1 chapter 1 Wedding night

I do,

I do

the happiness in me is soon much, at last I was getting married to the man of my dreams, a handsome, hardworking, and someone who loves me as much as I love him isn't this what all girls want? I'm just so happy as I'm looking into the eyes of my now.... husband Luke, I didn't even put my mind to all that's been happening, all I wanted was for night to come, you know, Luke and I already promised ourselves to wait and make love on our wedding night and I wanted to surprise him you know, I am still a virgin, hours whizzed by when it was late in the night we were sent on our honeymoon, see me see happiness, i was just smiling all the time we were in the car making Luke asking me to share my happiness with him but I just waved him off.

when we reached the hotel, we both went into the room holding hands when we entered Luke started kissing me, kissing me like crazy then he told me to ho and freshen up that he needs to do something , I ran to the bathroom faster than flash to get dressed and when I came out I saw Luke with his phone and looked very busy with his laptop, I wanted to cry, who brings his laptop for his honeymoon to work hmm? when he noticed my presence he told me to go to the bed that his coming to meet me, I waited and waited till I slept off, that was how my wedding night came to be.