BTS is a popular kpop group famous around the world. They are artists from Big Hit Entertainment who debuted in the early 2010s with their Skool trilogy, they steadily expanded their audience until breaking into the mainstream consciousness with the Love Yourself series. In May 2018, their third official full-length, Love Yourself: Tear, topped the Billboard 200, becoming the first K-pop to hit number one in the U.S. and the highest-charting album by an Asian act to date.

Formed by producer Bang Si Hyuk, the septet's lineup includes RM (Kim Namjoon), team leader and rapper; Jin (Kim Seokjin), singer; Suga (Min Yoongi), rapper; J-Hope (Jung Hoseok), rapper and choreographer; Jimin Park, singer and choreographer; V (Kim Taehyung), singer; and Jungkook Jeon, singer, rapper, and choreographer. In addition to production and composition, the members of BTS also write their own lyrics, which tackle topics like mental health, self-acceptance, and empowerment. With their youthful blend of club-worthy dance anthems, stirring love ballads, and aggressive rapping, BTS connected with a devoted fan base called "ARMY" .

The story started when I first saw BTS on the notebook of my classmate when I was in Grade 10. I didn't know why but on the seven members, who caught my attention was the youngest of them, Jeon Jungkook.

Jungkook joined BTS when he was just 13 and they debuted when he was 15. He has spent most of his early years training and achieving his dreams on music. He was famous for being called "the Golden maknae" on the group for he is known to be able to do in almost everything and for being talented in singing, dancing, rapping, drawing, filming, editing and many others.

I really adore him not only for him being handsome, famous and talented but also because he strives so hard to improve himself to catch up to his hyungs or elder members. He is also funny, he cares for his six hyungs, a filial son, dedicated to his work and loves his fans.

He was quite like a bunny at times when he smiles widely with his pearly white teeth on screen. He was also mature for his age but it can never be avoided that he's quite naughty most especially to his hyungs. He was spoiled and loved by his elder members for they have seen him group up from a lanky teenager to a matured 21 year old.

I was his fan, I watch his shows, concerts, videos and supports him on whatever he does as long as he never regrets of what he'll do. I spent most of my time collecting his items, informations and pictures. He was like beside me most of my teenage years.

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It's true that he was not the best good looking, the best dancer or the best singer the world has ever seen but he has his own unique kind of charm that just drawns me to him all the time.