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If you're here for some good dose of adventure and suspense this is the best place... I love Lucian soooooooooooo much! Author has described all his qualities so well that you'll be mad about him.. There's a second book to it "return if the devils son" πŸ’•πŸ˜must read!


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Hello everyone, 😊 Thank you for reading and reviewing❀️. If you want more in form of pictures and trailer please follow my Instagram @Author_jazzmine. Lots of love❀️


Interesting storyline with wonderful characters. Really enjoyed reading this book. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


Really awesome! CONGRATULATIONS GIRL! I downloaded Webnovel only to read this! I've red the sample on wattpad and I decided to read it all. I'm in chapter 40 in 2 days! Though I don't like Webnovel as an app because you have to unlock the chapters!


I saw an ad for this from facebook. I had to download the app because I was hooked two chapters in. Finished the whole book in less than 12 hours. Absolutely amazing. May need some proofreading work but literally my only complaint.


I love the story! It keeps you interested and involved in the plot. Great job. You will definitely get upset with certain characters but that's part of the whole book. I am more than half way through the book and can't wait to finish it.


This book I started reading it to wattpad and inkitt. But I lost track of this book, because too busy to school and hospital. And then I suddenly thought that I never finished this book and I cameback to wattpad and see the book is published in here. I was shocked when it said I need coins to read. But it was okay cause I find a way to read without coins. I always wait for the free passes. And it's gonna worth the wait. Stay safe, thankyou for making a beautiful book for us


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This story gives us adventure and joy a lot much more we are enjoying everything and little bit of things that story . You give us most amazing story and journey we can't forget that story


Where do I start? The author is absolutely gifted, I was hooked from the very beginning. The character development is flawless! Normally, I'm left with questions about a characters background story, but the author covers everything. The story progression is smooth and a thrill to follow along with. I ended up spending money to read this story all the way through without waiting to read for free because I just couldn't put it down. Read this, you won't regret it!


This book made me to download this novel app normally I only use wattapp but I came here because of the book.......this is one of the best novel I have ever read since I started reading novel but despite the coins issue but that will not stop me I can even sacrifice all my coins for more chapters😜 Am so addicted to this


Absolutely love this book, I’m half way through and loving every second of it! The details the author gives helps me visualize the characters and their emotions.


Awesome book so far! Keeps me interested.I could not stop reading it. I can not wait to see what happens as I get deeper into it. Will they finally stop fighting the attraction?


I absolutely fell in love with this addictive story! It’s intriguing and so consuming! You will not regret this read! I was fascinated with the piece I read on fb and so clicked and downloaded the app! Once I started reading I just couldn’t stop! This is two storys. The gist part and the second. The author is currently working on a side story of character from the same piece and I have to say I am dying to read it!


Thanks for giving us this story it gives us much more happens to read that type of story we can't easily to forget this story ur r not only best but ur r great writer I appreciate ur work good luck for ur career


This story is .......................................... amazing I have no words to explain that story how much amazing............ . ....................and fantastic


That story is fantastic and amazing can't ignore read that story whole we are enjoying and like ur story alot and we are very very excited and happy to read this type of story we are waiting for ur next story


This story is the reason I downloaded the app. I saw an as for it on my Instagram stories and I knew I had to read more! As soon I started reading I was instantly hooked. I love characters like Lucian. I also enjoy envisioning myself as Hazel even though this is not a (y/n) story.


Such a great story! Couldn’t get enough of it, my fiancΓ© actually had to turn my phone off a few times because I was up so late reading πŸ˜‚ I will definitely read this story again and again ❀️