56 A Person Who Wields Limitless Talent.

A mature-looking beautiful woman with long jet black hair and violet eyes was currently looking at the phone which showcased the news, she looked thoughtful while her beautiful face looked mesmerizing.

She was one of the Quest Commentators in the tournament.

Her name is Quella Dracolonia.

She was currently staying in a hotel room, which was way fancier compared to others.

The hotel room was as big as one floor, that's why the Top Floor of this hotel is only for VVVIP.

She had enough wealth to spend her entire life on the Top Floor, even though single night costs 1.000.000$

But her being the young princess of the Dracolonia family gives her limitless influence and wealth.

But why was she Quest Commentator in a small country like Gensa?

She had her reasons...

But the reason why she was one of the Quest commentators in this tournament is, because she followed Mars here.

Mars is her ''bodyguard'' till she leaves Gensa.

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