218 Chapter 95

"Thinking is difficult. That is why most people judge." - Carl Jung 


Heaven had a bad feeling. Irene would do anything for her children, and Zarin was her child as much as she was. She didn't like the look in her eyes. Her grandmother had always been calm and very careful with her actions. She hoped she had a plan and wasn't acting on emotion. 

"What are you planning to do?" Heaven asked worriedly. 

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"I'll talk to him." She said. 

Heaven tilted her head to one side. That look in her eyes earlier couldn't have meant only talking. "Talking to him is good. I am sure you will lend him some wisdom but you don't have to do anything else." Heaven reminded. 

Irene smiled. "Don't worry. I will only talk to him." She assured. 

Heaven wondered what kind of talking would happen that made her so confident that Zarin would come back. Hopefully, her grandmother didn't have any other plans that she wasn't telling her. 

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