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Marrying Into a Wealthy Family: This Petite Wife Is Not Obedient

Fifth Personality

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What is Marrying Into a Wealthy Family: This Petite Wife Is Not Obedient

Read Marrying Into a Wealthy Family: This Petite Wife Is Not Obedient novel written by the author Fifth Personality on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering revenge, ceo, sweetlove. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Shi Tao was the truly blessed daughter of the Shi family. She had been pampered since she was young and grew up as the precious pearl of the family. She was the kind of candy that people wanted to keep in their mouths yet were scared that she would melt. She went out in the most luxurious cars; she had countless servants at home; she stirred up envy and jealousy everywhere she went! A drastic change threw the Shi family into dire straits and all of a sudden, everyone wanted to step on her. Shi Tao married the sickly Second Young Master of the wealthy Qin family! It was rumored that the Second Young Master of the Qin family had a perverted personality and was completely inhumane—he enjoyed torturing people! On the day of the wedding, Shi Tao's family cried like they were going to a funeral. They cried that their daughter was going to be a widow to a living husband and that she would be in hell in the future. Shi Tao was prepared to perish with her perverted husband, but when she saw him for the first time, she realized that he looked just like any other human, and most of all, a handsome one at that! On their wedding night, Shi Tao's heart raced as she watched the man slowly approaching her in a wheelchair. She was ready to call the police. The man said coldly, "Shi Tao, you're just a pretty face that grandpa forced me to marry. Don't even think about climbing into my bed. I hate hypocritical women like you the most!" Shi Tao felt relieved. It looked like she did not need to deal with her perverted husband anymore!


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i know the way male lead treated the Mc was super harsh and he seems like a trashy person to everyone but if you think from his side he won't seem that bad in the beginning I too felt the same that how could he treat her(mc) that way but not anymore because imagine being a lonely person who might have a dejected past or a person who has tons of money and gets whatever he wants is forced to get married to someone he doesn't want to will surely despise that person after knowing all she did was for the sake of money his family members humiliates her and consider her as a commodity since the marriage was for the sake of money this itself devalued her so it's gonna take some time for her to get where she should be but there is one thing I won't like is the respect or foothold she's gonna get is only through ml


One of the worst novel from Trial Read. It’s trashy. I won’t get into details but treating MC as harsh as possible After marriage. I won’t recommend to waste your time and FP to read this junk.


There is nothing new in the storyline. It is similar to other story about arrange marriage. The lead female character is very pitiful and always got bullied by the male character


Why I stopped reading the trial read after 22 chapter? Because well even though the ML is supposed to be a tsundere, the grandpa should be a good, kind-hearted man to the FL but he is even worse. He sees her only as a tool to give birth and take care of his grandson. He punishes her unnecessarily. Rules are good but you should understand the reason behind why it was broken. You can’t be too harsh to someone just because you are old and rich.


time wasting.. no sense in words at all☹️. .. ... .. .. ..... . ... .. ...... .. . ... . .. . ...... .. . .... ...... .... .... .


kinda hated it. it just feels very toxic and the Male leads family is awful, I get he hates her because he believes she's trying to use his family status but obviously- your grandfather approached her family and not the other way around. and the male lead is a toxic jerk.


It's good and interesting I love the flow of the story and it has good characters the Author is a good story maker hahahahahhahahahahhahah ang also funny


I really enjoy to read your story the story is very interesting I really appreciate your work................................................


I am really enjoying the story very much The FL is strong and ML hates her even though he is married to her. Their interaction with each other is really funny. Looking forward to reading more .I hope this story is selected


nice story I really enjoy the story all the characters is good but in the middle I need to stop coz of this stupid coins I'm really say that I can't read more




This is based on 40 chapters. When I read the synopsis, I thought that ML was going to be a character who was cold to others but no so much to FL or that he would at least be a tsundre. That's not the case at all. ML is mean to FL from the start all because of his grandfather's decision to have them marry & all we see is FL getting mistreated, even by his grandfather & family members. There are a lot of better stories out there so I wouldn't recommend anyone to waste their time/fast pass on this one.




Wow Possible the worst treatment a FL could get. The FL will have to get pretty desperate to fall in love in this situation. The ML… trash His family… trash Her circumstances… even more trash




I highly recommend this book for anyone one who has nothing to read anymore. I lobed the characters, the way the words were so clear that it was easy to imagine and understand some of their emotions


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