67 Chapter 065 | Victory?

The next day, noon.

Brigadier General Luke Cavill and Captain Steve Rogers disappeared in the third region behind enemy lines. The reconnaissance team conducted a careful search and found no clues. "

The radio operator reported the information he received to Colonel Philips, who was walking back and forth anxiously.

The latter was livid and said nothing.

Wrinkles on his face huddled together, and his eyes were full of anger.

The radio operator standing in front of him was trembling, afraid that he would be affected and become the Colonel's anger target.

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"Keep the search going!"

Colonel Philips slapped the table and gritted his teeth.

If Luke can't be found within the next 12 hours, the military will have to put him on the death list.

Once this news gets out, it will undoubtedly bring a devastating blow to the Allied forces' morale on the front line.

A while ago, still, a war hero and legend who was trying to publicise his deeds suddenly died in the hands of Hydra ...

How would he explain this?

He's afraid that when the time comes, not only will the President be furious, but the Allies will be held accountable.

"This is terrible!"

Colonel Philips sighed heavily.

He thought Luke would have a more extended development and a broader future.

But who could have imagined that a rising star would fall before it could shine?

Even if Luke had achieved the miraculous conquest of Italy.

The possibility of surviving in the face of a Hydra base with as many as 600 people, in those giant tanks and energy guns, was still very low.

"The last reconnaissance plane is back ..."

Carter hurried into the makeshift shelter tent with a stack of blurry black-and-white photos.

"Still didn't find anything! At Hydra's base, there was a shocking explosion, and the nearby buildings collapsed, which also caused a mountain fire ... Fortunately, it didn't spread. "

Colonel Phillips was furious at the sight of the female British agent and coldly said, "What's the use of saying this, Agent Carter! We have lost a General! The Allies have lost a hero!"

"If you had notified me in time to inform Allied Command and stop Luke's recklessness! Maybe none of this would have happened!"

"The military can't do anything about Howard Stark, and he's a famous young New York billionaire and the largest weapons sponsor of the Allied Forces! But you're nothing!"

"Agent Carter, I hope you can consider the consequences of what you do in the future ... right, you won't have a future. When Allied Command learns of this, it will cause trouble for the Strategic Science Reserve, and then we'll all be finished!"

In the shelter of the camp tent, a storm-like reprimand exploded.

Colonel Philips glared at the female agent in front of him and lowered his voice: "I've said it many times, don't let your personal feelings affect your work. This is the first lesson of being a good agent!"

"I haven't, sir!"

Carter bit her lip and shook her head.

"Don't worry about denying it. I haven't even said who it is. Luke, Rogers, or Howard Stark, the playboy ... Agent Carter, can you tell me who it was that made you lose your mind and risk court-martial to help him?"

Colonel Philips kept sneering, then added, "I told them, women shouldn't be involved in war! Damned Englishmen!"

Faced with the boss's discriminatory words, Carter breathed deeply; her chest fluctuated but remained silent.

Just as Colonel Phillips was about to give Allied Command the news, the noise outside reached the camp tent, where the atmosphere seemed to have dropped below the freezing point.


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