60 Chapter 058 | Using The Lucky Draw!

"I thought you'd like the feeling of being a big star on Broadway and having people know you everywhere you go. "

Luke hooked Rogers' neck with his arm and said so with a smile.

"But you've changed a lot. I used to have to bend down to reach your shoulders. "

Rogers turned his face away, ignored his friends' teasing, and wearily said, "You know, the last time I went camping Lehigh in New Jersey -- where we stayed. All the soldiers were talking about you, your experiences in training, and your legendary deeds. "

"Really! I am happy for you and proud of you! Luke, you deserve this honour! I wanted to tell them that you were my friend! But I'm afraid the soldiers would ask, why are you at the front and I'm hiding behind ..."

Rogers, who was called Captain America, laughed in self-mockery.

He was tired of his current life but couldn't resist.

Obeying orders is the first duty of a soldier.

The Senator obtained the military's consent, and Rogers had to do as he was told.

"Then you can come to Europe with me. "

Luke also took Rogers's shoulder as before, like they were in Brooklyn, and delivered the surprising news in a lighter tone.

"Europe ... really?"

Rogers reacted after a few seconds with a skeptical look on his face.

"But what about the military? The Senator won't agree!"

Soon, Rogers' eyes dimmed again.

He knew Luke was trying to help him, but it would be insufficient to get in trouble for that.

Senator Brandt has a good position in the Committee and had a good relationship with the military.

"Hey, Brooklyn's little man, you're standing in front of a Brigadier General, a hero of the Allied Forces, and a rising star who the President has decorated. "

Luke pretended to be annoyed, frowned, and severely stated his title.

Before he drove here, he went to see Senator Brandt.

When he heard about Luke's intent, the arrogant Senator didn't say a word; he simply agreed.

Before Luke left, the other party even begged him not to pursue the matter, almost grovelling.

This is the true nature of politicians. It was bullying the weak, fearing the tough, following the direction of the wind!

"So? Captain America, do you want to go to the European battlefield and see how powerful Hydra is with me!"

Hearing Luke's invitation, Rogers suddenly nodded, his eyes full of excitement.

He felt that he had a new hope for his life!

"Thank you, Luke. "

Rogers said gratefully.

"You should call me General. "

Luke chuckled and took Captain America away from the Broadway Theatre.

"Let's go! Let's have a drink! Celebrate Captain America's new life and our reunion!"

The two figures had their arms on each other's shoulders, laughing and joking as they walked up the street and disappeared into the crowd.

Late at night, the stars dotted the sky.

Waldorf Astoria, tower suite.

In the dark and expansive bedroom, only Malèna's even breathing could be heard.

This charming mature woman had her cheeks blushing.

It was as if she had just finished some intense exercise and was dragging her tired body to dreamland.

"Time for the lucky draw."

Luke, who stayed awake, didn't show any signs of fatigue. Gently, he pulled out his right arm, which Malèna used as a pillow.

Lifting the thin blanket which covers both of them, his naked body stood out of bed.

Before long, the sound of water came from the bathroom.

"Two guys who can't get drunk ran to the pub, and it was indeed very boring."

A few minutes later, Luke wore a bathrobe, opened the French windows, and went outside.

The cold night breeze blew by, and suddenly there was a refreshing, relaxed feeling.

After leaving the Broadway theatre in the afternoon, he and Rogers went to Old Joseph's Tavern in Brooklyn to catch up with each other, which attracted a lot of attention.

One is a war hero and legend.

One is Captain America, uh -- should be considered a national icon.

The citizens of New York got wind of it and packed Old Joseph's Tavern.

Anyway, in the end, the old cliché of reuniting with old friends, thinking about the future and remembering the past turned into a tasteless drinking contest.

The sound of glasses clinking, the smell of malt floating around, and the occasional burst of laughter over some vulgar, dirty jokes.

The atmosphere was so hot that people would think that there was an adult show being performed inside!

'Like Rogers, I've forgotten what it's like to be drunk. '

Luke sighed with emotion.

Later, when he and Rogers walked out of the pub.

It was already the first light outside, and the night flew away.

They were conscious, not drunk, and walked without even shaking.

As for the guys who were competing in drinks?

One by one, they all collapsed on the table. Some directly on the ground, making a mess of the pub.

Old Joseph told the boys to clean up and throw them all out on the street.

Anyway, it's not a big deal to be a bum for one night.

For the super-soldier, the serum injected into the body would form a protective system for regeneration and healing. Mere alcohol wouldn't paralyse Rogers.

He was frozen for seventy years, and nothing happened.

In other words, ordinary people would have become dry corpses.

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As for Luke, it might take a thousand-year-old vintage mead from Asgard to make him feel a little drunk.

The two of them chatted for a few minutes and then went home.

Later, Luke and Malèna had another pleasant and 'in-depth cordial exchange' to promote physical and mental health.

After a full day, he finally remembered that there was another chance to extract a Superman card.

'Open the lucky draw. '

Luke, who felt the fantastic night breeze, slightly moved his thoughts.

In his mind, a light flashed.

The many cards floating in the air were spinning rapidly.

Every short pause would tug at Luke's emotions and make his heart beat faster.

"Silver Superman ... this can be ah. "

Luke looked at the Superman template with the silver border and couldn't help but get excited.

"Ugh! Why did it pass!? That ... Cosmic Armor Superman?"

Another compelling Superman card drifted by.

Until the speed of rotation slowed down and stopped altogether.

[Card extraction completed]

[Magic Superman Etrigan (Superdemon)]


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