61 Chapter 059 | Rescue Mission!?

[Card extraction completed]

[Magic Superman Etrigan (Superdemon)]

'This is... not a surprise, also not very disappointing, at least there wasn't anything useless. '

Luke paused first and then smiled.

'So, isn't one of Superman's flaws, the lack of magic resistance, made up for?'

'In the future, when I get the opportunity to meet the Sorcerer Supreme, I won't be powerless.'

Etrigan, also known as 'Superdemon,' is Superman's counterpart in Earth-13, the occult Earth.

Compared to Superman, who has zero magic resistance, he didn't have a weakness in this area.

On the contrary, Superdemon can also control flames, harness energy, and resist mind control.

This was a good harvest!

Luke replaced the Superman card with the drawn one, and the data in the character panel suddenly changed--

Host: Luke (Luke Cavill)

Loaded Card: Superdemon (LV1)

Abilities: Nature Extraction (active), Psychic Immunity (passive), Stellar Energy (passive), Bio Force Field (Passive)

Reputation: 1645374

Achievement: Legendary Hero

"A Superman, who can also use magic, feels quite weird."

Luke loaded a brand-new card and felt a lot of information pouring into his mind.

He spread out his palm, the air around him fluctuated, and a blazing flame floated quietly.

The so-called 'Nature Extraction' was to extract magic elements wandering around in space.

"The magical power of the physical world feels very weak ... No wonder those sorcerers gained great power through various supernatural beings as a medium." Luke extinguished the flame in his hand and said to himself.

Sorcerers in the Marvel world had to draw power from other dimensions or sign contracts with other beings.

For example, at Kamar Taj, established by the Sorcerer Supreme.

The source of power for those temple sorcerers is the mystical trinity known as the Vishanti.

Many Darkholders were servants of the ancient demon god Chthon.

He created vampires!

The Scarlet Witch's chaos magic was also directly related to Chthon!

There was also Dormammu in the dark dimension, Mephisto in the hell world, and Cyttorak, the master of the crimson universe ...

They were a bunch of dimensional demons rejected by the physical world or unwelcomed.

'Making up for the shortcomings is a good thing.'

Luke felt the surging power in his body and whispered, 'I wonder if there will be a Superman who eats kryptonite or a Super Kryptonian in the future?'


The following day, Luke, who was ready to go, hadn't yet set out for the battlefield in Europe when he heard the bad news of the Allies' defeat.

To make matters worse, Rogers, who had packed everything up and was in an enthusiastic mood, saw the list of casualties of the 107th Infantry.

Among them was his good friend, James Buchanan Barnes.

"Maybe Bucky was just captured, still alive and waiting to be rescued?"

Luke patted Rogers' shoulder and said comfortingly.

"General Cavill, Allied Command won't approve of this rescue operation. "

From their side, Carter reminded them.

"The area where the 107th Infantry was fighting happens to be the most heavily guarded area on the European battlefield! Forcing a rescue could result in more casualties. "

Hearing Carter says this, and Rogers was a bit torn.

He wanted to rescue Bucky to confirm whether the other party was still alive but didn't want to cause unnecessary losses to the Allies.

"No need to bother Allied Command or mobilize other forces. This rescue operation, only Rogers and I are enough. "

Luke said faintly.

He had long wanted to approach Hydra's Red Skull to see if he could open more quests.

"General Cavill! You are now a hero of the Allies, and if you are captured or suffer an accident, it will shake the morale on the front lines!"

Carter was anxious and tried to stop him.

Because of the conversation at Venice Palace that night, her attitude toward Luke had changed to one of indifference.

But considering the consequences of losing him to the enemy, Carter had to come forward to persuade.

The Allies' war hero, the legendary figure that the American military has heavily promoted, in case he got into an accident, would lead to severe consequences!

"Ms. Carter, you probably don't know me well enough. I like challenging tasks, and I am good at creating miracles. "

Luke ignored the other party's persuasion. He looked at Rogers, smiled, and said, "Ready for an adventure?"

The latter looked at Carter with apologetic eyes and then nodded at Luke.

"Ready! General!"

Rogers raised his right hand and saluted.

Under the cover of darkness, a Beech UC43 light transport plane flew into Austrian airspace.

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Under the cover of darkness, a Beech UC43 light transport plane flew into Austrian airspace.

The ground was bombarded with endless artillery fire, which from time to time illuminated the dense forest below.

The extended mountains on both sides are covered with dense fog, and the visibility was extremely low.

Flying a plane in such lousy weather required a lot of skill on the part of the pilot.

"Hydra's camp is in Klausberg, the specific location is between two mountain ranges, there are about two military factories, the number of guards is about 600 people ..."

Carter took out a map at the back of the cabin and explained patiently with her head down.

Although it is said that there was a course on map recognition in military topography, Luke and Rogers might not have studied it.

When they were in Camp Lehigh, they were primarily engaged in high-intensity physical training.

"Is the information accurate?"

Rogers couldn't help asking, but he got a dirty look from Carter.

This is the intelligence that the Strategic Science Reserve painstakingly intercepted from Hydra.

During World War II, Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany and joined the war with the Allies.

To support the front line and prevent the continuous advance of Allied troops.

Hydra established a secret base in Klausberg specifically for manufacturing energy weapons and strengthening fighters.

The results have proven to be remarkable.

The 107th Infantry's assault force of more than 200 men was defeated by a few Hydra soldiers led by a few enhanced soldiers.

According to the Strategic Science Reserve's intelligence department, it was very likely that the captured Allied soldiers would be escorted to Klausberg as labor and experimental subjects.

"I thought you would report this to Colonel Philips and have the Allied Command give instructions to stop my rescue operation. "

Luke, who was sitting in the back of the cabin, laughed.


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