219 Chapter 96

"Our strength grows out of our weakness." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


"Gina." Heaven watched her friend as she crossed the distance between them. She had never seen Gina look so serious and angry before, and it made her feel nervous. 

From the way she walked, Heaven expected a slap, but Gina ended up wrapping her arms around her friend. 

Heaven let out a breath of relief and hugged her friend back, but then Gina spoke in her ear. "We need to talk." Thankfully, she didn't sound angry. It sounded more like she wanted to scold her about something. 

Heaven could only guess what. 

"Alright." She responded. 

"I'll wait for you upstairs." Gina said pulling back and then she left. 

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Heaven sat next to Klara and in front of Roshan and his father. The resemblances still threw her off, and she would have guessed that they were brother's if she didn't feel the power emanating from his father.

Darius Golchin. 

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