Married Again: The Billionaire's Enemy Turned Lover Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Married Again: The Billionaire's Enemy Turned Lover


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He's supposed to hate her. She's the daughter of the leader of the mafia group that took him captive. He's the son of a conglomerate president who's known for their royal blood lineage. Her clan, the Viatrix, kidnaps people with special traits and attractive features to sell them off. His family, the Allaric, is known for their 'jewel eyes' which serve as physical proof of their bloodline. One group hunts, the other's hunted - thus happens the fateful meeting of their heir and heiress. "Aww, do you really hate me that much, Allaric? I'm sure there's an alternate universe where you're madly in love with me." "Quit messing around. I'd rather get sold off right now than fall in love with a scum like you, Viatrix." To the naughty and mischievous mafia heiress, he's just a doll she can play with. To the apathetic and calculating child prodigy, she's a playmate he has to outwit in order to flee - Or at least, that's how they're supposed to be. "Well, I do hope that you won't fall for me after I do this, Allaric." She helped him escape. --- After helping Drystan Allaric break free, Ercilia Viatrix suffered a lot and sacrificed many things. She was forced to marry an abusive husband, got banished from her family, relinquished her inheritance, and was trained to be the mafia's human killing machine. For her betrayal, she's brutally punished, and for her help in the escape, she received nothing. She never saw nor heard from him again, but even then, she never regretted saving him. Thirteen years later, Ercilia met a young boy who has the same jewel eyes and the same cruel fate. Again, she found herself saving the child just like before - without really expecting that she'd cross paths with Drystan once more. "Uncle Drys, can we take Cil with us? I want a new mom," asked the young boy she saved. "I'm afraid you can't take her as your mom, nephew. How about an aunt?" answered the young man she also saved. This time around, the wretched Ercilia will be the one who'll get taken away by a hopeless romantic Drystan. --- [Warning: Mature Content] (Cover photo is not mine. Credits to the original artist) - Follow me on Instagram (acieetin) - DM me on Discord (Aciee#1841)


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