1 Genesis of a Champion

It began within an infinite and lightless void, where nothing had any physicality. Within the void, an endless line of fiery grey souls slowly inched forward. The string of grey souls looked as though they queued up in a line. A line that eventually leads to a radiant white portal, somewhere far far away. That portal is what would put life into the body of all living beings, that have ever and ever will exist.

The blazing souls moved forward with absolute unity. Somewhat liken to a hivemind with one collective consciousness. Yet, unlike a hive mind, the souls didn't have any consciousness whatsoever. They only acted upon the scientific forces that drew them ever closer. They were kind of scientific forces that bind reality, but don't do so of their own volition.

In and among the endless line of grey pyroneous souls, many flickered brighter than others. Some souls looked like the burning flame of a tall pyre, whereas other souls burned like the flickering flame of a candlestick. Though that was the case, most souls found themselves somewhere in the middle.

One of the many souls along the endless stream flickered abnormally. It was an otherwise ordinary soul. Neither too big nor too small, though maybe a bit on the littler side. Regardless, what made this particular soul stand out was the way its ethereal blaze fluttered. Unlike the other souls' flames which burned like those of your standard fire, this soul's flame seemed controlled. Like a soul that had an individual conscience. Maybe not one with coherent thought, but one that was trying desperately to exist. It was a soul that wanted to be in control of its existence. A soul that desperately toiled to break from the chains confining it.

As the soul struggled for control over securing its consciousness, the grey flames that composed it swirled. Slow at first, but then gaining velocity, it spun with immense speed. Like a centrifuge, the grey flames split into two opposing halves. One side was a white flame so brilliant that upon seeing, it could blind a person for life. And, the other side was so dark that it could trap all light within it.

This soul was one of a kind. No other soul in the millions of light-years that the soul line spanned could be compared to it. Every single other soul was an immaterial grey shade, front to back. The double-sided soul, though modest in size, had achieved a feat thought unthinkable. A feat that broke through the chains that bound the very laws of nature.

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For many more eons, the soul waited in line for the eventual day that it would be breathed into the body of a living being. And for all of that time in queue for life, not once did it ever give in and subside its attempt at stealing control over itself.

And, once it finally passed through the portal, a tenacious spirit had been given life.

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