61 frigga (2)

It just won't happen. I simply said, "You simply cannot stop my friends from attending my very own wedding."

"Of course I can't, but I don't think the Olympians know our traditions and our laws, and I'm afraid some of the attendance will not accept their presence," Frigga said as she seemed to be less strict.

"Of course, I cannot stop you, but I only care about the perfection of my daughter's marriage. She is still young and impulsive and has high dreams, so I cannot bear seeing her disappointed."

Upon hearing her words, I couldn't help but to agree with her in secret, even though Brynhildr was a mature woman, she still cared about things like Proposal and Marriage being perfect, but I couldn't just kick people out like Athena, or Artemis, or even Hera out after inviting them.

"I understand your logic, but if someone will be dissatisfied, perhaps they should not attend." I told her, "and I have already invited everyone who must be invited, and I will not return in my words."

"Well, then maybe we should just have two separate parties, one for the Asgardians and one for the Olympians."

"What? You want me to get 10 or 20 people to sit by themselves?" While not hiding the annoyance I was starting to feel, I said, "I don't want to ruin this, but while Asgard didn't give me anything, Olympus treated me like a family, so it's easy to predict who I will pick, so don't push it too much."

When saying this, I couldn't help but think that the serum had changed my mindset too, in a good way, while I'm still fully aware of the consequences of some of my actions, but the serum and the strength gained made me braver, who cares if someone is stronger than me anymore?

"This ..." Frigga looked at with surprise." You may not realize this, but there is a convincing reason behind all of my husband's decisions, I mean all father's decisions. "

"Of course there is! It is similar to the first world countries waging wars, drug smuggling and attacking third world countries under the pretext of spreading peace. Have there been wars in those countries before? Of course not! It's all in order to secure their control and show their power."

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"I am not sure that I understand these terms ..." Frigga said as she perplex her eyebrows, and it seemed that she was not very upset, and said, "Even though it is not much, I apologize to you on behalf of my husband, and for how I acted before. "

"Just don't keep pushing." I said as I closed my eyes for a moment for the sake of calm before opening them again, "However, maybe we shouldn't make this weeding public, we will only invite family and friends, and my friends will attend."

"Yes, I think you right, i agree with you," said Frigga, before smiling and saying, "You might think that I'm just making things difficult for you, but the thing is that I should be careful and cautious about choosing who will enter this family, and Brynhildr may not be my daughter, but I still love her like any of my other children, and I care about her happiness. "

I just looked at her silently before answering, "There will be no alcohol, I don't want everyone to get drunk and turn my wedding into an orgy party."

"There would be alcohol, and there would be wine, otherwise this wouldn't be a party, would it?"

"Both me and Brynhildr don't drink so I don't see any reason for this."

"You know, I heard you were boring, but I didn't expect these rumors to be really true ..."

Upon hearing her words, I couldn't help but think, please! I'm the funniest thing that ever walked the cosmos!

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