59 Proposal.

This body is awesome! No, it's so amazing! I would even dare to say that my body is an example of perfection! After I woke up after 10 hours of the most restful sleep in my life the first thing I did was study my body and observe the changes that occurred to me before and after the blade.

It's awesome! My torso, my torso is getting very thick, and these Abs, there are eight ... oh myself ... even my height has been increased by five centimeters, but that's not really cool, my appearance hasn't changed much apart from the fact that I switched from athletic build body type to perfect build body type.

The next difference is my genetic makeup, I have become the living example of genetic perfection, my gene strength and atomic density have increased, all of my organs and parts have become denser and stronger.

All my physical and biological functions were pushed to the limit as well, my breatharianism ability was enhanced, enabling me to survive without food or water for long periods of time, even though my body was not yet self-sufficient.

My muscles and endurance have been strengthened to insane degrees, my muscles are not producing any toxins now which means I have almost infinite stamina! And because my muscle density increased at my speed and strength output also increased, basically my physical characteristics had reached their peak.

Similar to Captain America, my brain has increased complexity and both my mind and body are synchronized, and I have a sixth sense similar to Spider Sense, but the most amazing thing is that I'm immortal! true immortality!

I even did turned my heart off and it back on work, I destroyed a finger into very small parts and it was reattached in less than a second.

My hair is still frozen in a single haircut and it grows in the same shape as the haircut when it is cut, similarly to the Olympians, or the Saiyans.

The gods were not only biological creatures and there are mystical and divine energies entering this mix, so our bodies turn into energy after a period of death, it seems that this aspect has been strengthened as well, my reserves of divine energy have been increased and my energy manipulation level increased!

If I used to have 100 units, now I have close to 1,000 units. It may not sound like much, but it is enough to destroy an army of 1000 Human in one full blow.

My physical strength could not be measured accurately. Physical strength is affected by many factors such as weapons, endurance, kinetic energy, energy, and even mental state.

"Huh!" I sighed as Brynhildr and I finished, kissing her deeply before laying down next to her with my arm around her neck, I don't know if she noticed and didn't say, or if she didn't notice, but she didn't ask me about my height increase.

"Huh… huh…" The young Valkyrie breathed heavily beside me, looking tired.

After several minutes of silence, Brynhildr said, apparently hesitating, "Valli, you know I love you but ... are you sure you love me?"

I looked at her while I had a vague idea of ​​why she said this, and yet my answer was similar to previous times, "Of course, I love you."

"You know, we've already been together for 17 years ... At first I thought that all you need is time to adjust and assemble yourself, but ... maybe we should separate a little, maybe that's not the only reason ..."

"Why are you saying this?" I asked her while raising my eyebrows, I had never neglected her and gave her all the attention she needed.

"You know, maybe the real reason is that you are not sure of your feelings towards me. I've been thinking about this for a long time and I think we both might need some time," she said to me as she looked at me in the eyes, and it looked as if she is just half certain of her mind.

The reason I don't want to marry is responsibility, lack of preparation, as well as the fact that Odin doesn't really like me, in addition to having some other plans.

, Fuck all this shit! There is a warrior goddess who has given me both her love and her virginity in front of me, while those plans probably won't even come true, I will choose this goddess!

"Brynhildr" I said as I turned to lie on my side and put a head over my hand as I looked at her, "I think you are right, I didn't appreciate you and didn't give you enough attention, and yes, I guess I wasn't sure of my feelings, even though I was I had feelings for you."

When she heard me, she was apparently disappointed and sad, she kept looking at me for a few seconds before trying to speak, but I quickly stood up and opened one of the sockets next to the bed, and searched among the many jewelry present before I carried a silver ring.

I wasn't obsessed with ornaments but I do make some every now and then, when Brynhildr watched me look like she was surprised as she looked at me with raised eyebrows.

"Can you sit down?" I told her as I noticed that she smiled before sitting energetically, it seemed that she had an idea about what I was about to do.

"My Princess!" I said as I knelt on one knee on the edge of the bed, "I know that I have wronged you a lot, and that I mistreated your feelings without knowing."

"However, I also know that I do not want to lose you after all the things that you have done for me, and I know that I want you, I know that I will regret if I let you go away, and I know that I am sure my feelings are true towards you." I said while holding the ring gently in my right hand And I extended my left hand towards her.

Brynhildr looked at me for several seconds in shock before covering her mouth for several seconds, before saying happily, but it seemed that she was about to cry, "Valli ... How can you do this to me ?! You should have waited until I got dressed!"

"What? I can do this later if you want, I just thought we had a moment there…" I said to her while I was confused about her current behavior, because I did everything right.

"No Valli, stay like that, don't move!" Brynhildr said as she began to quickly put on her clothes and armor as she said, "You kneeled properly, but you should have waited until I was in my warrior position! And you should praise my skills before asking for my hand! It was an important moment Valli And you ruined it!"

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Upon hearing her words, I couldn't help but blame myself, of course Brynhildr would like her suitor to propose to her according to tradition! I am a bad god of wisdom, a stupid god of wisdom!

When Brynhildr finished dressing, she stood in front of me while looking at me happily "Well, you can do it"

"My princess ..." I was about to say before she interrupted me, "Just skip this part and start from the end!"

"Okay," I said as I extended my left hand to her, "My princess, the person I love, I kneel before you now to ask for your hand, Will you marry me?"

"ohh Valli ..." she said while placing her left hand on mine "I wanna marry you!"

Then it's official! I thought as I put the ring on the fourth position on the left.

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