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marriage first, love later!


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On the night of returning to China, Ye Youyou was accidentally marked by the male god who had been secretly in love for sixteen years. She said: Happiness came too suddenly, we must hurry up!!! So there are rumors that the Gu family is noble and unreliable, cold and ruthless, and not close to women. The eldest master got married!! It is said that the civil affairs bureau was still stalked and abducted by the other party? ! Ye Youyou snorted disdainfully, "Obviously he was saved by someone, so he promised him well?" After finishing speaking, he began to set a small goal for the marriage, that is: tease him and tease him vigorously. However, before the plan was implemented, he was directly taken away by a man. The famous day: "Repay your gratitude!" That night, Ye Youyou knew that this man had also set a small goal, that is: accept her, accept her fiercely. She, accept her anytime, anywhere.


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