1 Marriage


"Luna, I want you to meet my boyfriend." My twin Camille promised as I was dragged outside.

My hair stood on end when a tall man got out of the car. I was at a loss for words over his sheer hotness, and far too fascinated by the man walking toward us. Camille hugged the man by the arm. I don’t know but Camille seems to be forced to act.

"Luna, I want you to meet, Dylan Caden. My boyfriend."

"Hi." He smiled.

I saw him extend his hand but couldn't bring myself to shake it. And I couldn't tear my eyes away from his face. When his brows snapped together at the delay, I lurched back to reality and hastily placed my cold hand in his large, warm one.

"Luna," I murmured breathlessly. His strong handshake sent tingles up my spine and through my body.

"Veronica was right. You're identical." His laughter was music to my ears.

"Ahm, yeah." I smiled sparingly and both my cheeks warmed.

Veronica is what she calls Camille. We both have Veronica by name, I am Veronica Luna and my twin is Veronica Camille. It was our mother's name, but we never saw it because she died giving birth to us.

"How long have you been together?" I asked as we walked into the house.

Dylan turned to me and I averted my gaze. My heart is beating so fast. "Let's see, six months."

I just nodded and we went inside. We found Papa sitting on the one sitter sofa. His eyes were cold when he looked at me. I bowed my head and stopped walking.

"What's wrong?" Camille whispered.

"I should leave. Papa might get angry."

"No. Don't leave. Stay with me." Begging for it. Wondering at the tone of his voice I chose not to leave it.

Dad stood up as Dylan approached. "Dylan Caden! I thought you weren't going."

Dylan smiled and shook Dad's hand. "Hello, sir."

We sat down and the maid brought a snack into the living room. "Any special reason why you visited at this hour? It's past dinner time."

Dylan cleared his throat and took one of Camille's hands. "Uncle, I want to marry your daughter."

I think Dad expected the announcement because he doesn’t look shocked. But I could feel Camille stiffened next to Dylan. I felt her anxiety.

"Isn't too fast? You both know each other for only a few months, am I right?" I butt in.

Dad glared at me, his expression was dark. "You're not involved in this conversation and you're not the one to decide on it. So, leave."

"B-But, 'Pa—"

"I said, leave! Now!"

I got up and headed to where our pool was. I removed my sandals and dipped my leg in the water. I don’t know how long I’ve been mesmerized by the absence. I just felt that someone was beside me. Camille also dipped her feet in the water.

She sighed. "I'm going to get married, Luna."

"You didn't reject him? You've only dated for six months."

Her feet partly played with the water. "We need him, Luna."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Dad lost the gamble and got into big debt. We're going to sink, Luna."

I looked into the distance. "Camille."


"He's your boyfriend and you love each other; I think everything will be alright. You are kind and understanding, I'm sure your relationship will work."

She laughed softly. "Sometimes I think I'd rather be you. I want to be invisible too."

"You don't know how it feels to be treated like air, Camille. It's hard. Why did Mama die because of me?"

They thought Dad had only one child. I was not seen on the Ultrasound because Camille allegedly covered me and when Mama took me out, she was out of breath.

"It's not your fault at all. Other people's brains are just narrow, Luna. One day, he will realize that he's lucky to have a daughter like you." Camille said softly as she looked at the water.

"Congratulations. You're going to be a Reyes."

"Yeah." She laughed heartily. "Someday, I'm going to be free as a bird."

I never asked her what she meant by that. When Dylan left, I watched his car until I could no longer see it.

A few days passed and Camille was too busy arranging her wedding. We hardly see each other anymore because of the amount of work he does. While I do a lot of clothing designs because my customer needs to see that tomorrow. I drank almost a few coffees just to keep from falling asleep, because the deadline was small, and I still lacked the best design.

I was sitting in front of my table and my eyes were already closing when my door opened, and Camille entered. I was drowsy. I looked at my watch and found that it was four o'clock in the morning and I was still not sleeping.

"Hi," she says.

"Why are you still up?" I yawned.

She averted her gaze. "Uhm, because I just want you to sign something."

I looked at the folder she was holding.

"Huh? What?"

"Ahm, I want to make you a partner in the new business I'm going to build. Uhm, just sign here."

I held out my hand. "Give me."

When I touched the folder I felt dizzy. Camille immediately approached me.

"Sign that and go to sleep."

"Wait, I'll read more." I searched for my reading glasses, but Camille stopped me.

"Don't. I won't fool you because you're my sister. Just sign here," she says. I nodded and picked up the ballpen and signed it. I sparingly smiled at her and walked over to my bed.

After two days I flew to the Cagayan De Oro to deliver the drafts. I scheduled flights on the day of Camille's wedding because that's the only available day. After all, it's peak season this December.

When I entered the airport some passengers were upset due to the flight delay. I panicked because the ceremony would start in a few hours. I called Camille to tell her my situation

"I'm sorry, Veronica Camille. I can't reach your wedding." I said tearfully. I didn't want to miss my only sister's wedding. But because I also didn't expect my plane to crash back to Bulacan.


"I'm sorry. My flight will be delayed." I’ve been walking around the airport a few times and been restless.

"E-Even at the r-reception?"

I bit my lower lip. "Sorry."

"N-No, Luna. I-I'm the one who should apologize to you." Her voice was trembling.

"Huh? Why? Did something happen?"

"N-Nothing. All right. Be careful."


"Bye, Luna." She says almost in a whisper.

"Hey, wait!" She didn't wait for me to speak. I called her several times, but she isn’t answering the call.

After Camille's wedding day, I boarded the plane. I travelled quickly to Bulacan.

I paid for the taxi when I got to our subdivision. I walked towards the house. I opened the door and sighed when I saw Dad and Dylan in the living room.

My face lit up. Dylan is still here so that means, Camille is here too.

"Where's Camille?" Dad got up quickly and I was shocked when he threw the flower vase next to him at me, and I avoided it. I almost screamed in shock.


"You're still acting like you don’t know?! Where's Camille !?" I looked at Dylan. This was the first time he had raised his voice at me and was furious.

"W-What? I don't know." I was so confused.

Dad came up to me and touched my hair. I cried when I saw the anger in his eyes.

"What did you tell her?!" He pulled me closer to where Dylan was. I winced at the pain I felt.

Dad released me and pushed me to sit next to Dylan.

I looked at Dylan. His eyes swelled as if he had just cried. "Don't you know better where she is? She's your wife."

"No. She isn't."


He showed me a paper. It was their marriage certificate. But I was even more surprised when I saw my name written on it and I signed it.

"Tell me, Luna." Dylan touched my arms. I winced in pain. "Where is Camille and what does that mean?!"

"I do not know!" I'm confused. Why are they so mad at me? "I'm also confused as to why my name is on the marriage certificate."

"Bullshit!" Annoyed he says. "Come with me, and we'll check to see if I'm really at fault."

We went somewhere and checked my signature there. When I found out it wasn't my signature, the marriage was null and void.

"What's the result?" I was devastated to hear Dylan's authoritative voice.

I bent down and straightened up in my seat. Facing us was a man who had checked my signature and a lawyer.

"This is authentic. Miss Garcia, based on the strokes of your signature and your signature on the marriage certificate are identical." Said the professional who checked my signature.

"H-How—" I swallowed. "Can't a marriage be annulled?"

"Annulment." The attorney said we were invited as well.

I looked at Dylan. I saw the anger in his eyes. His jaw was also furious. I suddenly remembered Camille coming into my room and someone signing my document. Is this the marriage certificate?

"F*ck!" Dylan is very mad. "I have to get married to get Papa's inheritance for me! I did get married but not to the woman I love."

I was hurt by what he said.

"Let's have an annulment," I said.

"It's not possible yet. According to the law, you can't file an annulment one day after being married." The lawyer took a deep breath and looked at Dylan. "Mister Reyes, don't you have to get your inheritance? Why don't you suffer a little first? You can file an annulment after you get your inheritance."

"Damn it!" He stood up and left the conference room.

I was startled by the loud closing of the door. My tears flowed.

I feel so unwanted.

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