165 Chapter 42

After watching the sunrise together, Zamiel took her back home. They arrived at her garden. Suddenly a sadness settled in his heart. He did not want to let go of the woman in his arms. The one who made him smile and comforted him today. The one who made him want to live. 

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She was too good for him. He didn't deserve her. Yet he had awakened her demon. He was both happy and guilty about it. Happy because he was the one to awaken it, that her demon responded to his kiss with such intensity made his heart burst with joy. Guilty because now she would be restless and dealing with intense urges and emotions. And when he couldn't satisfy her urges, he shouldn't have awakened her demon. 

She looked up at him. Those emerald eyes, staring at him pleadingly. He already knew what she was going to say. She would tell him to stay. Now, with her demon awake, she would be even more stubborn.

He gazed down at her, waiting. Would she ask him to stay or would she refrain from it?

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