213 Chapter 90

"If you don't like where you are. MOVE. You are not a tree." 


Heaven shouldn't have eavesdropped. Now, after knowing why Zarin went to stay with her grandfather, the sickness and nausea she felt hit her ten times harder than before. She could barely breathe or stand on her legs, so she crouched, focusing on her breathing while she listened to the rest of the conversation. 

Both Klara and Roshan felt ashamed and guilty as they spoke to her parents. Klara's sad voice went straight to Heaven's heart. She had never heard her sound like that before. She was always this strong woman, who even with her loving nature was straight with them about what they needed to do. She was a woman Heaven looked up too and Roshan was like a father figure to her. 

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Now their son and her childhood friend left because of her, and because of stupid promises that her grandfather made. 

Oh Lord! What was he trying to do? 

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