212 Parallel soul

"Han!" Zhao Shu's eyes glided towards his beautiful wife, his face sparkling like never before. "I was just having a casual chat with Yiny, telling her how lucky she is to have an intelligent, caring, courageous, and strong mother to guide her in life. Right, Yiny?" he looked at Suyin with a plea in his eyes.

Suyin could literally see her father with two puppy ears and a wagging fury tail at the sight of his beautiful wife.

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"Don't bring my daughter between us, I'm warning you," Si Han reached to check Suyin's reddened ear and noticed her tear-stained cheeks. Her head snapped at Zhao Shu at lightning speed, "You even made her cry!"

"No, I didn't." Zhao Shu cautiously moved a step back, "I didn't. Trust me. I just came here to give you these flowers and met her outside. Trust me, fireba--- d-darling. Happy anni--"

"Darling your ass, go away." she bared her teeth in warning and concentrated on Suyin again. "What happened?"

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