to.

So, after I was no longer worried about my parents and my brother, I decided to calmly end the cold war between Odin and me, after all he did not direct any blows at me after he stole my idea.

Instead, I focused on doing other things, for example, studying the two golden apples I took from Idunn.

While I could not replicate the age slowing properties of apples, I have multiplied them and made them more stable, which, in theory, could reverse aging and restore a person to their physical peak, or double a person's life expectancy several times.

I gave one of these apples to Brynhildr, because I don't think they give golden apples to the Valkyries, while I extracted the seeds from the other apple and planted them in my backyard.

While I don't have much hope that a golden apple tree will sprout, you can't blame me for trying, can you? But after several years of planting it, only a small bush has sprouted from the ground.

I also decoded and analyzed The Tablet of life & time, and it took me years to do that I started to think that the Hidden Object was a secret collection of top-notch porn.

Unfortunately, it was just a biochemical serum formula i that can unlock the evolutionary potentials and give biological immortality, and the formula was incomplete and fragmented, not only that, but most of the materials needed were a little bit expensive.

That means, I haven't gotten any good porn collection, and I have to study, experiment and spend a fortune in order to complete this biochemical serum formula.

Another thing I did is training thought acceleration and bring the acceleration factor to around 250, but I'm keeping 3 mental rooms with an acceleration factor of 33 times when I want to do something.

In normal times, I deactivate this skill, and keep parallel processing to only 3 times. Hey, did you know the more powerful these abilities the more energy they use? And that Ain't really cool that I can think much faster than others?

Another thing I did was to continue training Loki, after he was able to use magical energy in some basic applications, I taught him how to increase his reserves of magical energy.

So, after I saw that he had reached an acceptable level of energy, I started to teach him the magic branch of illusions first, how to create an illusion of himself and others, how to make the illusion stable, how he can create the illusion and how to control it.

And his talent in it was so great that I was jealous, my talent for illusions was not very good, while I can use the illusion, it consumes a lot of magical energy to create and maintain it, and more to control it.

For Loki, the opposite is true: he could understand the illusion's lessons quickly, and use less magic energy for it.

Therefore, I began to teach him the mind magic a few years later, and while he was not very good at it but he was above average, in the meantime, he developed his deceptive personality and his love for deception and pranks, while he could easily deceive others, but he did not Can't fool someone with my great intelligence and wisdom!

He also awakened his mischief divinity, but I could not help him develop it because I did not have a divinity similar to him, but I asked him to keep his divinity as a secret.

Why? First, because he was neither the eldest son nor the heir, so some might try to pull him out of the equation if they knew that he awakened his divine power before Thor or baldur.

Additionally, being a God of mischief does not inspire others to trust him.

I was also surprised that Loki could obtain a divinity, did Odin give him Odin Force? Or did his body automatically absorb it after living in Asgard? Or did his magical energy assume a divine trait? Since I am a god of wisdom, I really wanted to know the answer.

After investigating it it appears that Loki is half Asgardian, more specifically he is Odin's biological son as well, which made many things more logical.

When Loki was 14 years old, Thor 15, and Baldur 13, they awakened their divinities, while Thor was the god of thunder, Baldur was the god of light and sun.

Regarding the latter, his strength consisted of the illumination of lights and ... the photosynthesis, and as if he were a plant, he had not obtained his indomitable body yet so he is still the weakest among the three brothers, because his divinity is literally useless, no, a big useless pile of trash.

Loki also took my permission to show that he was no less talented than his brothers, which I agreed.

A feast was held to mark the ascension to the rank of gods by the three princes, but I couldn't help but sigh when it was announced that Loki was a God of mischief. Wasn't that like telling everyone they shouldn't trust him?

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At that time I had a heart to heart conversation with Brynhildr about how being a god isn't really different, because the Valkyries can't become gods in normal situations.

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