1 Chapter 001 | Transmigration

A heavy fog enveloped every corner of the city, and occasionally sharp warning from the Air-Defense radar sirens struck the dark sky.

In today's time, the Axis Powers, headed by the Germans, fought inextricably with the Allied Powers.

Every day, a news story or news will popup about the war casualties and the international situation.

From Europe to Asia, from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

The flames of war were everywhere, and bullets were being fired at every second.

No one knows what one will come first, hope to end this war or destruction of the whole world.

In Luke's opinion, everything happening was just terrible!

"If only I had travelled to any other point of time in history. It would have been nice to enter the world a few decades from now. I would have gone to Hollywood, written a few scripts, made a few movies, and would have become the richest person in the world. Enjoying my life at its fullest."

Located on the corner of the street was an empty tavern.

Luke held his head in his hands, put his legs on the table, and sighed at his fate.

"Or, they could have just given me a normal world. The U.S. economy after World War II was unprecedentedly prosperous. If I seized the opportunity, it wouldn't have been difficult to earn my first pot of gold. It's just… Why am I in the Marvel Universe?"

Luke sighed and unfolded that day's newspaper. The most striking headline was the meeting between President Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin in Tehran.

The Allies wanted to open a second battlefield in Europe to defeat the Germans as soon as possible.

It's just that what attracted his attention was not the direction of the world war, but the lace scandal in the corner of the page ——

Howard Stark and Hollywood's "Goddess of Love" Rita Hayworth were photographed by reporters entering and exiting the Waldorf Astoria Hotel together.

There was also an obvious black and white photo below this headline.

"Stark Industries..."

Twenty-year-old, Luke now had a wry smile on his face.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, Howard Stark was just a smart arms tycoon sitting on wealth.

But for Luke, the other party had another critical identity.

He was the father of the future Iron Man, Tony Stark.

The existence of Howard Stark allowed Luke to confirm that he really did transmigrate in the Marvel Universe.

And now, he was standing at the beginning of everything.

The beginning of the timeline before all significant events were about to unfold!

This was both good news and bad news for him.

The good news was that Luke wouldn't have to see Thanos, the chief of the Universe Family Planning Department, snap his finger because Luke will be a hundred years old by that time and may not even be alive on that fateful day.

The bad news was that he wouldn't get the chance to meet Chief Coulson or go to Queens and find Spider-Man.

Let alone the Avengers; he didn't even know where Nick Fury will be in the coming years.

Luke never expected that he would start from the United States in the context of World War II.

And somehow became a naive guy on the streets of Brooklyn.

"It's a headache to think about it."

Luke covered his face with the newspaper, feeling depressed over his condition.

He had travelled into this world for almost five or six years and had already accepted the new identity of 'Luke Cavill'.

He came to know that his family were Irish immigrants; however, his father died in gang fights, and his mother died of tuberculosis. The only good thing that came out of this was that there was no little sister to take care of. That would have been a headache."

Luke's only relative was the uncle who used to "paint the house" for people when he was young.

Paint the house.

This is a black word.

Luke's uncle is not a craftsman who painted the house walls—this sentence he used was referring to murder.

Because it's hard not to splash blood on the wall when dealing with certain troubles, gangsters were used to using the term "cleaning the house" after doing the dirty work.

Luke's uncle was such a man who did dirty work for the gang-when he was young.

He used to be an army veteran, and later to support his family, he began to "clean up houses" for the gang.

Because of his decisiveness and clean hands, he had never left any clues and was always appreciated by the senior gangsters.

In the years since his parents passed away, Luke also relied on his uncle's assistance to avoid starving to death.

"The plot armour that I haven't received for so long..."

Luke felt even more concerned when he thought of the cheats that every transmigrator must-have.

First of all.

The reason why he could cross over,

It was because of a very nonsense reason.

It was due to a game, Golden Kryptonite!

That's right; at that time, Luke was addicted to fighting games that had superheroes as the central character.

Moreover, Golden Kryptonite was very addictive, trying to use a rude and straightforward way to change the main character's fate.

One afternoon, he couldn't hold back for a while and ended up purchasing the luxurious gift pack in the game-which contained an SSS-level card, the Superman, and multiple selection templates of Kryptonite.

It can be said that if we take contents of the gift pack in the picture, it was extremely cost-effective!

As soon as he received the gift package, Luke opened it to check its contents. However, the next time he opened his eyes, he was in the Marvel Universe.

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