Ch 1 / Marriage Revenge 4.8%

1 Drugged Night

When Veronica opened her eyes, she could still feel her body is on fire. she was thirst.. She needs someone to quench her thirst.. But she is confused as to why she is in a strange room. the room felt somewhat familiar but strange..

Though her body is on fire due to the drugs, her mind is still little clear, perhaps due to years of control over her body.

She started looking around her still wondering if she is dream, but her body conditions proved her wrong. when she tried to move she felt herself tied to the bed and there is someone else beside her. That is when she noticed, there where some other people aside from her in the room. She thought of asking for help.

When she looked at the man behind her she can't identify him as he was lying on his stomach and turned away from her. The she heard the door opening, but she started to lose her consciousness. At the last moment before closing her eyes she noticed her cousin sister's face clearly. She went deep into her slumber with the confusion in her mind.


When she woke up again her head was aching as if someone was hitting with hammer all over her head. But what woke her up was a female voice, to be exact a scream.

The voice sound familiar but her headache overtook her attention. She felt a warm embrace around her and slowly she felt her whole body aches. Without her knowing tears started flowing down her cheeks. Someone was mumbling something in her ears"please don't cry.. please.. wake up.. I am so sorry... Please Wake up.. please don't cry..." She doesn't remember the voice..

She drifted into unconscious state again...

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