216 Chapter 93

"If you can't be kind, be quiet." 


Zamiel had been busy the whole day taking care of and expand his business. He had to make a name for himself so he could be someone worthy of marrying a princess. 

A princess had to marry a man of either wealth, status, or both. She couldn't marry a common man. 

Establishing a business wasn't difficult, but he had to find trustworthy people to work for him. The trading of his items had already reached other kingdoms, and now he needed more people to work for him. Zamiel wanted to select the workers personally. He wasn't the type to trust easily. 

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While taking care of his matters, he had felt something through the mating bond. It was a diffuse feeling, but he knew Heaven wasn't feeling well. Despite knowing that, the bond never urged him to go look for her, and Zamiel wondered why. Leaving everything else behind him, he went to see her. 

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