1 Rebirth and Beginning

The 1st 12 chapters are prologue, so if you are not fine with Hajime no Ippo then you all can skip them completely.


Haruto suddenly woke up after feeling a sharp pain in his ass like somebody slapped him. He was angry and started cursing.

"Who is the bastard that hit me, when I will wake up I will beat your sorry ass", said Haruto in a sleepy way but after that, he noticed something strange and woke up. He opened his eyes but couldn't clearly see as it was too bright.

He could clearly see everything but the more he sees, the more he gets confused as he saw a completely different environment from where he has slept. After confirming that he was in a hospital, he again got confused and started thinking about what happened to him.

He also noticed that he was unable to say anything and whatever he says, sounds like crying. He noticed his small hands and looked around to see the whole room. He saw a doctor and a few nursed and a woman who lied on the bed.

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One thought came to his mind and that was 'reincarnation' but what confused him was how was he here? And started thinking about his life, that is his past life.

In his past life was Haruto Kobayashi, an above-average final year university student who is very depressed with his life. He was not good at anything and has many regrets throughout his life. He always dreams about how he would change everything if he could go to the past but this was nothing more than a silly dream.

After remembering everything he sighed mentally. But after some time there was a determined look on his face as he thought that, 'now that I have got a new life I will live it without any regrets'. The determined look on his face looked really cute.

Then he turned to look at the woman who was supposedly his new mother. He felt some connection with her as soon as he saw her. The woman (his mother) has a tired look on her face but still saw her child with a loving gaze. His mother looked about 22-23 years old. She has long shiny black hair that reaches up to her waist. Her facial features were very beautiful.

As he was watching his mother, the doctors moved out of the room and a nurse placed Haruto in his mother's lap. As her mother was playing with him, the door opened again and a tall and handsome man who seems to be about 25 years old came. He has short black hair, he has worn a nice brown colored suit with matching pant. His facial features were also very nice and dignified. Haruto looked at the man and thought that this must be his new father.

"My mother is very beautiful and my father is extremely handsome. This means I will be very handsome in the future. Hahahaha… In this life I will not be the guy with the average looks", thought Haruto.

As he was thinking, his father came near him and laughed which startled him.

"Darling, our son will definitely be a lady killer in the future. He has similar nose and lips to mine but his deep black eyes and shiny black hair is similar to yours", his father said this to his mother.

"Yes Honey, he will be very handsome. As for being a lady killer, don't teach him unnecessary things to him in the future", replied his mother to his father.

Like this, both Haruto's father and mother talked about similar stuff and they often made jokes and laughed at each other. Haruto was naturally very happy for his new mother and father. In his last life, he was very average and couldn't help his parents much with their work. And as they were a middle-class family, it was very hard for them to live and they often had to make many sacrificed in many things. He was unable anything to help them which was one of the regrets in his last life. So now Haruto was very determined to help his parents alleviate their burden if possible and make them happy.

"So honey, what should we name our child", said his mother to his father.

"Hmmmm…..I always wanted to name our child after the legend of Himura Kenshin. So how about Kenshin then", replied his father.

"Hmmmm…. Hayate Kenshin. That's a nice name. It will suit our child very much", said his mother while looking at him.

Haruto looked at them and find it funny as they named him after Himura Kenshin. Kenshin smiled at them approving of this name and repeated this name in his heart as this will be the name in this lifetime.

A few years passed and now Kenshin is 4 years old. His body is slightly bigger compared to children of his age. He looks extremely cute with his cute smile and beautiful eyes. Kenshin stood there and remembered these last few years. He somehow came back as it was the 1980's(1977 to be precise) and a lot of technology is still not developed.

He also remembered his parent's name. His father was Hayate Akihiko who has a managerial position in a big company. His mother was Hayate Hitomi who was a Primary School teacher.

As he was not accustomed to his new body, it caused a lot of problems. It took him for a while to get the hang of it. Haruto began walking by the 8th month which made his parents very proud and happy. Actually, he could start walking by the 6th month but that will be a bit too abnormal, so he didn't do it.

By the end of the 1st year, he began talking. After that, for the next two years, he began reading and remembering basic stuff like education and etc from his past life. He thought he was in a new world but this belief broke when he saw a sports magazine in his home.

In the magazine there was a boxer who was said to be the pride of Japan and what was strange was his name was Miyata. After that to make sure that he was right, he checked many magazines and found out some familiar names like Kamogawa Genji and etc. He was now sure that he was in the anime world of 'Hajime no Ippo'.

When he came to the world he wasn't sure what he was going to do but now that he knew where he was, he made his goal. He would definitely become a boxer and that too the best. After his reincarnation, he didn't receive any system or any wish but what he got was steeled determination to become something and move forward towards his goal.

"By following the timeline in the manga, I seem to be of the same age as Ippo. So that means we will meet in Kamogawa Boxing Gym. It will be so much fun", thought Kenshin. Though Kenshin is normally calm and cool-headed as he has experienced many things and his outlook is similar to an old man but when it came to fighting he becomes another hot-blooded youth.

A year has passed after knowing about the world. This year he attended Kindergarten School and in free time he started doing Yoga. As he was not at the age where he could do many things so he started doing Yoga. Yoga is a truly miraculous thing as it increased body flexibility, improved health and many more.

In his past life, he was lazy and didn't do any type of training but he was an otaku who watched a lot of anime and light novels and after watching/reading them he also watches videos about them in youtube or learns more about them. That knowledge was of no use as he was too lazy to do anything in his past life but that knowledge came in handy in his present life.

In Kindergarten, he was always alone so his parents were a bit worried but they knew that their child was a genius so they didn't force him too much to make friends. His parents saw him as a genius as he was reading Elementary school books (while still being in the Kindergarten) just to revise them but his parents thought too much of it.

So another year passed and now Kenshin was 5 years old and he will start his Elementary School in a few months. Kenshin has now finished making his plans on what to do and how to do it. He made a training regime that will give him a perfect body with very high endurance, power, and flexibility. So according to his training regime, he will have his perfect body ready by the time he reaches 16 years old. That means the next 11 years will decide his future.

Kenshin also noted down few Martial arts which will help him improve his strength. These martial arts are- Karate, Jujutsu, Kung Fu- fist style techniques and Kung Fu- movement technique. In the last year he has read a lot of books about martial arts and remembered about them from the past life, then only he has developed a meticulous training regime.

From now on, the training begins. (The road to becoming the strongest)

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