"The frost dew is a very concentrated ice essence of a natural oddity. The quality of the one you hold is the same as the fire stones you obtained. It is not something that a Qi general can handle directly. Try to infuse the thread energy gently and keep the fire energy at the bay."

"The mixture would burst inside your body, possibly injuring your internals."

Long Tao infused a thread of the frosted dew inside his body and began to absorb and rotate it according to the method. Although it seemed to be performing well, a burst of fire energy immediately rushed out of Long Tao's acupoints, directly infusing into the frost energy.

With a bam, they canceled each other's effect. Although the bang was not big enough, it could be felt by Long Tao. He couldn't believe what would have happened if he directly infused a lot of energy into his body.

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"I guess you felt the effect just now?" The Keeper said after looking at Long Tao.

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