1 A Faulty Cause

A windy day in the Village of Kahn,

"P..Please sir! We really don't have enough money to pay you. I swear we will find another way to repay you! I- I'm begging you!"

A terrible scene was being played out, however, this was very normal in the City of Kahn as most people who inhabited that place were poor, therefore it was seen as a beggars town.

"For a long time have I held off from killing you stupid Feng family idiots. Always borrowing money, and never returning it. You never learn, and when we come to you, you always beg and cry. You will pay up today, or you will pay with your lives." said a plump man wearing a seemingly high quality suit.

The Feng family have been delaying payments to the bankers for awhile, and now their end was here, the bankers had enough. They were going to kill them today, or make them pay money back.

"Please! We really don't have money, but I will give you money when my husband comes back from the war."

A woman was pleading for her life, as a child stood next to her, staring at the plump man in his suit, at the time, he was too young to understand what was occuring before him, and therefore, rendering him useless in the conversation.

"Enough said, kill her and leave the child alive. He will pay the remaining debts when he grows up by working in the mines."

Several men suddenly approached and released a deadly aura, this was the harsh reality of this world, the strong rule the weak, and the weak obeyed the strong.

The men picked the woman up, and snapped her neck quickly.

he man in the suit kneeled to the kid, whose name was Feng Nan, and said,

"This is what happens if you don't repay your debts, remember my name and fear it, Lan Tang, you will pay off your parents debts or you will succumb to death like them. Farewell."

The plump man laughed and commanded the men to go, at such a young age, Feng Nan had witnessed his mother died, and little did he know, his father too had died in the war, leaving him alone.

10 Years Later...

A 15 year old Feng Nan sat in the corner of the village field, staring at the younger kids playing a distorted version of catch, it was alike a regular game of catch, where you threw the ball at eachother, except, they were infusing Qi inside the balls, making the ball fly at a insanely fast speed.

The kids that were playing, were nobles who had been cultivating and practicing their entire lives, and had only come to this village to bully the kids who couldn't or didn't know how to cultivate, often by crippling them.

This was a harsh world, and even Feng Nan knew it, after his mother died, he had no one besides himself.

He couldn't do anything but watch kids get bullied. He knew he couldn't involve himself as he didn't want to become dead meat.

Suddenly, a young voice called out,

"Hey! Who the hell are you to sit on our damn field! Get the hell off before I cripple you and dismember you!"

This child, who was seemingly young and weak, was a noble from the Yu Family, and his name was Yu Tong. Inconceivably arrogant, and talented.

Yu Tong had practiced his entire life, and he was always spoiled.

"He told you to get off the field! Now get off before we do something!"

Another voice had shouted, out, forcing Feng Nan to get up and leave. He left the field, crying at his weakness, crying that he had no friends, no family, no one to lean on. Hearing the kids behind him, that were younger than him force him to leave and humiliate him was a cruel thing, it was heartbreaking.

Feng Nan had nowhere to go to, besides the Forbidden Forest, which legends state, had hungry beast that wanted nothing more than human flesh.

It was a dangerous place, but Feng Nan had no more choices. He had to do something, and he wanted to give up. He was in so much mental and emotional pain that he just wanted to die.

Feng Nan headed up the steep mountain and into the forest, no one had stopped him as no one was there for him. He was alone. All, alone.

Upon reaching the mountaintop, he saw a small cave, nothing bigger than him. Finding it amusing, he approached the cave and tried going inside.

However, as soon as he approached the cave, he realized that this was no regular cave, as a ominous aura protruded from the depths of the cave.

Intrigued, he decided to go in, seeing that he had nothing more to lose.

He bit his lip and went inside. But, no one was there, not a single animal, creature, or piece of dust was there.

It was spotless clean, and was completely empty.

Staring around, he was confused. The aura was so strong, that although he was no cultivater, he could still sense the powerful aura that punched through the world. He looked around and saw a small marking on a wall.

"GOD", it was not invisible, but not overly visible. It took a little bit of searching to see the small marking.

He walked over to the marking, and as he approached the marking...

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