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Mark of the Jackal


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Aquera is a lush world full of magic born from the fires of war and sacrifices of thousands of fallen soldiers. Three were the tribunal that tore the lush fields and bountiful forests apart. Three were the gardeners that sowed the seeds of greed. Three marks were given to forge a fragile peace to grow. A peace that is on the verge of breaking once more... Our story however takes place many years after the fires of war laid bare. A story that begins with the return of a lone figure... Jackal, a traveler by trade, returns home after months away to discover his past had finally found him when an estranged family member comes with the King's seal in hand. Without a choice, he accepts a job to escort a pompous princess back home. This inevitable moment sets him on a path of possible war between countries and the new found knowledge of those truly responsible for his imprisonment long ago. With such knowledge, he sets down a path of vengeance or that was the idea. Like most things, nothing is as it seems. The only question is...will he play his part or fight fate? ***I do NOT own cover. Credit is to be given to respective artist. I will remove it if need be.***


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