59 Chapter 057 | Presidential Awards

After settling down, Luke spent the next few days in a variety of social situations.

From the press conferences held by the White House to the celebratory dinners of the military departments, he attended every single one.

He never stopped running around like a spinning top.

Everyone that saw him was smiling, laughing, and admiring him. The atmosphere was harmonious that Luke almost had the misleading impression that 'they had won the war'.

According to the movie plot, if Captain America hadn't stopped Red Skull and Hydra's bombing plan, the Allies might not have won so smoothly.

"... I'm very honoured to present this Medal of Honor symbolising bravery and fearlessness to Brigadier General Luke Cavill! He is a hero of the Allies and our hero!"

On the lawn of the White House, President Roosevelt, in a wheelchair, pinned the medal representing the highest military honour on Luke's chest.

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After that, they shook hands warmly and took a group photo.

It looks like the headlines of all the newspapers tomorrow would be news about this matter.

"Although I heard that you are very young, I didn't expect you to be this young! You know, when I was your age, all I could think about was how to talk to the best girl in school!"

After the ceremony, it was a luncheon at the White House, and the accompanying staff pushed the President to Luke's side.

As the longest-serving and highly regarded leader in United States history, he knew how to bring people closer together.

During the whole conversation, the President only talked about Luke's parents' untimely death, the difficult time at school, and Uncle Frank.

He behaved like a gentle and kind elder, not a person in a position of power.

"I only made a small contribution, no different from the soldiers on the battlefield. "

Luke is no pushover when it comes to pretty words.

Politicians always like to beat around the bush; even politicians like Roosevelt were no exception.

"Dwight and I are very grateful for your gift. Luke -- Can I call you that? I have seen many excellent young people, but you're still the best among them!"

The President finally got down to business, smiled, and said, "What should I do for you in return? The war isn't over yet, and it's difficult to determine the distribution of many … interests. Your position is enough to attract attention, and it will be challenging to move up the ladder. "

"I want to go back to the battlefield and end this war with my own hands. "

Luke just threw the words out, without the slightest hint of lying.

For him, the position of Brigadier General isn't enough.

While the war wasn't over, it was the key to seize the time to make achievements.

Although Roosevelt was polite to him now, when the dust of World War II settles, the other party will definitely treat him as a passerby if Luke has no further use except for the halo of honour on top of his head.

By the way, if nothing else, the President who uses a wheelchair will probably die of a cerebral hemorrhage before the war comes to a complete end.

In this way, Truman, as the Vice President, was the one worth investing in.

Luke had a series of thoughts in his head.

"Uh ...?"

The President, who was waiting to write a bunch of bad checks, paused. 'Why didn't this young Brigadier play his cards according to usual practice?'

Obviously, it was time to promise benefits, win over relationships, reap gratitude and accept it as a confidant ...

How did it become a righteous initiative to fight?

"Then I'll contact the Allied command. "

The President said dryly.

Luke, who was watching the other party leave, withdrew his smile.

He set a goal long ago not to be the mascot of the federal government.

Neither politicians nor capitalist groups will be able to buy him.

'Who would want to be subservient to others? '

Luke held the champagne in his hand and pulled a sneer on his lips.

"Brigadier-General Sir, I'm a reporter for the Daily Bugle! Can I take a picture?"

The young reporter saw the President left. He did not stop the entourage and rushed over.

He laboriously carried a heavy camera and looked at Luke with an expectant face.

'The Daily Bugle?'

'So, this newspaper was that old?'

Luke raised an eyebrow and stood up straight with a friendly and polite smile on his face.

"Yes. "


With a flash, the picture was taken.

Young Brigadier General's straight posture and handsome face would be spread worldwide along with the printed newspapers.


"You don't look thrilled, Steve -- no, I should call you Captain America. Who will ~~ take care of the Germans? The Star~~Spangled~~Man with a plan~~~!"

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When Luke met Rogers, it had been a week since he returned to New York.

On the other side, Allied Command finally agreed that the young General who wanted to go to the front line, leave for the battlefield.

Luke, who had some time to spare, took the time to visit his old friend. He even hummed the familiar tune that was well known in the streets.

It's just that Rogers didn't seem very happy to hear this song, so he turned his head in shame and said, "Don't make fun of me, Luke -- or, do you want me to call you Superman, too?"

Backstage at the Broadway theatre, Captain America, dressed in a tight-fitting costume and carrying a star-spangled shield in his hand, had a frustrated look on his face.

There was no more determination and fighting spirit as before!

He had become the Senator's tool to sell war bonds.

Everyday life was all about working with promotions, performing on stage, and then taking pictures together.

Saying the same old lines, doing the same old actions, like a machine!

"You are the hero of comic books and movies, the Captain America that everyone admires..."

Luke tapped his partner on the shoulder and deliberately said so.

"They just need an idol! A clown on a stage! You're the hero of the real world! By the way, I haven't congratulated you yet, General Cavill!"

Rogers shook his head, cheered up, and squeezed out a smile, and said so.

He joined the army in the first place to make his own contribution to the war, just like the soldiers on the front line, instead of acting like a clown, standing on stage, saying meaningless strings, and promoting various state bonds.


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