63 Chapter 061 | Saving Private Bucky (II) : A Perfect Infiltration

At that height just now, Rogers wouldn't dare to try - he may be able to do it, but he has never been trained in skydiving, and it definitely wouldn't be as easy as Luke made it seem.

Luke, unaware of Captain America's thoughts, opened the map, scrutinized it, and started to get ready quickly.

'As Superman, I should be able to fly. What's the big deal about low altitude parachuting?' If he knew Rogers's thoughts, Luke would answer this.

Through the thick fog, in the middle of the night, they marched all the way there.

Before long, they went deep into the dense forest edge and saw a large and heavily guarded base.

A high wall was erected by an electrified wire fence, behind which stood a guard post.

Beams of spotlights swept by, and below were groups of patrol guards.

These Hydra-armband guardsmen were a century ahead of the Allies in terms of equipment!

The infinite energy from the Tesseract had been applied to various weapons, guns, and cannons by Hydra's Leader, Red Skull.

There were even giant multi-turret tanks, such meat grinder-like steel monsters!

It can be said responsibly that if Captain America had not been born, the embodiment of heroism, and staged an anti-German rise, the world's timeline would have turned a corner.

The Axis Powers have entirely overwhelmed the Allied armies in terms of technology. Once Red Skull's enhanced soldiers were developed and sent to the European battlefield, the Allied nations, which are currently advancing, will immediately collapse!

"You go to rescue the captured soldiers. I'll see if you can find Red Skull."

Luke gave orders. Both Red Skull and Dr. Zola should be in this base.

If he can get your hands on the Tesseract in advance, it's a good choice.

Although in Luke's eyes, the six infinity stones may not have the same value as the Superman cards.

But the Tesseract, with its infinite energy, really intrigued him.

The secret base in Klausberg was heavily guarded, with two weapons factories on the left and right and a garrison of up to 600 men.

With a strong fortress and powerful firepower, it could block out all external enemies.

If the Allies wanted to break through from the front, they would have to incur heavy casualties many times.

The best way to take over this base was by mobilizing the air force to carry out high-intensity carpet bombing.

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Using the brutal strategy of carpet bombing to destroy the Hydra base hidden in the deep forest.

Otherwise, with those monster-like steel giant tanks, significantly pain-resisting, and the enhanced soldiers, no one would know how many lives the Allies would lose.

This was the reason why Allied Command was reluctant to send troops to carry out the rescue plan.

There is no point in rushing into action, except to lose more lives!

"Luke, how do we sneak into this base without the others knowing?"

Rogers, hiding behind the trees, asked.

This Hydra secret base was too heavily guarded.

The guard post looks like a steel sentry standing in the night, with a team of Nazi soldiers patrolling back and forth every 5 minutes and conspicuous spotlights sweeping in all directions.

Rogers, who was carrying a shield, had a headache. At this time, he finally realized that it was a ridiculous and arduous task to raid the secret base of Hydra with only two people!

"I have a bold idea. "

Luke thought for a moment and seriously said, "Why don't I go out and kill them all? No living person would see us! A perfect infiltration operation!"


Rogers didn't catch his breath and almost choked.

He coughed several times before he recovered.

He couldn't tell whether Luke was joking or was being serious.

After receiving the serum injection and becoming a super-soldier, they may have the capability of fighting against hundreds.

But in the face of Hydra's barrage, solo heroism won't work; a well thought out plan was a must.

Rogers racked his brains, trying to figure out how to save the captured soldiers and avoid Hydra's detection.

"Luke, I think ..."

Luke dashed out of the trees without waiting for Captain America to come up with a plan.

"..-Shit!" Steve ran after him.

Strong air current blew the fallen leaves on the ground!

In a few breaths, they disappeared deep into the dense forest.

Simultaneously, on the muddy road next to the bush, a military truck transporting goods passed slowly.

The headlights, like two blades, cut through the thick fog.

The gate of the base slowly opened to make way for passage.


In a blurry shadow, drawing a swift straight line, rammed into the slow military truck!

The terrifying impact was like a long-standing solid shell slamming into the truck's body.

The solid, thick truck, as if struck countless times by a swinging hammer, suddenly collapsed.

With a 'boom', the military truck fell on its side and sank deep into the muddy road, unable to withstand the sudden and terrible impact.

"Enemy attack! Enemy attack!"

The loud noise woke up the calm secret base.

The guards at the gates were the first to react. They ran over with their metal-cased energy guns in their hands.

The base behind them also sounded the alarm. The sharp siren echoed under the night sky.

"This ..."

Rogers looked at the fallen military truck and the unmistakable outline of the dented surface. Then he looked at Luke, who was unharmed and was speechless for a moment.

'Are super soldiers ... that strong?'

Rogers lowered his head, stretched out his hands and clenched it into a fist.

Unfortunately, he didn't feel that there was a terrifying force in his body - that could overturn military trucks.

They were the same super-soldiers!

Why is Luke able to do that?

Rogers, who had always maintained his confidence and fighting spirit, couldn't help but wonder if Dr. Erskine had overdosed Luke when he injected them with the serum!

"You go to the prison where the captured soldiers are held and see if you can find Bucky! I'll get Hydra's attention!"

Luke mentioned the plan as he lifted the overturned military truck.

After changing the card to 'Superdemon', he felt that his inner strength seemed to have improved again.

Not only did the efficiency of absorbing stellar energy increased, but his physical quality was also strengthened.

Both hands' bulging muscles were twisted together like twisted steel wires, highlighting the clear lines full of strength.

The army uniform was strained and sounded like it was about to be torn.

As for the military boots under his feet, they have long been cracked by his sprint.

'Wear the suit!'

Seeing that the military uniform was about to be stretched out, and he was about to fall into the embarrassing situation of wearing torn clothes, Luke quickly wore the suit he had put away before.

With the Kryptonian uniform to protect his body, no matter how dangerous the battle was, it wouldn't be like a certain big green man, with only the torn pants that could barely cover up his shame every time.

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